Bulgaria builds permanent NATO base near Yambol

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By 2025 the Ministry of Defense will build an entire small town, in which the soldiers of the NATO allies from the multinational battle group on the territory of Bulgaria will live.

The estimated cost is at least 50 million euros but the final sum will become clear after the design is completed, Minister of Defense Todor Tagarev has told the MPs from the Defense Committee in Parliament. Military personnel of about 1,500 will reside in the town permanently, but it should be able to shelter up to 5,000 people.

It has not yet been decided where the base would be located, but the military has hinted that the region of Yambol is the most suitable area with the nearby air base of Bezmer. According to the minister, the construction of the military town will be economically beneficial for Yambol and the region.

Revival Harvest Campaign 2014 in Yambol

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Our Ministry in the Gipsy Ghetto of Yambol

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1990 We began serving in the Yambol area along with the local Pentecostal churches in the early 1990s after the Fall of the Berlin Wall

1992-93 Our team participated in a number of revival campaigns in the Gipsy Ghettos of Yambol, Sliven and Stara Zagora

1996 Along with Dr. Miroslav Atanasov of Sofia, we invested into the purchase of a building that is used for the meetings of the local Church of God led by its first pastor, who had mixed Gipsy-Turkish roots, brother Mitko Mohamed

2000 This was a turning point for the local congregation and many other minority groups in the region, as we led a Church of God campaign in several of the neighboring villages and regions stretching our outreach all the way to the Black Sea and the border between Bulgaria and Turkey

2001-04 In the years that followed, we completed a number of evangelistic campaigns in the Strandja Sakar region in South Eastern Bulgaria populated with predominantly Bulgarian speaking Turkish and Pomak people groups

2005 We renewed holding services in the Gipsy Ghetto of Yambol where by that time there were a dozen active Pentecostal congregations

2007 We helped restore the local United Church of God congregation after it had burnt down in a fire.

2008-09 After collaborating with local social services workers, our team devised an ethical guideline proposal for working with abused and abandoned children while consulting on project “Care for Orphans,” which worked with gypsy children of the area Ghettos

2010-11 We held services with many local youth groups, preaching the Gospel and praying for the people after showing the film Jesus for Children, after which dozens of people, both children and adults, accepted Christ as their personal savior confessing their sins and joining the local churches

2012 We have written extensively on the subject of Forming a Roma Gipsy Evangelical Identity in Bulgaria and our book on the subject is coming out for publication in the near future

Yambol Christmas Choir

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Regional Prayer Conference for the Yambol Village Churches

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Record Low Temperatures in Yambol, Bulgaria

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Record low temperatures were reported this morning in Yambol our ministry base location.  Thermometers in the early morning in showed minus 8.14 degrees Fahrenheit and in the most southern point of the Yambol region in Elhovo thermometers showed minus 9.4 degrees. This is the lowest temperature measured in the city of more than 40 years. Similar freezing temperatures were reported in 1979 of minus 5.26 degrees Fahrenheit.

January 26, 2010

More Snow in Yambol, Bulgaria

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First Snow in Yambol, BULGARIA

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Regional Prayer Conference for the Yambol Village Churches

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yambol-village-conference1Some 200 people from over a dozen regional churches gathered in the village of Malomir on Saturday at a regional prayer conference. Several ministers and representatives from the Bourgas, Stara Zagora, Haskovo and Sliven regions attended as well. This is the third of four prayer meetings held each year in the area to encourage the village churches, gather the people together for time of rejuvenation and set quarterly goals for each season of the year.

The churches that gathered were congregations with which our teams have worked and ministered with for some 15 years now. Many of the congregations were started and registered during this term of ministry, while others continued their operation having gone through the trials and tribulation of Communism. Unfortunately, the last 20 years of economical, political and social crises in Bulgaria have left their scar on the both the people and the churches. The villages, once flourishing and prospering, are now left to the elderly as the young generation has moved in search for a better life in the big city or in many cases in a foreign land. Thus, the evangelical churches in the Bulgarian villages remain one of the few strongholds of moral encouragement, family values and life as we know it.

The answer to such a great spiritual need is rooted in deep prayer and personal piety, which is exactly what our teams have been trying to accomplish through these quarterly prayer conferences. As the attendance in years past has gradually grown, the Lord has called these people to the ministry and they have faithfully helped our teams in the progress of the work. Therefore, they were all encouraged to gather once again while we shared the Word in several sessions throughout the day. Our message focused on the subject of personal prayer and its leading role within the life of the local church. The efforts of all were well rewarded by a powerful move of the Spirit during the time of prayer, after which people were encouraged by the announcement of one more regional prayer conference for this year, which will probably take place during the holiday season.

Chaplaincy Course in Yambol

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bulgarian-chaplainThe Military Ministry, with the support of the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association and Cup & Cross Ministries, is holding a Chaplaincy educational course in Yambol, Bulgaria. The course comes after a year of preparation and is part of the national strategy toward the accreditation of a nationwide master’s level chaplaincy program, which our team successfully complied since its envisioning in 2005.

This year, the International Association of Evangelical Chaplains is sending their training team to conclude the annual chaplaincy training for Bulgaria. Classes will be presented by: (1) Chaplain (COL) Bernie and Eshter Windmiller, US Army Ret., Team Leader (2) Major General (MG) Clay and Clara Buckingham, US Army Ret and (3) Chaplain (Colonel) Rich Young, US Army Ret. The IAEC team members will be traveling with their spouses and conduct services in the local churches after classes. Planned for the concluding event is an official lecture on the ministry of the chaplain at the Bulgarian Military Academy in the capital Sofia.

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