2020 Vision for Bulgarian Evangelical Churches Abroad Completed

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bulgarian-churchOver a decade ago, after publishing Bulgarian Churches in North America: Analytical Overview and Church Planting Proposal for Bulgarian American Congregations Considering Cultural, Economical and Leadership Dimensions, we purposed to explore the possibility of implementing the church planning program among Bulgarian Diasporas in various destination countries of migration.

With this in mind, we carried the vision for establishing 20 Bulgarian churches outside of Bulgaria by the year 2020. Cyprus, the United Kingdom and Canada were among the first to successfully implement our program. Bulgarian migrant communities in France, Italy and especially Spain and Germany followed with great enthusiasm – there are 7 Bulgarian evangelical churches active in Span today, and 18 in Germany.

Of course, not all parts of the program proved to be efficient. The program’s modules and training that was implemented, however, have produced 47 strong church plants thus far and the number is growing every month. The program proposed has been confirmed by the leadership we have received from the Holy Spirit. Our commitment to seize the opportunity and work toward adding more Bulgarian churches by the year 2020 has by far surpassed all expectations.

Bulgarian Evangelical Churches in the European  Union (2020 Report)

Bulgarian Evangelical Churches in America (2020 Report)

  • Bulgarian Evangelical Churches in Chicago (2020 Report)
  • Bulgarian Evangelical Churches in Texas (2020 Report)
  • Bulgarian Evangelical Churches – West Coast (2020 Report)
  • Atlanta (active since 1996)
  • Los Angeles (occasional/outreach of the Foursquare Church – Mission Hills, CA)
  • Las Vegas (outreach of the Foursquare Church – http://lasvegaschurch.tv)
  • San Francisco (occasional/inactive since 2012, Berkeley University/Concord, CA)

Bulgarian Evangelical Churches in Canada (2020 Report)

  • Toronto (inactive since 2007)
  • Toronto/Slavic (active since 2009)
  • Montreal (occasional/inactive since 2012)


  • New York, NY (currently inactive)
  • Buffalo, NY  (occasional/inactive)
  • Jacksonville, FL  (occasional/inactive since 2014)
  • Ft. Lauderdale / Miami  (currently inactive)
  • Washington State, Seattle area (currently inactive)
  • Minneapolis, MN (occasional/inactive since 2015)


Top 10 Ministry Projects Completed in 2016

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  1. Nehemiah Inductive Bible Study Series
  2. 25 Years of Miracles Series, online e-book publication
  3. 30 Days of Prayer in September Event
  4. Published Second Edition of Complete Greek-Bulgarian Interlinear of the New Testament
  5. Bulgarian Bible website, Bibliata.com celebrates 20 years in online ministry with the Great Read through the whole Bible
  6. Published expanded edition of Cooking Traditions of Bulgaria
  7. 10 Year Anniversary of the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association
  8. Launched BulgarianCooking.com to feature authentic Bulgarian recipes
  9. Partnered with new Bulgarian Church in Atlanta area
  10. Comprehensive report on the state of Bulgarian Chaplaincy update for NATO’s Manfred Wörner Foundation

14 Ministry Projects Completed in 2014

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2014In 2014, we celebrated 15 years since the establishment of Cup and Cross Ministries International in the fall of 1999. After facing many challenges this past year, we were able to complete the following 14 ministry projects:

1. Published About the Bible Series in Bulgaria, essays on paleography, ancient manuscript sources and the story of the Bulgarian Bible translation
2. 19th Annual Missions Conference at Good Shepherd Church of God
3. Published “Ancient Recipes of Bulgaria”
4. Spoke at the Annual Conference of Bulgarian Churches in North America in Minnesota on the state of Bulgarian churches around the world
5. Completed the building and release of the Pneuma Review website, one of the greatest Pentecostal resources on the web
6. Preached the Revelation Revival Services in various churches across Bulgaria and the continental United States
7. Completed another Annual Young Ministers Training Camp
8. 11th annual Revival Harvest Campaign with guest evangelist Johny Noer
9. Over 3,000 men, women and young people nationwide rededicated their lives to Christ
10. Began building project for Young Ministers Training Camp
11. Renewed Sunday Night Services at the Citipointe Church
12. Scroll Signing Services in various churches in Bulgaria
13. Scroll Signing Services with all Bulgarian Churches in London
14. 20 year celebration since the beginning of our work in Chicago

Mission Bulgaria 2005-2012 Completed

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Mission BulgariaWe are currently finalizing our Mission Bulgaria project through a seven-year long commitment, which has touched the lives and ministries of over 250 local churches in the country of Bulgaria. Along with these congregations, our international ministry team has worked with the Bulgarian Diaspora churches in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Spain, Germany and France. Six Bulgarian churches are currently operating in Cyprus and four in the U.K., as there are projections for the registration of other Bulgarian churches as well. It has been a journey worth taking.

In relation to our ministry work in Bulgaria in the period of 2005-2012, among many others we’ve completed these seven milestones:

1. The publication of a complete revision of the Bulgarian Bible

2. Completing a new literal translation of the Bulgarian New Testament from the original Greek including the four gospels, acts, epistles, and the apocalypse

3. Establishment of the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association with the special recognition of the US Department of State

4. Foundation of the Masters of Chaplaincy Ministry Program for Eastern Europe

5. Our national X event for youth every summer since 2005, which is accompanied with a Bible Camp for young ministers and a national mobile educational strategy

6. Building a broadcasting network which supports LIVE streaming of services and events for over 20 Bulgarian congregations every week

7. Implemented a long-term church planting proposal for establishing Bulgarian ethnic congregations outside of Bulgaria

After completing 7 years of ministry in Bulgaria, we are publishing a detailed overview of our work and results in a soon to be published monograph called simply Confessions. This new book speaks of the lessons we’ve learned in the ministry and issues of church and politics within the religious life of the country we’ve struggled to resolve. It addresses:

  • The separation of church and politics of false religiosity
  • Entering an organic relationship with God
  • Depending fully in the ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • Renvisioning the reality of the Kingdom
  • Raising a new Pentecostal generation
  • Reliving His glory
  • Leaving a legacy worth remembering

As we are celebrating our 7-year long accomplishment of Mission Bulgaria, we are reminded that in 2013 God is doing a new thing.

Ministry Projects Completed in 2011

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Early in 2011 we called this year the year of the Bamboo – one in which projects which have been worked on for sometime now would finally come to a realization.

1. Master Program in Chaplaincy Ministry via Bulgarian Theological Evangelical Institute at New Bulgarian University

2. Gospel of Mark published for Christmas

3. Bible Camp 2011 as part of our Mobile School of Ministry completed for the second year in a row with over 75 students in attendance

4. Youth Event 11.11.11 completed in Chicago with a three-day youth conference and retreat for the Bulgarian Church in North America

5. First European Conference for Bulgarian churches and ministries held in London.

6. Book of Revelation verse-by-verse video series completed with the Bulgarian Evangelical Church of God in Chicago

7. Leadership Seminar held with the New Generation Church in the Silistra region of Northern Bulgaria

8. Internet and Personality Series held and published as a ministry webinar

9. Missions conferences with the Good Shepherd Church of God (FL) and the York Church of God (SC)

10. The (un)Forgotten: Research Series presented at the 2011 SPS meeting in Memphis, TN

11. 90 Years Pentecostal Revival in Bulgaria (Historical Series)

12. Lectures in Politics and Religion at University of Nebraska

13. In celebration of 15 years in web ministry we:

a. Launched a brand new server for our websites in June, 2011

b.Released a new version of Bibliata.TV in August, 2011

c. Updated WorldMissions.TV in September, 2011

b.  Started a Christian Social Network called Bibliata.NET in November, 2011

Chaplaincy Counseling Module Completed

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During the month of September 2011 the Counseling Module of the first Bulgarian Master of Chaplaincy Ministry Program in Bulgaria was successfully completed. This was the last of three modules, which further included two semesters’ long study of chaplaincy and theology taught at the United Theological Faculty of the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria.

A total of fifteen students attended this final module. Ten of these students successfully finished their masters’ level studies and are now set forth for practicum in their respective areas of ministry and consecutive thesis defense prior to their graduation in the spring of 2012. Many of them are already ministering in hospital and prison settings, as well as among military and police personnel.

During the course of the program, we were able to finalize the long awaited negotiations with New Bulgarian University and signed an agreement with which every student chaplain will be able to graduate with a government accredited diploma from the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and New Bulgarian University.

This program in its entirety was only made possible through the personal efforts and tireless teaching of the following friends and partners in the ministry: Major General Clay Buckingham, USA (ret), Chaplain Colonel Rich Young of the IAEC, Dr. Jim Ellis from Union University, legal consultant on European Union religious issues, Dr. Hristo Berov from the Potsdam University in Germany, Dr. Roumen Bostandjiev from the Psychology Department of New Bulgarian University in Sofia, Bulgaria, Dr. Dona-Gene Mitchell from the Political Science Department of the University of Nebraska and professors from the United Theological Faculty under the supervision of Dr. Dony & Kathryn Donev from the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association.

Read more about chaplaincy in Bulgaria in the following HISTORY of EVENTS


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projectsRev. Dony & Kathryn Donev
Cup & Cross Ministries International

January 2010:
» Prophetic Conference for the Bulgarian Church of God in Gabrovo

February 2010:
» Regional Revivals for the Yambol and Sliven Regions in Bulgaria

March 2010:
» Society for Pentecostal Studies Research: Rev. Ivan Voronaev: Life & Ministry
» Annual Revival Services with the Bulgarian Churches in Minneapolis, Chicago
» WordPress for Churches Seminar in Chicago
» Lectures in the University of Nebraska
» Presented the New Bulgarian Bible Translation at the San Jose BibleTech Conference

April 2010:
» Palm Sunday Services with the Bulgarian Churches in Las Vegas
» Easter Services with the Bulgarian Churches in Houston

May 2010:
» Completed the New Bulgarian Translation of the Gospel of Matthew

June 2010:
» Revival with the Shelter Church of God in Ambrose, GA
» Revival with the Dunseith Church of God in Dunseith, ND
» Mission Services at the Stewart Road Church of God in Monroe, MI
» WordPress for Churches Seminar in Monroe, MI

July 2010:
» Mission Services at the Vineyard Church of God in Spartanburg, SC
» Mission Services at the Covenant of Faith Church of God in Pendleton, SC

August 2010:
» Mission Services at the North Greensboro Church of God in Greensboro, NC
» Bible Manuscripts Research in Ireland
» National Youth Ministers’ Camp in Katunishte, Bulgaria (Summer Module)
» National Celebration: 90 Years of Pentecost in Bulgaria
» Services and Bible Interpretation Seminar in Aheloy

September 2010:
» Gifts and Ministries National Seminar at the Bulgarian Church of God in Gabrovo
» Services at the Bulgarian Church of God in Veliko Tarnovo
» World of Miracles Annual Celebration
» Open Research Dialogue with Dr. Paul Johnson President of the American College in Sofia
» National Leadership Seminar for the Church of God of Prophecy in Rousse
» Regional Youth Service in Rousse
» Services at the Bulgarian Church of God in Rousse
» Services at the Bulgarian Church of God Yablanitza
» Master’s of Chaplaincy Ministry Program (Chaplaincy Module) with the United Theological Faculty in Sofia
» Services in Sofia
» First Bulgarian Church in Bansko Research

October 2010:
» Services at the Bulgarian Church of God in Nikozia
» Services at the Bulgarian Church of God in Limasol
» Services at the Bulgarian Church of God in Paphos
» Open-air Evangelization Meeting at the City Coliseum in Paralimni
» National Leadership Seminar for the Bulgarian Church of God in Cyprus
» Services at the Nikozia Church of God of Prophesy
» 10.10.10 National Youth Event in Cyprus
» National Youth Ministers’ Camp in Haskovo (Fall Module)
» Services at Dimitrovgrad and Mirichleri

November 2010:
» Master’s of Chaplaincy Ministry Program (Theology Module) in Yambol
» National Study of Leadership Research with the Bulgarian Churches in Spain
» Lectures at Bradley High School, Cleveland, TN

December 2010:
» Services at the North East Fellowship Church of God in Gaffney, SC
» Services at the Covenant of Faith Church of God in Pendleton, SC
» Published the New Bulgarian Translation of the Gospel of Matthew

Some of the Projects Completed with the Bulgarian Church of God in 2005-10

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church-of-god1. Chaplaincy: Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association and masters program in chaplaincy
2. Ethnic Minorities: annual Roma events and training seminars
3. Evangelism: 19 documented revivals, 24 evangelization meetings and 9 prayer rallies
4. Leadership Seminars for Church of God regional representatives
5. Media: COGBG.com and related websites
6. Mobile Bible School for pastoral teams and local churches
7. National Assembly for the Bulgarian Church of God
8. Served on the educational committees, evangelism board and church planting teams
9. Sunday School Program (2001-2002 and 2010 anniversary addition)
10. Youth Ministry: annual national events and camps

Projects Completed in 2009

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1. Benevolence Ministry Undertakings for Yambol/Sliven Regions
2. Bible Tech Conference in Seattle
3. Bible Training for Newly Started Churches in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
4. Bible Training School for the Sofia Region
5. Bible Training School for the Yambol/Sliven Regions
6. Bulgarian Christian Student Union Seminar in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
7. Church Leadership for Bulgarian Congregations in Chicago
8. Day of Open Doors Press Conference in Varna, Bulgaria
9. Expository Teaching on II Timothy in Yambol, Bulgaria
10. Expository Teaching on the Book of Nehemiah in Yambol, Bulgaria
11. Last Days Seminar in Samokov and Sofia, Bulgaria
12. Launched Website Dedicated to Spiritual and Emotional Growth, CaringForTheSoul.com
13. Launching of WorldMissions.TV Honoring World Missions’ Centennial Celebration
14. Liberty Leadership Seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria
15. Mega Youth Rally in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
16. Mega Youth Rally in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
17. Mega Youth Rally in Varna, Bulgaria
18. Missions Conference in Pahokee, Florida
19. National Bible Tour in Chicago
20. National Bible Tour in Houston
21. National Bible Tour in Las Vegas
22. National Bible Tour in Minneapolis
23. National Convention for Ministries on the Internet in Gabrovo, Bulgaria
24. National Leadership Seminar for the Church of God of Prophecy in Rouse, Bulgaria
25. National Meeting of Bulgarian Christian Bloggers in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
26. National Puppet Ministry Contest
27. New Bulgarian Translation of the Bible Seminar at the Petrehoan Youth Camp
28. New Printed Edition of the First Bulgarian Bible Published in Constantinople in 1871
29. Regional Christmas Crusade for the Yambol Region
30. Regional Prayer Conference in Yambol, Bulgaria
31. Regional Revival in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria
32. Research Trip to the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA
33. Research Trip to the Southern Baptist Historical Library & Archive in Nashville, TN
34. School of Missions for the Yambol/Sliven Regions
35. Self-Esteem Camp in Cleveland, TN
36. Water Baptism in the Thundja River
37. WebMinistry 2.0 for the Leadership Development Institute
38. WebMinistry 2.0 in Chicago
39. WordPress Training for Churches in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
40. X 2009 National Event: Changing the Status Quo in Samokov, Bulgaria


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Resume of the 2008 Annual Report Published by Cup & Cross Ministries International


1. National Leadership Seminar for the Bulgarian Church of God

2. National Leadership Seminar for the Bulgarian Church of God of Prophecy

3. National Seminar for Gipsy Pastors in Stara Zagora

4. Days of Open Doors Press Conference in Varna

5. Regional Church of God Meeting for Pleven

6. Annual Conference of Bulgarian Evangelical Churches in North America


7. X 2008 Youth Event on the Uzana Mountain near Gabrovo

8. Days of the Bible in the Kurdjali public schools

9. Released a series of children’s music videos in the Bulgarian vernacular


10. Series on Bulgarian Protestant History for the Evangelical Newspaper published in Bulgaria

11. Chaplaincy Degree Offered at the Newly Accredited Bulgarian Evangelical University

12. Published the International School of Ministry curriculum in Bulgarian


13. Bible study series on the Gospel of Mark with the Yambol Pentecostal Church

14. Preached a total of 86 sermons in 52 locations in Bulgaria and 18 sermons in 10 locations in the United States

15. Completed a six-month mission trip to Bulgaria


16. Published the 1940 Revised Bulgarian Bible

17. Published a revision of the 1871 Constantinople Bible

18. John: Gospel, Epistles and Apocalypse: A New Bulgarian Translation Released


19. Bibliata.TV National Christian Broadcast Website

20. Revival Bulgaria 2 Film Released

21. Website for Church Leaders and Holiness Research website released

22. The Story of Jesus for Children and the Jesus Film Project in the Bulgarian language online

23. Developed a new Bible study software in the Bulgarian vernacular


24. Research Trip to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

25. Research Trip to the Southern Baptist Historical Library & Archives in Nashville, TN