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Christmas Book Sale: Psychological Exploration of Communist and Post Communist Bulgaria

In the past five years since 2011, we have authored over two dozen books related... 

Cooking Traditions of Bulgaria (now on Kindle)

Now also on Amazon’s Kindle Store This cookbook features authentic recipes... 

The Unrealized Spiritual Harvest of Bulgarian Churches in North America

….A closer examination of the ministry and structure of the network of Bulgarian... 

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What We Do

Consulting and Coaching Consulting and Coaching

Our team provides continuous education to over 200 church leaders and ministry teams around the world…

Research and Teaching Research and Teaching

Our historical research through the years has examined the archives of leading Pentecostal movements, Harvard, Cambridge…

Evangelism and World Missions Evangelism and World Missions

We have ministered for 22 years on three continents, 25 U.S. states, Canada, Mexico, Europe and in over 300 Bulgarian congregations

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New EU Vaccination Certificates Create Risk April 15, 2021

Missionaries without COVID vaccine at a high risk of travel ban Vaccination Certificates Create Risk of Two-Tier Society, Indirect Discrimination Covid-status certificates being considered by ministers to help open up society could amount to unlawful indirect discrimination, the government’s independent... [Read more]

Pentagon: US Should Deploy More Troops in Bulgaria as Tensions Rise between Ukraine and Russia April 10, 2021

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper says the United States should deploy more troops along the Black Sea in Bulgaria and Romania to deter potential aggression from Russia as tensions between Moscow and Washington heat up. Esper, now a fellow at the McCain Institute for International Leadership... [Read more]

BULGARIAN ELECTION: Bulgaria: Prime Minister and Cabinet Step Down April 5, 2021

Government Elections in Bulgaria (2005-2021): 2005 Parliamentary Elections 2006 Presidential Elections 2007 Municipal Elections 2009 Parliamentary Elections 2009 European Parliament elections 2011 Presidential Elections 2011 Local Elections 2013 Early parliamentary elections 2014 Early Parliamentary... [Read more]

ALIVE, ALIVE once again! April 5, 2021

For almost two decades now, we have published this Easter article without the proper picture. When Church of God World Missions first published it around 2002, I could only find one of the late-in-life pictures of my late grandmother. However, with our current research for the 100th anniversary of Pentecostalism... [Read more]

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