Ivan Voronaev’s Book in WalMart for Palm Sunday

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Pentecost Sunday Full Gospel

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I keep on repeating this through the years, but the need for the constant repetition comes from the simple fact that among new doctrinal teachings and Hillsong style of worship the True Message of Pentecost remains long forgotten

  1. Salvation – That a man must be saved while the hour of grace is still upon us has been that teaching of every protestant evangelical since the Reformation. Why people attend church all their lives without getting saved is beyond me. But I do know that the commitment of the CHURCH to REVIVAL brings people to SALVATION.
  1. Sanctification – The Wesleyan teaching of sanctification resolves that the sanctification of the believer is definite. This means that though it may progress and evolve through time, as the believer gets closer to God in his/her daily walk, sanctification must become ENTIRE i.e. allowing NO sin to abide in the believer’s body, soul or spirit. Without ENTIRE sanctification resulting in holiness, no one will ever see God (Heb. 12:14).
  1. Holy Ghost Baptism – The doctrine of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost means that when baptized we speak in one tongue with God because we are ONE with His Spirit. Not just in us or upon us, but that we are IN the Spirit as John was on the day of Revelation.
  1. Healing in the Atonement of Christ belongs to every believer. This means you, your family and your church members. The healing provided in the Atonement is for ALL believers – no exception. It is also for ALL sickness, disease, viruses, infections, tumors and cancers. But that it belongs to does not yet mean that it has been received by the believer. For this reason, God does not stop healing neither in this age nor through eternity, as the leaves of the Tree of Life in the New Jerusalem are still and forever for the healing (Rev. 22:2)
  1. The Second Coming of Christ for Pentecostals is not simply pre-millennial, but also pre-Tribulation. There have been MANY teachings on the End Times until today. Post-millennials claim we live in the Millennium even now anticipating the return of the Lord; a-millennials that there will be no Millennium at all. Post-tribulationists expect his return at the end of the Tribulation, mid-post-tribulationists in the middle. But in Pentecost, we expect Christ to return before the Tribulation that we may be saved from the hour of trial (Rev. 3:10) and before the Millennium so we may reign with Him 1,000 years. Any other message is no message of hope for the Church of the Living God.

Diamonds in the Rough-N-Ready Pentecostal Series


Speaking in Tongues in America Prior to the Azusa Street Revival of 1906

April, 1906 – The Azusa street revival swept the globe starting with California

January 1, 1901– The initial phenomenon of speaking in tongues occurred at Parham’s school in Topeka, Kansas

January 6, 1900 – Frank Sanford’s Shiloh school reported that “The gift of tongues has descended”

1896 – Over 100 people baptized in the Shaerer schoolhouse revival conducted by the Christian Union in the North Carolina mountains

1887 – People falling in trances and speaking in tongues were reported at Maria Etter’s revival meetings in Indiana

1874 – Speaking in tongues occurred during healing meetings reported in New York

1873 – William H. Doughty and the Gift People of Rhode Island spoke in tongues

1854 – V. P. Simmons and Robert Boyd reported tongue speaking during Moody’s meetings



Church of God (Cleveland, TN)

Azusa Street Revival of 1906

Prior to Azusa Street Revival of 1906

The Unforgotten: Historical and Theological Roots of Pentecostalism in Bulgaria

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Pentecost Sunday 2016

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Offering a few recent Pentecostal articles in light of the upcoming Pentecost Sunday celebration:51bmftgrh4l_ss500_1

  1. The Forgotten Azusa Street Mission: The Place where the First Pentecostals Met
  2. Diamonds in the Rough-N-Ready Pentecostal Series (Complete)
  3. 95th anniversary of the Pentecostal movement in Bulgaria
  4. Toward a Pentecostal Solution to the Refugee Crises in the European Union
  5. Historical and Doctrinal Formation of Holiness Teachings and Praxis among Bulgarian Pentecostals
  6. Pacifism as a Social Stand for Holiness among Early Bulgarian Pentecostals
  7. The Practice of Corporate Holiness within the Communion Service of Bulgarian Pentecostals
  8. Sanctification and Personal Holiness among Early Bulgarian Pentecostals
  9. First Pentecostal Missionaries to Bulgaria (1920)
  10. Historical and Doctrinal Formation of Holiness Teachings and Praxis among Bulgarian Pentecostals
  11. The Everlasting Gospel: The Significance of Eschatology in the Development of Pentecostal Thought
  12. Online Pentecostal Academic Journals
  13. What made us Pentecostal?
  14. Pentecostalism and Post-Modern Social Transformation
  15. Obama, Marxism and Pentecostal Identity
  16. Why I Decided to Publish Pentecostal Primitivism?
  17. Historic Pentecostal Revival Tour in Bulgaria Continues
  18. The Land of Pentecostals
  19. Pentecostal Theological Seminary Address
  20. A Truly Pentecostal Water Baptism

Back to Church Sunday 2014

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Sunday School program from the Declaration of Faith for the Bulgarian Church of God

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Sunday School program from the Declaration of Faith for the Bulgarian Church of God Sunday School program from the Declaration of Faith for the Bulgarian Church of God 

The Sunday School program for the Bulgarian Church of God was envisioned at the end of 2000. Because of the lack of continuity with Sunday School programs taught in the time before the communist Regime and general unavailability for translated curriculum, we created the program from scratch as follows:

2001 Taught first series at the Capital Church of God in Sofia

2002 Presented the newly published Sunday School to the General Presbyters Council of the Bulgarian Church of God

2003 Taught complete Sunday School series at Church of God in Pravetz Bulgaria

2005-2007 Over 40,000 copies of the Sunday School program were printed and distributed among the Church of God congregations

2009 Taught the Sunday School series in a regional meeing of presybuters from the Church of God of Prophecy in Ruse, Bulgaria

2010 Taught the Sunday School series in the Church of God in Ruse, Bulgaria

2011 Taught all 14 modules of the Sunday School series in the Church of God in Gabrovo, Bulgaria

2012 Published the 2nd edition of the Sunday School Program as Bible Studies on the Church of God Declaration of Faith

2013 Taught the modules of the program via the Mobile Bible School

Palm Sunday in Chicago

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Palm Sunday at the Bulgarian Church in Las Vegas

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las-vegas1When you think of Las Vegas, the first things that flood your mind are negative. One automatically associates this city with aspects, which you would feel uncomfortable referencing in a Christian newsletter. Therefore, you question if it is appropriate to even mention that you ministered in “Las Vegas” because of the negative connotation with simply saying these words. Yet, when you really come to think about it, is not the Gospel for the sinners and what better place to bring the Gospel than to a city that takes pride in its alias “Sin City?”

When ministering in Mississippi this year, we attended a biker church, which carries the slogan “Sinners Welcomed, Others Tolerated.” This should be the mindset of righteous Christians; however, for the most part this is not true. Sinners make us uncomfortable. Sinners are “dirty.” The motto of most churches today should read: “Sinners Tolerated, Others Welcomed.”

Regardless of being “too righteous”, we did go to Las Vegas and we did minister there. When the Lord tells you to “GO” you do not question His command. Even when you know it will make you uncomfortable, you still go. Or you end up like Jonah.

Las Vegas is the home to a growing Bulgarian community, which has already established not one, but two Bulgarian churches with solid ministry presence in the area. They serve as a lighthouse to the European Immigrants in a place where it is hard to keep your faith.

On Palm Sunday we delivered a message on a traditional topic in a nontraditional way and spoke about The Price of the Kingdom. We were also able to spend time with the pastoral family who is currently seeking denominational affiliation and assist them in obtaining a website for their church. Their hope is to be able to inform other Bulgarians in the Las Vegas area of the new church, to provide a presence among the network of Bulgarian Churches in North America and hopefully begin broadcasting their services LIVE in the near future in order to reach more souls for the Kingdom.

When a Christian thinks of Las Vegas, the first things that flood the mind are negative. But after having ministered the Gospel in the midst of “Sin City,” you cannot stop thinking about the potential for saved human souls. For the Gospel was not given for our weekly Sunday morning entertainment, but rather for the salvation of the sinner. If we wish for Revival to go on, we must continue to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to all the world, which includes even Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sunday Services in the Snow

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Traveling during winter conditions in Bulgaria has never been easy. But it’s getting worse every year as temperatures drop lower and lower with record negative recordings. But ministry must continue regardless of the weather conditions. And there is a story in pictures of our ministry this past Sunday in blizzard conditions through the covered with snow Bulgaria:


7:30 AM: Early departure by dawn, defrosting the engine and heading out of town.

7:45 AM: A few minutes later still trying to leave Yambol, Bulgaria on our way to Sliven (25 miles north) to reach the Tricia Interstate. We stop to ask a southbound traveler of the road conditions ahead. The report is that while the roads are being cleaned they are simultaneously being recovered with snow.


8:00 AM: Heading out of Sliven west toward the city of Nova Zagora


8:15 AM: A few miles before the city Nova Zagora barely seeing the road ahead with falling snow and increasing fog.


9:00 AM: Reaching the interstate just pass the city of Stara Zagora where we were stopped by Police who inquired about road conditions and asked which direction we were traveling to ensure our safety.


9:20 AM: On the somewhat clean interstate attempting to make up for the lost time.


9:45 AM: Reaching the second largest Bulgarian city of Plovdiv also frozen under the snow to minister to some 150 members of the Apostolic Church of Bulgaria.


9:55 AM: Almost at the Apostolic Church of Bulgaria in Plovdiv, Bulgaria following our host to the church location.


3:00 PM: Heading back east after a long service and great fellowship afterwards in a hurry to our next ministry location in Sliven, Bulgaria.


3:30 PM: Not much improvement on the interstate, but thanks to the temperatures the snow is melting. We are very grateful. For Bulgaria this is normally the time in which the snow begins to freeze over after being melted by the noon time sun when temperatures permit.


4:00 PM: Passing Stara Zagora for a second time in one day.


4:15 PM: Quickly going through Nova Zagora as evening traffic begins to pick up.


4:30 PM: Passing the turn to our home office in Yambol to reach our ministry location in Sliven, Bulgaria.


4:55 PM: Entering Sliven under severe winter conditions, perhaps the worst we have seen all day, just in time for the evening service. The church is located in somewhat secluded back streets of the town which had not been cleaned all day.


6:15 PM: Altar call at the Antioch Project Church of Sliven, Bulgaria – worth every effort we have made for the ministry all day long.

Superbowl Sunday

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american football macro

We have just learned of a tremendous opportunity for men to witness at the Super Bowl to be held in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday, February 6, 2005. William W. Adams of Revival-USA has notified us that men are needed to witness and hand out tracks at the event. The Super bowl witnessing schedule is February 4-6 at the following times:

Friday: 6:00 p.m. – Midnight
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – Midnight
Sunday: Noon – 7:00 p.m.

All participants will meet together at the beginning of each day for prayer and then go out for the remainder of the day. The length of the day will be determined by each individual’s schedule. Accommodations are free if you are willing to bring a sleeping bag otherwise very inexpensive arrangements can be made through Revival USA with or without meals included. If you are interested please contact us at: 1-866-646-LOVE (5683).