Concise Plan for the Evangelization of Bulgaria (According to the Model of the Early Church)

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Bulgaria is a post-communist country in Eastern Europe with a size slightly larger than the state of Pennsylvania and a population of eight million. Having converted to Christianity in AD 864, Bulgaria has remained predominantly Eastern Orthodox. Although, over 90% of the Bulgarians claim to be Eastern Orthodox in religious orientation, today a larger part of the nation remains largely pagan in praxis. The strong mission and revivalism movements at the turn of the 19th century widely introduced Protestant theology as an alternative for Bulgaria. One hundred years later, in the beginning of the 21st century the Bulgarian Protestant movement claims over 100, 000 newborn Christians. However, as Postmodernism approaches the Bulgarian church, more and more congregations find themselves in crises. The following excerpt is an outline of a larger study which purposes to propose a paradigm for Protestant development compatible with the current political, economical and social situation in Bulgaria.
1. Unity in the Spirit crossing interdenominational and cross-cultural differences, and building working relationships
2. Accent on the Bible with special attention to new translation and interpretations of the Biblical texts serving as means for personal and social formation
3. Life of holiness based on the New Testament as requirement for Christian life and testimony
4. National 24-hour fasting and prayer movement for blessings upon the Bulgarian nation, revival in the church and personal needs
5. Rediscovery and new commitment for Biblical style of ministry operating under the gifts of the Spirit
6. Expecting and receiving a spiritual vision from God
7. Creating ministry strategies and estimating ministry resources.
8. Geographical reorganization of restructuring Protestant activities in Bulgaria.
9. Strategic evangelization and revival movement
10. Establishment of a discipleship process
11. Integration of cell (home) groups
12. Purposeful training of leaders
13. Contemporary paradigm in organization of new congregations based on radical counter-reformation
14. Establishing of mission work in Bulgaria and internationally
15. Creating environment for Christian education
16. Participation in the social formation
17. Presentation of eschatological hope
18. Endurance in the faith

Church-Split Protection Plan

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The past experience with Bulgarian churches in North America has been scared by series of church splits. A true test of leadership ability is to recognize the problem before it becomes an emergency. Based on this present research, the three major problems of ministry for the Bulgarian churches in North America include: culturalization, leadership and finances. One cannot allow circumstances to mold the future. Therefore, church split modes must be foreseen with preparation that includes the following steps:
1. Give your people freedom and never use fear in leadership.
2. Allow the congregation to experience and follow God.
3. Make your environment safe for people to approach you.
4. Always take the high road as a leader.
5. Accept responsibilities and be accountable.
6. Endorse growth and multiplication as healthy and necessary.
7. Continuously promote unity and togetherness in everything.