Eley: Central Church of God, Sofia

November 25, 2003 by  
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For the last ten years the Central Church of God in Sofia, Bulgaria has been enjoying the ministry of an instrumental ensemble by the name of Eley (Anointing). The members of Eley have given their best and sacrificed greatly to provide the church and its outreaches with their ministry of praise and worship. Through the years they have recorded several Gospel albums, which have become a national event, not only for Christens, but for all Bulgarians. Recently, Eley was given an unique opportunity to host a TV Gospel music show for the Sofia TV channel NTV. The show contains discussion of various topics, a number of songs from Eley’s albums and a Gospel music educational segment. Eley has been able to use this opportunity as a tool for evangelism, as often they host the show in the streets of Sofia performing before great crowds. Cup & Cross Ministries International is proud to be an active partner and supporter of this endeavor.