Ministering at Rouse Church of God

September 15, 2010 by  
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dsci0703For many years we have wanted to minister with the Rouse Church of God, but for one reason or another we were never able to do so.  Therefore, it was with grateful hearts that we were finally able to do so during the National Leadership Conference in cooperation with the Bulgarian Church of God of Prophecy.  Upon the invitation of pastor Rumen Bonchev and his family, we ministered to the church accompanied by Bishop Peter Georgev, pastor of the Rouse Church of God of Prophecy, Bishop Clayton Endecott and director of the Tomlinson Center, Dr. H.E. Cardin. It was a very prophetic time confirming a word Bishop Peter had received several years ago that the time would come when both Church of God and Church of  God of Prophecy congregations would come together again regardless of denomination and worship side by side.  After the word was delivered all gather at the altars and prayed fervently together.  Barriers were broken and spiritual walls came down that night as it was a time which will remain in the hearts of the people to never be forgotten.