When the Church Process Hurts our Children

February 25, 2020 by  
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Policy and procedure and process are not to be feared. Without regulation, disorder and self-empowerment become a dangerous reality. However, can we truly hear from God when we become victim to the Process; when we hide behind procedure so our earthly agenda can be met? The voice of the Process can be so overwhelming that it overshadows our judgment for Truth. Dollar signs and numbers begin to replace genuine salvation and genuine miracles and genuine Holy Ghost baptism. We become too concerned with following procedure all while hurting our brothers and sisters and our spiritual mothers and fathers. We do so with no remorse because ultimately we were faultlessly just following protocol. Nevertheless these people have a voice to process events and forgiveness can be extended in which healing can occur.

But unfortunately, the ones which we always disregard while following the Process are the little ones that do not have a voice. So I speak for the children of the church who become the real victims to the Process. I speak for the ones who remain on the sidelines in the shadows under the pews; the ones who cry out for justice with their actions because this is their only way to be heard. Acting out is their way of screaming to anyone who will hear, “Don’t forget me in your Process”. Their tears say, “Stop with the politics”. I also speak for the unborn children of an infertile womb who desire to be born into unity and love. Please do not leave our innocent heirs without a place to worship, without a pastor to lead them into God’s presence and for some, without a desire to even go to church. Is the Process, with the illusion of democracy that divides, worth loosing our children in the midst? Join in saying, “No” with our actions.

-K. Donev, LPC/MHSP, NCC