Cup & Cross Ministries Offers Ministry Leadership Table

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Parts of Leadership Table will be available on Gumbo Podcast. For more information visit


Life and Ministry of Ivan Voronaev (First Edition)

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51Sa1IcA8OL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_[1]Since we began the research on the Life and Ministry of Ivan Voronaev over a decade ago, several new valuable sources have become available. Among them are never published family correspondence and travelling journals.

From Bulgaria, after remaining hidden for over half of a decade during the Communist Regime, the earliest Book of Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Bulgarian Pentecostal Union (1929-1933) has resurfaced. It contains detail information on the 18 Pentecostal congregations started in Bulgarian in 1921-1922 and the establishment of the Pentecostal Union.

In Russia, Zaplishney’s autobiography and a FSB confirmation of the original order for Voroanev’s execution has been discovered. Along with them, several volumes of Sevlag prison papers have shed light on the exile years of the first Pentecostal leaders there.

Now that this new information has been made available to us, a new expanded edition for the 90th Anniversary of the Bulgarian Pentecostal Union in 2018 is in order. With this in mind, we have felt compelled to release the remaining first print Voronaev monograph for a fraction of its value while supplies last. celebrates 20 years in ministry by reading through the whole New Testament in one day

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After a week of revival services in Rousse, on Saturday we held a public reading of the New Testament in about nine hours with the whole congregation. We recorded and published the video of the reading as an encouragement for the rest of the churches.

Benny Hinn in the Church of God Ministry Center in Bulgaria

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Current Radio Channels for our Ministry Live Broadcasts

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Addressing the Masters of Chaplaincy Ministry Program Graduating Class in Bulgaria

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WEBSITES for MINISTRY: The Creative Process

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wordpress_biggerBefore moving into social media, it is helpful to establish a personal and/or church website where most resources are located conveniently for visitors to find. Recommended, this would be a WordPress based blog-like website, which is designed for easy content management i.e. text, pictures, audio and video:

  1. First thing to do is get a .com domain name for the website(s). Other choices may also prove suitable
  2. Second, hosting for the website needs to be purchased. This is the virtual web space where the files and database of the website will be stored. For a WordPress hosted website, a basic hosting plan from GoDaddy would be around $5/mo (
  3. Finally, the design for the website is determined by a web template – a set of files that makes your website look the way it will be seen by the visitors.
  4. GoDaddy hosting installs WordPress automatically so you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff. The whole process in detail is described here:
  5. If the above seems too complicated, an alternative free and simple blog could be setup in minutes with free hosting on It is not as good as a owned and personalized website, but it will get most of the job done (with some minor limitations).

Once the website(s) is established, the blogging process begins as described here:

When enough content is built up, you can proceed with:

  • Social networking (promoting the content to the targeted group of people)
  • and Social events (meetings with the targeted group of people in person)

Top 10 Ministry Projects Completed in 2016

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  1. Nehemiah Inductive Bible Study Series
  2. 25 Years of Miracles Series, online e-book publication
  3. 30 Days of Prayer in September Event
  4. Published Second Edition of Complete Greek-Bulgarian Interlinear of the New Testament
  5. Bulgarian Bible website, celebrates 20 years in online ministry with the Great Read through the whole Bible
  6. Published expanded edition of Cooking Traditions of Bulgaria
  7. 10 Year Anniversary of the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association
  8. Launched to feature authentic Bulgarian recipes
  9. Partnered with new Bulgarian Church in Atlanta area
  10. Comprehensive report on the state of Bulgarian Chaplaincy update for NATO’s Manfred Wörner Foundation celebrates 20 years in ministry online

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20One of our first ministry websites, just celebrated 20 years of ministry online. It began in the fall of 1996 with the sole purpose to reach Bulgarians online with the Bible. We began the anniversary celebration with an out loud reading through the whole Bulgarian Bible on September 16-18, 2016 involving many churches and Christian communities in Bulgaria and abroad.

After 20 years with several million annual views and visitors, it has become the standard for the Bulgarian Bible online. Through the years, virtually all Bulgarian Bible versions as well as many others in foreign and original tongues were published. Audio Bible, Video Bible, extensive Bible commentary, a national sermon archive, multiple device apps and Bible study platforms are only a few of the projects completed. Additionally, a new Bulgarian translation in the works since 2007 is close to its publication date for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. But this is not all…

The story of the Bulgarian Bible online is centered not only in products and projects, but in the very people we work with to create a community of believers, who pray, talk, grow and live together in the footsteps of the Savior. And this is worth much more than just 20 years of work and perseverance…

An Urgent Call for Chaplain Ministry on the Balkans

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bulgaria-turkey-fenceOur ministry has been working in the country of Bulgaria for over 25 years now. During this time we have ministered in over 300 local congregations across the country. While we do a lot of ministry in the capital Sofia, we are even more often on the road evangelizing in remote locations. When we minister in Bulgaria we do 3-5 services on any given Sunday. Additionally, we travel to teach and minister to various local churches during the week.

With this vision in mind, over a decade ago we organized and established the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association as a Christian ministry outside of the church walls. Today, our first responder chaplains trained by our Masters of Chaplaincy Ministry Program face extreme conditions on the Balkans and in Europe as follows:

7/2016 – Christians pay price as extreme Islam surges after attempted coup in Turkey

6/2016 – 30+ people were killed in an attack at Ataturk International Airport by three suicide bombers

3/2016 – 31 people are killed and 150 injured in three explosions at the Brussels airport

11/2015 – 130 people killed in a series of attacks by gunmen and suicide bombers at Paris stadium

1/2015 – 11 killed after attack on Paris offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo

5/2014 – 4 killed at the Jewish Museum in Brussels

Also important [click to read]:

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