Cup & Cross Ministries Celebrating 30 years of Global Ministry

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Cup & Cross Ministries International, is celebrating 30 years of global ministry.  In honor of this momentous occasion, they will host a gala in September. It will take on an entirely new online format packed with fantastic content and exciting news. This year’s theme is “Confessions”. The Cup & Cross board has big plans for this year’s annual Fall Revival Harvest Campaign and 2021 ministry endeavors. Join us to find out just what’s going on with International missions and world evangelization.  Their new book, “Confessions of a Pentecostal Preacher” will be featured. The virtual gala will be held as a ‘closed event’ on the Cup & Cross website on Wednesday, September 30th, at 6:00 PM EST. For more information on how you can be involved visit the link below. For complete details, visit

A Biblical View of the City: Gateways in Modern Day Missions

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The city attracts multitudes of people, which makes a desired center for evangelism. Jesus used the city to present His ministry. Paul and the Early Church made it a goal to their mission to establish a new church as a community of believers in many cities of importance within the ancient world. The city strategy has not changed in modern day missions either. Recent analysis of migrant churches in the United States reveals the predominant majority of them are located in cities which have a high influxation and concentration of immigrants. Such localities are called “gateway cities”. Immigrants typically enter the United States through one of these cities and settle there. These areas contain over half of the foreign-born population in the United States as follows:

1. New York, NY Foreign born population 18.7%

2. Los Angeles, CA Foreign born population 27.1%

3. Houston, TX Foreign born population 12.3%

4. Washington, DC Foreign born population 8.6%

5. Miami, FL Foreign born population 33.6%

6. Chicago, IL Foreign born population 11.1%

7. San Francisco, CA Foreign born population 20.0%

you will hear rumours

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First Day of School in Bulgaria

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9/11 REVERSAL: Prophetic Restoration of a Nation and the Glory of God

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In 1994, as a prophetic warning to the nation some seven years before the 9/11 attacks, Dr. David Franklin wrote “A Call to Righteousness: Impending Judgment.” Drawing conclusions from Ezekiel’s chapter 12 desolation, destruction, dispersion, despair and prophetic hope in chapter 14, he warns that:

(1)   When a nation persists in violence, the Sovereign Lord confronts and holds responsible
(2)   When a nation forgets God, He allows for times of repentance
(3)   If repentance is ignored, God will expose and execute judgment on an unfaithful nation.

The book continues with a call for international righteousness (p. 10) and a critique of the debt-free myth proclaiming a time of economic shift (p. 11-12). Remember, this warning was written two decades before anyone in America had mentioned foreclosure, crises or global economic crises. But my favorite chapter still is the interpretation of Ezekiel’s vision of the departure of the Glory of God (p. 20-21).

I read this book back in 1999 and frankly had forgotten about it until 2011 when, at a young ministers training camp in the mountains of Bulgaria, we experienced what we consider the most genuine appearance of the Glory of God in our whole ministry. We wrote about it then and presented our observation at the 2012 Missions Conference at the Good Shepherd Church of God inPahokee,FL. The four points of our observation carry a tremendous prophetic resemblance to what Dr. David Franklin had proclaimed in his book 18 years ago:

(1) Every time God renews His covenant with His people, He shows His presence.

(2) We know that God is present in the covenant, because He shows His glory. It happened to Moses and his generation. And it also happened to Solomon several hundred years later.

(3) When a generation looses the vision of the Glory of God, God begins renewing His covenant again with a new generation.

(4) God is not satisfied with a people who know the signs and the blessings of the covenant. He rests not until He is revealed as the God of the covenant.


50 Days of Anti-Government Protests in Bulgaria

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Today is the 50th day of protests against the government and the chief prosecutor. Last night the dissatisfied brought a bedside table in front of the Council of Ministers. The reasons for Boyko Borissov’s resignation were written on it on white sheets.

They explained that this locker is the antithesis of the other – from the photos. And they put a clock on top to count the remaining time in the office.

And the most discussed topic last night was the resignation of the Minister of Justice.

“No one is interested in this resignation. “The agenda is Borissov’s resignation, the resignation of his entire government,” protesters said.

“The reason for his resignation is not serious, because I realized that these were some comments addressed to him. In my opinion, this resignation will not help at all “, other dissatisfied people think.

The counter-protest

For the third night in a row, citizens gathered in front of the National Palace of Culture, condemning the actions of the blocked key places in Sofia and demanding the impeachment of President Rumen Radev, whom they call “the disintegrator of the nation.” There were mixed comments among the demonstrators about the resignation of Justice Minister Danail Kirilov.

Demonstration in front of the Spanish embassy

Demonstration in front of the Spanish embassy
A demonstration took place in front of the Spanish Embassy in Sofia. The “Together for Change” movement of politicians Alexander Tomov and Nastimir Ananiev insists on clarity about the investigation of the authorities in Madrid about the origin of the money with which property was acquired in Barcelona (allegedly owned by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov), BNR reported .

I was called … Celebrating 30 Years of Global Ministry

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During the month of September, our ministry is celebrating 30 years in Global Harvest. I was saved in my hometown of Yambol Bulgaria on August 9, 1990 and baptized with the Holy Spirit seven days later. In two weeks time, God called me to preach and I preached my first sermon one Friday night in September at the Church of God in the mountain town of Pravetz, Bulgaria where a small group of Pentecostal believers had kept the faith during the long years of the Communist Regime. At that time, Pravetz was known as a stronghold of Communism where the Communist president who ruled Bulgaria for 36 years was born. Many, including school officials, did not receive our faith and openly tried to suppress its expression. All night prayer meetings were a weekly event, and chain fasting almost never stopped. The Bulgarian Church of God was still underground.

Only 14 were present at the meeting as I preached from Genesis chapter 14. Little I knew that just a few short months later, the youth group of the church would count over 100 strong and growing, and with the Berlin Wall now fallen revival was on the way. That night in Pravetz Bulgaria I just preached a sermon from the Word. That same Word, which God still claims cannot return void. For Revival must go on …

Now 30 years later, the time to tell the story has finally come!


This book should have been published seven years ago in 2013. Its original subtitle was going to read “7 Years in Bulgaria.” Instead, it took seven years to finish it with all documents, research archives and new cases. Now, it is finally here and it finally reads like a story – not just choppy interviews, deposition documented testimonies or court records, but a story of struggle, strength and solitude. A story of life and a story of us.

1995-96 The establishing of the first Bulgarian Church of God in Chicago and its first split

2000-01 The contracted building of the ministry center for the Central Church of God in Sofia

2002-03 The church split in Southaven and what followed next

2005-06 The post-communist split of the Bulgarian Church of God and consecutive sub-denominations

2010-13 The social media network that cost us millions (of souls)

2016 The vote that forced to kill a church

2019-20 The sale of the ministry center for the Central Church of God in Bulgaria

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