Mobile School Travels to Gabrovo


Regardless of the severe freezing weather, our Mobile Bible School traveled to Gabrovo during the month of January for a special seminar on “Demons, Disease and Deliverance” committed to the excellence of education and discipleship. With almost fully blinding fog, it took us a while to cross the Shipka pass of the Balkans that separates Northern and Southern Bulgaria. When we arrived in Gabrovo, more difficulties were waiting for us. A power serge caused by the weather had damaged electrical devices in the sanctuary we were meeting at including the heating system and the power point projector.

And there we were ready to teach and be taught with temperatures outside already bellow zero. So, we prayed and classes began with Church of God regional overseer Vasil Petrov presenting three powerful modules on the subject at hand. About the middle of the second period, while talking about dealing with demon possessed people in church, he felt lead to begin singing a song and invited the worship team to join him. As soon as we reached the course of the song with the words “Come Holy Spirit”, we heard the heating system beginning its warming cycle and by the time we were done with worship, the whole sanctuary was warm.

Teaching continued all day and we finished the seminar with a great altar call service, in which many were prayed for, several were delivered and healed, and one man received the baptism with the Holy Spirit after we laid hands on him. Late in the afternoon, many departed to return to their respective locations. Our team stayed behind for the service next morning. We had a great time of fellowship and prayer, strategizing for the time ahead of us and the strategic course of action we felt lead to take in 2010 as a church. When Sunday morning came, we headed up to the sanctuary only to discover that the power point projector and screens were fully working again without anyone trying to fix them. And we all rejoiced during the service, as the Holy Spirit delivered a prophetic message for 2010 while we witnessed miracles happening before our very eyes.
The response from this particular module of the Mobile Bible School had a great connotation not only through the churches and regions represented during the classes, but also among the hundreds of people who watched it online via our ministry website. We are already planning a second part of the module that is intended as an advanced level course on the subject of “Demons, Disease and Deliverance.”