More Important Bulgarian Books

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Rev. Dr. Hristo Kulichev, The Contribution of Protestants for the Bulgarian People (Sofia: University Publishing House “St. Clement of Ohrid,” 2008).

P-r D-r Hristo Kulichev, Zaslugite na protestantite za bulgarskia narod (Sofia: Universitetsko izdatelstvo “Sv. Clement Ohridsky,” 2008).

The book is the latest published work of Bulgarian evangelical pastor Dr. Hristo Kulichev, who is also the editor of the monograph on Bulgarian protestant history Heralds of the Truth: A History of the Evangelical Churches in Bulgaria and the autobiography Imprisoned for Christ, which tells his story of being persecuted and imprisoned by the Communist Regime in Bulgaria. 

Prof. Dr. Dechko Svelenov, The Past, the Present and the Future of Humanity According to the Bible. What Everyone Must Know About the End of the World (Sofia: Bulgarian Academy of Science, 2008).

Prof. Dr. Dechko Svelenov. Minaloto, nastoiashteto I badehsteto na chovechestvoto spored Bibliata. Tova, koeto vseki triabva da znae za kraia na sveta (Sofia: Bulgarska academia na naukite, 2008).

Prof. Dr. Dechko Svelenov, Evolution or Creation. What Does Science Say? (Sofia: Slance, 2008).

Prof. Dr. Dechko Svelenov, Evolutsia ili satvorenie. Kako kazva naukata? (Sofia: Slance, 2008).

Dimitar Kirov, Dechko Svelenov and Dimiter Korudzhiev. Christian Ethics (Sofia: Slance, 2007).

Dimitar Kirov, Dechko Svelenov and Dimiter Korudzhiev. Hristianska Etika (Sofia: Slance, 2007).