Bulgarian Church of God in the City of Sliven

January 5, 2009 by  
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sliven-churchOur last ministry visit to Sliven was at the Church of God congregation there. Pastored by brother Mitko, the church has grown as an active ministry in the community serving both adults and children. The vision of the pastor is to create a Christian care center which can offer an alternative for the residents of the Gipsy ghetto of Sliven who are constantly bombarded by various religious teachings. Although the context of ministry is implausibly difficult, pastor Mitko has continued to work his secular job to support his family and minister without being a financial burden to the congregation. He was excited to share with us his plans for purchasing property near the church and turning in into a safe heaven for the children of the Gipsy community in Sliven. He is already working toward the realization of this dream through inviting various ministry teams from around the world to help him with his work. Even as we ministered to his congregation, they were preparing to host a women’s conference addressing the issues of Roma women.