2020 Vision for Bulgarian Evangelical Churches

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bulgarian-churchOver a decade ago, after publishing Bulgarian Churches in North America: Analytical Overview and Church Planting Proposal for Bulgarian American Congregations Considering Cultural, Economical and Leadership Dimensions, we purposed to explore the possibility of implementing the church planning program among Bulgarian Diasporas in various destination countries of migration.

With this in mind, we carried the vision for establishing 20 Bulgarian churches outside of Bulgaria by the year 2020. Cyprus, the United Kingdom and Canada were among the first to successfully implement our program. Bulgarian migrant communities in France, Italy and especially Spain and Germany followed with great enthusiasm – there are 7 Bulgarian evangelical churches active in Span today, and 18 in Germany.

Of course, not all parts of the program proved to be efficient. The program’s modules and training that was implemented, however, have produced 47 strong church plants thus far and the number is growing every month. The program proposed has been confirmed by the leadership we have received from the Holy Spirit. Our commitment to seize the opportunity and work toward adding more Bulgarian churches by the year 202 has by far surpassed all expectations.


GOD is DOING a NEW THING in 2013

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The Holy Ghost within us cries for holiness and we shall not be oppressed, depressed, repressed, regressed, transgressed by this dead and dying world. For there’s a standard of heaven and a judgment of God; a rule of holiness and a road of righteousness which must begin nowhere else but with the household of God; where God is doing a NEW thing in 2013 speaking a SEASON of:

– Re-covery
– Re-claiming
– Re-versal
– Re-juvenation
– Re-imbursement

– Re-cuperation
– Re-organization
– Re-volution
– Re-envisioning
– Re-freshing

and re-telling the old, old story that a King has left His glory and died on cross on Calvary to save a wretch like me…

BC/AD 2011 (Bible Camp/All Denominations) in Bulgaria – A Vision of Purpose

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Since 2008, when we began the Mobile School of Ministry in Bulgaria, our team has been able to organize an annual youth camp purposing the training and equipping young ministers for the harvest of God in Bulgaria. Just recently, our training model has been featured by youth outreach organizations like Youth for Christ via their European regional office in Barcelona, Spain.

When you hear about a youth camp you have a certain picture in mind like a reunion of friends who haven’t seen each other since last summer or times of fun, of games and so forth. But Bible Camp is not your typical youth camp. It was specifically designed for a select group of young people called and involved in the ministry.

This may sound strange at first, however, today in Bulgaria there are plenty of Christian camps for kids to hang out, play games and enjoy themselves. This camp is for young people who have accepted a calling for ministry on their lives. It is a time of prayer and fasting; a time of being one on one in a quiet place seeking the face of God, hearing His voice and seeing His Glory abide in a genuine Biblical and personal experience.

registration1 registration2 registration3

As early as 2008, this unique opportunity to train workers for the Harvest has been in the planning. It began with a Word that the Lord is calling a new generation to a new level of ministry in Bulgaria. This vision was casted among the churches and as a result teams from various towns were formed and we began having monthly leadership training seminars in the village Katunishte in the Balkan mountain in 2009.

Then, 2010 marked the first year of having an organized camp. Now, several years latter, we are able to announce that the second national annual Bible Camp in Bulgaria was a reality and a success. This is a camp that did not just spring up over night. Much prayer, planning and partnership went into making the vision a reality. (Continues)



BC/AD 2011 (Bible Camp/All Denominations) in Bulgaria – A New Generation Called to the Presence of God

BC/AD 2011 (Bible Camp/All Denominations) – God’s Favor Realized

BC/AD 2011 (Bible Camp/All Denominations) in Bulgaria – A New Paradigm for Ministry in the Spirit

Write the Vision …

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Accepting a Vision

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Vision is a clear, challenging picture of the future of a ministry it can and must be. First, the vision must be a clear statement in order to be understood and acted upon. Secondly, vision is a challenging statement in order to bring a group of people to a next level. Then, the vision is a picture, a visual imagination rather than simply a sequence of words. Fourth, the vision must be related to the future and in this way to act as a prophetic guidance. Fifth, a vision can be. This means that a vision is able to exist and is able to empower others. Finally, a vision must be which means that a true vision brings urgency in itself.

Churches can exist in various status of vision among which are: multi-vision, wrong vision, no vision and single vision. A successful church operates under one, single, unified vision supernaturally given by God and based on the Great Commission which determines its pursuit of lost souls.

Your vision will inevitably determine the direction of your work. In order to serve as a ground work for what follows next in the church-planting process, the vision must provide purpose, mission and location. The purpose will determine what the future organization will do. The mission will establish the means of getting it done. The location will help establish a knowledge center where beilevers will assemble in order to obtain answers for certain needs. These can be determined by the purpose and mission of the church.

In all human efforts, a true church cannot be established without a vision from God. However, capturing vision is a very personal process which involves knowing yourself, knowing your ministry context and knowing God. A vision, then, can be obtained only through the Biblical means of prayer, fasting and solitude.

Since it is not a quick fix, a true vision emerges over a period of waiting on God. It has also been noted that the process of obtaining the vision is often longer than the realization of the vision itself. Such method clearly invests not only in the fulfillment of a project, but also in the personal growth of the individual and the community which undertakes it.

Get ready to share the vision you have accepted through:
1. Presenting the vision in a concise memorizeble form which clearly expresses its purpose and goals.
2. Make a continuous and constant presence of the vision in your methodology through preaching, teaching, discipleship, conference and other methods of communication.
3. Consider the vision as the basis of your ministry strategies.
4. Provide a more descriptive statement of the means through which the vision will be brought to realization.
The above process involves not only capturing, but also taking ownership of the vision. The great leader is a servant of the dream. The vision will never become a reality unless you can communicate it to others who can see your commitment to fulfill it. Thus, you personify the vision. Only then will the vision become a common vision and form the identity of your congregation.

(Excerpt from Analytical Overview and Church Planting Proposal for Bulgarian American Congregations Considering Cultural, Economical And Leadership Dimensions)