More Important Bulgarian Books

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Rev. Dr. Hristo Kulichev, The Contribution of Protestants for the Bulgarian People (Sofia: University Publishing House “St. Clement of Ohrid,” 2008).

P-r D-r Hristo Kulichev, Zaslugite na protestantite za bulgarskia narod (Sofia: Universitetsko izdatelstvo “Sv. Clement Ohridsky,” 2008).

The book is the latest published work of Bulgarian evangelical pastor Dr. Hristo Kulichev, who is also the editor of the monograph on Bulgarian protestant history Heralds of the Truth: A History of the Evangelical Churches in Bulgaria and the autobiography Imprisoned for Christ, which tells his story of being persecuted and imprisoned by the Communist Regime in Bulgaria. 

Prof. Dr. Dechko Svelenov, The Past, the Present and the Future of Humanity According to the Bible. What Everyone Must Know About the End of the World (Sofia: Bulgarian Academy of Science, 2008).

Prof. Dr. Dechko Svelenov. Minaloto, nastoiashteto I badehsteto na chovechestvoto spored Bibliata. Tova, koeto vseki triabva da znae za kraia na sveta (Sofia: Bulgarska academia na naukite, 2008).

Prof. Dr. Dechko Svelenov, Evolution or Creation. What Does Science Say? (Sofia: Slance, 2008).

Prof. Dr. Dechko Svelenov, Evolutsia ili satvorenie. Kako kazva naukata? (Sofia: Slance, 2008).

Dimitar Kirov, Dechko Svelenov and Dimiter Korudzhiev. Christian Ethics (Sofia: Slance, 2007).

Dimitar Kirov, Dechko Svelenov and Dimiter Korudzhiev. Hristianska Etika (Sofia: Slance, 2007).


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Bulgarian Church of God in the City of Stara Zagora

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Stara Zagora has been a center for mission work since the 1860s when American missionaries began a Christian school for girls. Since then, the city has been the home of many churches and ministry centers. In first half of the 20th century, a Pentecostal congregation was established in the town. It faithfully served the local community even during the 45 years of the Communist Regime. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the young Pentecostals in Stara Zagora began a new congregation which was registered as the Zion Foursquare Church. A few years later the Messiah Church of God was started in the city. Today, the Church of God congregation in the city of Stara Zagora is successfully pastored by Rev. Demeter (Jimmy) Lutchev whose leadership has led the church to a new level of ministry. Our frequent visits with the Stara Zagora Church of God in the past few years have always brought great joy to our hearts, as we have been able to minister to people who have proven their faithfulness to God and the church. It has been exciting to watch the congregation advance in ministry, as the families of the church grow with a new generation of Church of God believers who will in term continue with faithfulness to the legacy and the ministry of the church.

Police Clash with Demonstrators in Downtown Sofia; Tension Escalates

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police-sofiaThe Police have clashed with the demonstrators in downtown Sofia and are trying to disperse them by using force, the Darik radio reporters said mid-day Wednesday.

There are reports of Police beatings, Police in special gear using teargas and batons, people covered with blood, being pushed out of the square and dispersed into the neighboring streets. The protesters have responded by throwing rocks and snow balls. A number of police cars have been damaged. There are reports of several arrests.

The Darik radio reporter further said that the 1,800 policemen literally “smashed the demonstrators”, adding that many of them have already left, but some are still before the Parliament shouting “Resignation Now!!!” and fighting the Police. 

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Resume of the 2008 Annual Report Published by Cup & Cross Ministries International


1. National Leadership Seminar for the Bulgarian Church of God

2. National Leadership Seminar for the Bulgarian Church of God of Prophecy

3. National Seminar for Gipsy Pastors in Stara Zagora

4. Days of Open Doors Press Conference in Varna

5. Regional Church of God Meeting for Pleven

6. Annual Conference of Bulgarian Evangelical Churches in North America


7. X 2008 Youth Event on the Uzana Mountain near Gabrovo

8. Days of the Bible in the Kurdjali public schools

9. Released a series of children’s music videos in the Bulgarian vernacular


10. Series on Bulgarian Protestant History for the Evangelical Newspaper published in Bulgaria

11. Chaplaincy Degree Offered at the Newly Accredited Bulgarian Evangelical University

12. Published the International School of Ministry curriculum in Bulgarian


13. Bible study series on the Gospel of Mark with the Yambol Pentecostal Church

14. Preached a total of 86 sermons in 52 locations in Bulgaria and 18 sermons in 10 locations in the United States

15. Completed a six-month mission trip to Bulgaria


16. Published the 1940 Revised Bulgarian Bible

17. Published a revision of the 1871 Constantinople Bible

18. John: Gospel, Epistles and Apocalypse: A New Bulgarian Translation Released


19. Bibliata.TV National Christian Broadcast Website

20. Revival Bulgaria 2 Film Released

21. Website for Church Leaders and Holiness Research website released

22. The Story of Jesus for Children and the Jesus Film Project in the Bulgarian language online

23. Developed a new Bible study software in the Bulgarian vernacular


24. Research Trip to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

25. Research Trip to the Southern Baptist Historical Library & Archives in Nashville, TN

Bulgarian Church of God in the City of Sliven

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sliven-churchOur last ministry visit to Sliven was at the Church of God congregation there. Pastored by brother Mitko, the church has grown as an active ministry in the community serving both adults and children. The vision of the pastor is to create a Christian care center which can offer an alternative for the residents of the Gipsy ghetto of Sliven who are constantly bombarded by various religious teachings. Although the context of ministry is implausibly difficult, pastor Mitko has continued to work his secular job to support his family and minister without being a financial burden to the congregation. He was excited to share with us his plans for purchasing property near the church and turning in into a safe heaven for the children of the Gipsy community in Sliven. He is already working toward the realization of this dream through inviting various ministry teams from around the world to help him with his work. Even as we ministered to his congregation, they were preparing to host a women’s conference addressing the issues of Roma women.

Church of God Eastern Europe Missions: Leadership, Economics and Culture

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By the end of 2003, in a dissertation proposal for the Church of God Theological Seminary, which dealt with Bulgarian American congregation from an evangelical point of view, we suggested that there is not just one single problem that contributes to the struggle of these congregations to establish themselves permanently in the North American culture. The research which followed in the next couple of years, further showed that a multilayered dilemma consisting of economical, cultural and leadership factors was the reason for both the success or failure for the church communities established by Christians emerging from a postcommunist context.

The research results confirmed the originally proposed problem in ministry, not only within Eastern European congregations in North America, but also by partnering ministries, research foundations and practicing colleagues working in the former Soviet satellites. The majority agreed, that not only the existence of the described tridementional dilemma, but the lack of a properly applied solution for it, constrained Christian congregations emerging from this context from reaching their potential in their respective communities. Rather symbolic in this discussion still remains the remark made by one of the leading Bulgarian experts in religious freedom and human rights, who elaborated our statement that Bulgarian evangelical congregations remain “beggars in a land of plenty” not only in America, but in the European Union as well, being held prisoners of their own mentality formed by the communist past.

Our work in the Bulgarian evangelical context, gave us the opportunity to extend this research beyond the North American scope into Bulgarian immigrant communities in Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. The study repeatedly confirmed that these congregations struggled with the same dynamics we had proposed originally, which naturally led to applying the research model in a native Bulgarian context.

Our direct work in the past five years with over 400 hundred Bulgarian congregations from various evangelical denominations has confirmed that the problem of ministry for the majority of Bulgarian protestant churches both in and outside of Bulgaria, emerges from three groups of factors related to (1) leadership, (2) economics and (3) culture. Problems and solutions of this nature or their lack thereof, conforms the work of any missional organization ministering in an Eastern European context. The work of the Church of God European Mission makes no exception to this rule, as the proper timely address of these issues with applicable and unambiguous resolutions defines the very foundation of the state of the Bulgarian evangelical church in the beginning of the 21st century.