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European Legal Cultures in Transition By Grødeland, Åse B. Miller, William Lockley (p. 522)
European Pentecostalism by William Kay; Anne Dyer. Series: Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies (p. 242-43)

Global Temperance and the Balkans: American Missionaries, Swiss Scientists and Bulgarian Socialists, 1870–1940 By Nikolay Kamenov.
Brother Doni[y] Donev always found time to respite from his theological studies in order to instruct me in the factual history of the Protestantism in BULGARIA…

Dave Emmett in his W.F.P. Burton (1886-1971): A Pentecostal Pioneer’s Missional Vision for Congo, 2020 (p. 84 and 315) on Pentecostal Primitivism

Journal of European Baptist Studies: Historiography of Baptists in Russia
Authors: Wardin, Albert of the Baptist Convention’s Historical Library and Archives
“With the help of an American Pentecostal of Bulgarian descent, Dony Donev, and the archives of the Assembly of God in the USA, I have assembled an extensive collection of material on the Voronaev movement.”

Charismatic Reformer, Mystic or Father? The Reception of Symeon the New Theologian by Pentecostal/Charismatic Theologians.
by Lysack, Maxym Faculty of Theology, Saint Paul University
Source: Religions; Jun 2021, Vol. 12 Issue 6, p389

In People of the Spirit : The Assemblies of God By McGee, Gary B.
Ed.: Revised and updated. Springfield, Missouri : Gospel Publishing House. 2014

In Religion and Politics in Post-Socialist Central and Southeastern Europe
Challenges Since 1989 on behalf of the East-West Church and Ministry Report

ALSO Church, State, and Democracy in Expanding Europe
By Lavinia Stan, Lucian Turcescu · 2011-2021

The Politics of Language and Nationalism in Modern Central Europe
By T. Kamusella · 2008

Religion and Politics in Post-Socialist Central and … – Page 284 Sabrina P. Ramet · 2014 ·

im Sinne des bulgarischen Church of God Theologen Dony K. Donev der darin die Bedingung für das (er-)leben ..

Geisterfahrer zwischen Transzendenz und Immanenz – Page 54 Giovanni Maltese · 2013

Church of God Evangel vol. 84 1994

Historical Theology in Brill’s Encyclopedia of Global Pentecostalism
• Voronaev, Ivan Efimovich
• Zaplishny, Dionissy Michailovitch
• Nikolov, Nicholas
• Anna Ladd Bartleman

Recent Biblical Studies for the Pneuma Foundation

• Mission of God Study Bible
• Maxwell Leadership Bible
• Fire Bible
• Spirit Filled Life Bible
• Strange Fire?

Cup & Cross Publications and Presentations

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Cup & Cross Ministries International Presentations by Year:

2004 Postcommunist Believers in a Postmodern World at the Lilly Fellows Research Conference, Samford University

2005 Bulgarian Churches in North America at the Bulgarian Evangelical Alliance Annual Meeting – Chicago

2005 Internal Motivation at the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association Quarterly Meeting – Bulgaria

2006 Introductory Chaplaincy Training Course at the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association Quarterly Meeting – Bulgaria

2006 The Story of the Bulgarian Bible at Evangelical Theological Society – Washington, DC

2007 Bulgarian American Congregations: Cultural, Economic, Leadership Dimensions at Society for Pentecostal Studies

2009 Using Bible Technologies in a Censured Context: The Case of Postcommunist Bulgaria at BibleTech – Seattle

2009 How to Do Ministry on the Internet at Leadership Development Institute – Cleveland, TN

2010 The Untold Story of the Life and Ministry of Rev. Ivan Voronaev at Society for Pentecostal Studies – Minneapolis

2010 Using Computer Technologies in the Making of the New Bulgarian Translation of the Bible at BibleTech – San Jose

2010 Bulgaria: The Road to Democracy at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, NE

2011 How to Broadcast Your Church Services for Free at Leadership Development Institute – Cleveland, TN

2011 The (un)Forgotten: The Story of Rev. Ivan Voronaev’s Children at Society for Pentecostal Studies – Memphis

2013 The Video Bible Project on the Internet at BibleTech – Seattle

2015 Historical and Doctrinal Formation of Holiness Teachings and Praxis among Bulgarian Pentecostals at Society for Pentecostal Studies at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL

Cup & Cross Ministries International Publications by Year:

January 1994, “Going Up”, Christian News, Newspaper of the Bulgarian Church of God

1998-2003, Commentary on the Gospel of John for the Bulgarian On-Line Bible []

September 2000, To Harvard and Back a Hundred Years Later (A Biographical Sketch of Stoyan K. Vatralsky)

May 2001, Pentecostal Primitivism Preserved

March 2002, Sunday School Lesson Series

April 2005-2010, Bulgarian Protestant History Series in the Bulgarian Evangelical Newspaper

April 2005-2010, About the Bible Series in the Bulgarian Evangelical Newspaper

Fall 2005, Postcommunist Believers in a Postmodern World in East-West Church & Ministry Report

Spring 2006, When East Met West in East-West Church & Ministry Report

July 2006, Roberts College in Pro & Anti Newspaper

July, 2007-2009 Letters from Bulgaria: A Series on Bulgarian Pentecostal Heritage in Pentecostal Evangel

2008 Analytical Overview and Church Planting Proposal for Bulgarian American Congregations Considering Cultural, Economic and Leadership Dimensions

2009 Pentecostal Primitivism

2010 About the Bible, a monograph on the history of the Bulgarian Bible

2011 Tetraevangelion: The Complete Works of the Gospel Writers in the New Bulgarian Translation Series (2007-2013)

2012 Bulgarian Study New Testament

2015 Complete Greek-Bulgarian Interlinear of the New Testament

Selected Publications by Rev. Charles Fox Parham

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Charles Fox ParhamThe Life of Charles F. Parham

The Evelasting Gospel Charles F. Parham

Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Selected Sermons of Charles Parham

CHARLES FOX PARHAM: Founder of the Apostolic Faith
In a time when divine healing and moves of the Spirit had scarcely been heard of, Charles Parham introduced the American Church to the power available through pursuing a Spirit-filled life. He revealed to the church the life-giving power found in the baptism of the Holy Spirit that was evidenced by speaking in other tongues. He sought to bring a balance of both the intellectual and experimental to the Body of Christ: as a teacher, rooted and grounded in the Word of Truth, as well as a healing evangelist moved by compassion, commitment, and an amazing faith.

CHARLES PARHAM and the Apostolic Faith Bible College
In early 1899, Parham opened a home for divine healing. Sarah, Parham’s wife, named it “Bethel.” The purpose was to minister to the sick around the clock. Powerful teaching services were held daily while individual prayer was offered several times throughout the day and night. It was through this healing home that the Bethel Bible College in Topeka, Kansas, started and experienced a glorious batism in the Holy Ghost on January 3, 1901.

We believe that this outpouring of the Holy Ghost was the latter rain that is referred to in the Scriptures. This Bible College, founded by Parham, is still in operation today. It is now known as the Apostolic Faith Bible College, located in Baxter Springs, Kansas. No tuition has ever been charged of any student. Their room and board, along with meals is provided by the sacrifice and generous donations of Apostolic Alumni and friends. The Apostolic Faith Bible College teaches the inspired word of God and works to prepare each student for his or her ministry.

From envisioning and founding a Healing Home to establishing Bible Schools, Charles Parham studied to show himself approved unto God with a rare diligence while fervently working to prove the truth of God’s Word through the demonstration of faith. His ministry contributed to over two million conversions, and his light still shines. His story is an example for the students today. Charles Fox Parham died quietly on January 29, 1929 at the age of fifty-six, but his legacy lives on.

Books & Publications by Cup & Cross Ministries in 2014

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