South East Region Prayer Meeting in Bulgaria

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Services in the Yambol Region

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The Yambol ministry team on location, which we have worked with for many years now, continues a fruitful ministry among the village churches in the region despite the several economic crises in Bulgaria. Although many of the young people leave the Bulgarian villages in exchange for larger towns or even foreign countries where they can find better jobs, the village churches are growing.

At the recent regional ministry conference, where the Yambol, Sliven, Bourgas and Nova Zagora regions were represented, many reported exciting ministry results in various locations. Revivals broke in the villages of Kamenetz and Malomir, spontaneous prayer meetings arise often, while healings and various miracles are reported almost weekly. A water baptismal service for new believers is scheduled for the beginning in August at the Thundja River. In the midst of severe poverty and political unrest, the move of God has become a life answer for many.

This is why Sunday morning was a special morning for us, as we were able to rejoin the local Pentecostal Church team for an exciting day of ministry in five village churches nearby.   Our day began at 8:30 am with prayer and then at 9:00 am we traveled together to the first church and had service at 10:00 am.

The village churches have anywhere from five to 25 people.  Some are in actually church buildings while others are in homes or in small cleared out garages.  Those, whom gathered, although small in numbers, are great in heart and dedication.

It is personally challenging when you see the weather and earth beaten hands of the man worshiping beside you and you witness the widow giving her last mite.  Then when service is over you notice how the frail elderly ladies cover their heads with a white cloth so that the sun does not beat on their heads during their walk home. So to say that we spent our day ministering to those of the village churches is an understatement because it is those of the village churches whom ministered to us.  Our last service ended in the afternoon and it was truly a special day.

There is also a new encouraging ministry opportunity on the horizon for English speaking services, as each village has become home to at least half of dozen Englishmen, who leave their native Great Britain and now live in Bulgaria enjoying the fine climate, friendly neighbors and peaceful environment. Please be praying with us for this opportunity to become a reality.

Our Ministry in the Yambol Region

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