Two Bulgarian Bibles Printed in 2012

Carigradska BibleWe are proud to announce the publication of two Bulgarian Bibles in 2012. The first is the original Bulgarian translation of 1871 known as the Constantinople Bible – perhaps one of the best translation works by the American Bible Society ever. The digital remake and its new publication in paper in 2012 took our team some seven years of work.

1940 Bulgarian BibleThe second one is the 1940 Revised Bulgarian Bible initiated in 1920-24 by the British and Foreign Bible Society. It is perhaps the most read Bulgarian Bible of all times. While a number of new versions and revisions have attempted to replace it, our team has preserved the original text and made it available to Bulgarian readers abroad.



Both translation have been part of the Bible Works software since version 7 and its online equivalent (now for several years now. We are also appreciative of the fact that almost immediately after the publication, both Bulgarian Bibles were picked up for distribution by and their sub-stores internationally, thus making them available to Bulgarian readers in all countries where Amazon is present, which covers virtually every region with Bulgarian population outside of Bulgaria.