The Past Decade of Chaplaincy in Bulgaria (2006-2016)

chaplaincy-in-bulgariaFebruary 16, 2006: Web presence and web identity created

February 21, 2006: Shall military chaplaincy be restored in the Bulgarian Army (publication in MediaPool – Bulgaria)

2006: Participant in the establishment of the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association

August 19, 2006: Published Resolution No. 1 of the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association

October 17, 2006: Conducted basic chaplaincy course for the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute

December 2006: “The case of Underground Chaplaincy in Bulgaria,” research of the chaplaincy initiative in Bulgaria presented to the NATO’s Manfred Warner Foundation

March 2, 2007: Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association obtained legal status in Bulgaria and Europe

September 14, 2007: The US State Department of State reflected the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association

July 13, 2008 Obtained accreditation for a Masters Degree in Chaplaincy Ministry

July 2009: Approved the “Master’s Program in Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy” with the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute

June 2010: Lecture on “Military Chaplaincy” at First Evangelical Congregational Church in Sofia, Bulgaria

July 2010: Published “The beginnings of master’s chaplaincy training program” in the ARMY Bulgarian newspapers

August 2010: Cumulative update on Chaplaincy in Bulgaria

November 22, 2010: Held “Master’s Program in chaplaincy ministry” at the United Theological Faculty of the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute

September 7, 2011: Published a LEGAL FRAMEWORK of CHAPLAINCY in BULGARIA

2012: Sponsored a new master’s program with focus on Social Services and Chaplaincy Ministry at St. Trivelius, alongside New Bulgarian University

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