An Urgent Call for Chaplain Ministry on the Balkans

August 1, 2016 by  
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bulgaria-turkey-fenceOur ministry has been working in the country of Bulgaria for over 25 years now. During this time we have ministered in over 300 local congregations across the country. While we do a lot of ministry in the capital Sofia, we are even more often on the road evangelizing in remote locations. When we minister in Bulgaria we do 3-5 services on any given Sunday. Additionally, we travel to teach and minister to various local churches during the week.

With this vision in mind, over a decade ago we organized and established the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association as a Christian ministry outside of the church walls. Today, our first responder chaplains trained by our Masters of Chaplaincy Ministry Program face extreme conditions on the Balkans and in Europe as follows:

7/2016 – Christians pay price as extreme Islam surges after attempted coup in Turkey

6/2016 – 30+ people were killed in an attack at Ataturk International Airport by three suicide bombers

3/2016 – 31 people are killed and 150 injured in three explosions at the Brussels airport

11/2015 – 130 people killed in a series of attacks by gunmen and suicide bombers at Paris stadium

1/2015 – 11 killed after attack on Paris offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo

5/2014 – 4 killed at the Jewish Museum in Brussels

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