Evangelism and World Missions

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Empowered by the vision for a continuous revival within the church of the 21st century, we have chosen to make the mission of our work this one statement: We help churches grow.

One of the approaches we have taken to accomplish this ministry goal is Evangelism and World Missions:

  • We have ministered for 25 years now on three continents, 25 U.S. states, Canada and Mexico (Map of our global ministry)
  • We have spent seven consecutive years in missionary work in Bulgaria ministering to over 300 local congregations (Map of our ministry in Bulgaria)
  • Since 1990, we have helped in the planting and team training of over 25 churches in Bulgaria as well as the Bulgarian congregations in Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Atlanta, London, Spain, Cyprus and Palma de Mallorca

Beside personal presence and team building strategies, we implement the media in virtually every approach of ministry. We have published several research monographs as well as film series about our ministry work. Our team holds a weekly TV program called the Bible Hour. (Learn how we help churches build their own and unique web presence)

See also how we help churches grow through:

Video Bible in Bulgarian

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The Video Bible project in Bulgarian was originally envisioned in 2008 by the Cup & Cross ministry team as a result of two consecutive endeavors. The first was the finalization of a vision for the Bulgarian Bible on the internet, which began in 1996 and continued in the next decade resulting in the development of Bibliata.com – a web community for Bulgarian and Slavic speaking Christians around the world. The second one was the Bibliata.TV web project released in 2007-2008 after a wide variety of oppositions ranging from purely technical to religious and political aspects.

Once Bibliata.TV had established its permanent place in the internet it grew fast to become one of the most successful interactive media projects in Bulgarian history. Currently, the project hosts over 11,000 original Christian videos uploaded by some 1,200 registered members. It provides a web platform for daily religious broadcast for some two dozen of Bulgarian churches and ministries active around the globe and in 2008 became the home of the Bulgarian Video Bible.

This last ambitious project of the Cup & Cross ministry team undertook the difficult task to recreate the Bible in video format one chapter at a time. Churches, ministers and lay people were asked to record a favorite portion of the Bible as a video and upload it to Bibliata.TV. Currently 6,672 videos are already completed. They can be all seen at: http://video.bibliata.tv/. The anticipated release date of the Bulgarian Video Bible is 1.11.2011.

Leadership Development Seminar 2011

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Broadcast Your Church Services for Free

 Learn how to broadcast your church service or team training event on the internet
 Examine several available options to broadcast with a special accent on the free version of uStream.TV.
 Chose and set up proper camera and audio source for the broadcast
 Broadcast from your computer, notebook or even your cell phone
 Publish your church services as a LIVE stream on the internet and organize them in an internet based video archive
 Embed LIVE broadcast or video recording on your church website or pastor’s blog
 Publicize your streaming event or video recording using the social networks
 Monetize your broadcast and contribute to your church media ministry fund

Power of Pentecost

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Power of Pentecost (MP3)

Just in Time

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Just in Time (MP3)

I Shall Wear a Robe and a Crown

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I Shall Wear a Robe and a Crown (MP3)

Pentecostal Theological Seminary Address

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Pentecostal Theological Seminary Address (MP3)

Decid a los justos que les irá bien

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Haga clic en el enlace para descargar y escuchar el mensaje http://cupandcross.com/mp3s/spanish-pahokee-mission-conference.mp3


Say Ye to the Righteous: “It shall be well”

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Click on the link to download and listen to the message http://cupandcross.com/mp3s/2009-pahokee.wav

Say Ye to the Righteous is a message preached at the 12th Annual Mission Conference in Pahokee, Florida

transcripted via: http://cupandcross.com/index.php/say-ye-to-the-righteous/

and broadcasted on: http://www.cogwm.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1945&Itemid=60

Este sermón en español.

Doing Missions in the Spirit

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This message is not even 30 minutes long, but I challenge you to take the time and listen to it today. If you do not sense the Spirit of God in the first five minutes, feel free to turn it off. I truly believe that this is a message from God that every minister, missionary and church must hear. It was preached at the annual mission’s conference organized by the Good Shepard Church of God in Pahokee, Florida under the title “Doing Missions in the Spirit.” What are you going to do when governments, organizations or finances do not permit you to do missions? What are you going to do when people and problems send you to the periphery of ministry, while God has called you to the epicenter of missions? All these questions and many others are answered in “Doing Missions in the Spirit.”

Click on the link to download and listen to the message http://cupandcross.com/mp3s/missioninspirit.mp3


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