School of Mission: Missions Week in Bulgaria

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school-of-missions3School is in Session: Young Leaders Ministry Retreat with Special Focus on Missions

It is Missions week in Bulgaria following Thanksgiving. A time to meet with Bulgarian missionaries who travel abroad, discuss their needs and pray for the success of their respective ministries. Our Thanksgiving weekend involved a ministry team retreat in the Balkan Mountains as part of the education program initiated several months ago by our Bible School initiative for the Bulgarian Church of God. As usual, this event was dedicated to training young ministers and their teams and this time the focus of our meeting was missions. Ministry teams represented the Plovdiv, Yambol and Sliven regions. A missionary from Spain was also present for the training.

Keynote speaker of the event was the president of the Bulgarian Missionary Network (BMN), Rev. Ivo Shatrovsky, who shared his calling from God for missions and a personal vision for Bulgarian missions abroad. In his address, he presented several valuable lessons he has learned in his own missionary experience in the West Indies. Two workshops on the topics of Conflict Resolution and Structuring for Growth were further presented by our team. And while various activities were taking place in the midst of extensive discussions, sharing on the part of the missionaries and strategic planning for the future of the represented regions, the time of fellowship turned to a prayerful reflection on God’s calling upon our own lives.

For the mission of the church cannot exist apart from God. It is a calling, not merely a career. It is a cost, not simply a concern.  It is a burden, not just a belief. Its focus is care and compassion. And yes, even in the 21st century, it still remains a Holy Ghost uttering, through which one remains blind for the world around until obeying to the vision of heaven (Acts 26:19) and begins seeing the world through the eyes of the Savior.

School is in Session: Bible School in Bulgaria 2009

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retreat1Through the years, the team of Cup & Cross Ministries International has published reports about various educational courses we have taught across the country of Bulgaria. The ministry context, which comprises this need, is a complex combination of political, economical, religious, ethnical and even legal factors. But above all, education through discipleship programs for church congregations as well as for the training of ministry teams is becoming a very essential and growing need in Bulgaria.

This year, we have been pressed by this need to organize a practical Bible School for ministry teams which being mobile itself and combing modern technology has been able to serve hundreds of ministers across the country. Just this year, our team has been able to hold ministry team training events for the Church of God congregations within the Dupnitsa, Sofia, Yambol, Samokov, Gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo, and Sliven regions. Additionally, we have gathered ministers in regional training events in the Northwest (Sofia), Northeast (Varna), Central (Gabrovo), Southeast (Yambol) and Southwest (Dupnitsa, Samokov, Bansko) regions.

These teaching events and ongoing ministry training have proven to be a great aid for ministers nationwide. For example, in the month of September, we were able to team with the Church of God of Prophecy in a nationwide, week-long course on church leadership involving the topics of conflict resolution, team formation, ministry training, use of new technologies in ministry and many other important topics. We held two similar seminars in the cities of Yambol (September 16-19, 2009) and Sliven (September 29, 2009).

During the month of October alone, we led ministry training events in the following schedule:

October 3-5, 2009 Dupnitza Church of God

October 6, 2009 Seminar on internal motivation for Yambol & Sliven

October 13, 2009 Conflict management styles for Yambol & Sliven

October 14, 2009 Bible study on the Epistle to Philemon

October 17, 2009 Regional conference for the Yambol & Sliven regions with some 200 delegates from over 20 various locations.

October 20, 2009 Ministry team formation and leadership for Yambol & Sliven

October 21, 2009 Starting a new Bible book study on the Gospel of Matthew

Our team is continuing teaching and training in the same tempo in various locations in Bulgaria for the remaining of the school year. Overall, we have been able to prepare and offer to the churches and their leaders 12 complete training courses as follows:

1.      History of the Bible: Paleography (beginners), Translation Theories (intermediate) and Manuscript Analyses (advanced)

2.      Internal Motivation and Stress Management

3.      Ministry on the Internet for Pastors and Ministers

4.      Parenting Course (various contextualized topics)

5.      Practical Church Leadership for the 21st Century (two levels)

6.     Sunday School – Doctrinal teachings on the articles of the Church of God Declaration of Faith

7.      The Book of Nehemiah (a verse by verse Bible study for church builders)

8.      The Book of Revelation (a verse by verse Bible study)

9.      The Complete Johanine Writings: Gospel, Epistles and Apocalypse (a practical course for Bible translators)

10. The Epistle to the Galatians (a verse by verse Bible study)

11. The Gospel of Mark (a verse by verse Bible study)

12. The Pastoral Epistles (a verse by verse Bible study)

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