What made us Pentecostal?

article-0-14AD215E000005DC-994_634x422[1]Pentecostalism is a message for standing fast till the end. As Pentecostals, we preached this message before we had a sermon outline.

We went without knowing. We prayed without ceasing. We prophesied without seeing in the physical or even purposefully refusing to reckon with it.

We preached without a season, for preaching was the vibe of our ministry and the heartbeat of our churches. We preached because we had a testimony. We did not know how to say it, but we had something to say.

We did not know how to write a sermon, or a theological exposition, or an exegetical definition, or a leadership proposition, but we preached because we had an experience that NO sermon could recreate and no message could deliver.

We had met God upon the mountain and that personal meeting, that date with destiny, that divine appointment had become our source of life everlasting. And this is what made us Pentecostal.