Mission Bulgaria 2009: Ministering at the Gipsy Ghetto of Phakulteta

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The Gipsy ghetto of Phakulteta is located in the northeast side of the capital Sofia with a population of some 120,000 people, which makes it larger than the average Bulgarian town. It comprises a substantial part of the population of Sofia, which now numbers over two million people. In recent years, Phakulteta has been a place of ethnic tensions produced in the middle of extreme poverty and the war of local crime clans which rule the area.

There, we have focused our ministry efforts in the past several years through regular preaching, prayer meetings, and leadership seminars for pastors, youth rallies and music fests. As many have noticed in the recent months while we have ministered at the Life Church of God in the Sofia gipsy ghetto, the extremeness of the context in which we minister there and the deep needs of the people, often draw the attention of God with powerful anointing and supernatural miracles. However, this last service was so powerful in the Spirit that it put all present on their knees for prayer in the alter service which followed the message. We were able to broadcast live the event and we are grateful that video recorded from the service can be now watched by many showing the heavy presence of the Holy Spirit, which no words can truly describe. We are scheduled to return to Philpovtsy soon for a series of revival services, which will reunite the local churches in a regional seminar on Last Day Prophecy.

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Liberty Leadership Seminar in Sofia

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sofia-vitoshaThe Liberty Leadership Seminar is beginning in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia under the teaching of Cup & Cross Ministries and partnering churches. This year the seminar will be held at the Elitsa Conference Center on the very top of the Vitosha Mountain which overlooks Sofia.  The seminar is a week-long training event, which purposes the equipping of pastors and lay leaders within the Bulgarian Church of God. The seminar will be broadcasted LIVE on the internet according to the following schedule:

July 3, 2009 12:00 PM ET:  Opening Ceremony

July 4, 2009 7:00 AM ET: Liberty Leadership Seminar

July 5, 2009 2:00 AM ET: Morning Prayer Service

July 5, 2009 12:30 PM ET:  Sunday Evening Worship

July 8, 2009 12:00 PM ET: Closing Events

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Services at the Central Church of God in Sofia

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sofia-church-of-god.jpgWe returned from yet another exciting trip to Sofia where we ministered at the Central Church of God with pastor Pavel Ignatov. After a six year building program, the church is now equipped with a new multifunctional center. Although this is not our first service there, we were amazed again how the new building enhances the ministry of the church through its multiple ministry applications.

To begin with, the location of the new worship center is close to downtown Sofia. This is important because as the capital of Bulgaria, the city has experienced an escalated growth in the past ten years reaching a population of over two million. The Central Church of God is conveniently located at the very heart of the metropolis as at the same time it is close to the main roads, which can easily lead to the city loop and out of the city.

The convenient setting provides for a multitude of ministries. For example, the social center in the new building daily provides lunch for a large number of elderly people whose pensions of a limited amount are not sufficient for all expenses of a life in the big city. The food is delivered to them fresh at the same time every day and is free of charge.

The church’s center is also used for a number of conferences and church leadership meetings. Just in the past several weeks along with the regular services, they have completed a revival, Christian Advocates conference, youth rally, ministerial training course, national advisory meetings and a great number of weddings (normal for this time of the year in Bulgaria). The congregation is currently planning a nationwide evangelization meeting for the beginning of November.

The service we held at the Central Church of God was encouraging for us. At first, the large auditorium with over 1,000 seats looked a bit empty due to Sofia’s main streets being blocked for a city marathon. Yet, soon after the worship team began, the auditorium filled up as people continued to arrive until the end of the sermon. At the end of the service, we asked the congregation to join us at the altar and pray with us a special prayer for the unity of Bulgarian Pentecostals. The final benediction urged the church that revival must go on, but this would only happened if the people of God stand as one.

Eley: Central Church of God, Sofia

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For the last ten years the Central Church of God in Sofia, Bulgaria has been enjoying the ministry of an instrumental ensemble by the name of Eley (Anointing). The members of Eley have given their best and sacrificed greatly to provide the church and its outreaches with their ministry of praise and worship. Through the years they have recorded several Gospel albums, which have become a national event, not only for Christens, but for all Bulgarians. Recently, Eley was given an unique opportunity to host a TV Gospel music show for the Sofia TV channel NTV. The show contains discussion of various topics, a number of songs from Eley’s albums and a Gospel music educational segment. Eley has been able to use this opportunity as a tool for evangelism, as often they host the show in the streets of Sofia performing before great crowds. Cup & Cross Ministries International is proud to be an active partner and supporter of this endeavor.

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