Purpose in the Midst of Chaos

September 10, 2005 by  
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purpose.jpgby Kathryn Donev

The manner in which God works is unexplainable and incomprehensible to the human mind. His ways are not our ways. Yet, ultimately in the midst of what appears to be chaos or random acts, His ways are always immaculately planned and in perfect order such that design by man would be impossible. At times we may complain because we fail to understand why certain things happen, nevertheless eventually, we realize that everything occurs for a reason because He is One who all knowingly holds the future in his Hand and has an ultimate Divine plan. When reviewing the past, we recognize that situations have occurred in order to place us at the exact place and time and in the exact mindset in which God intended us to be.

If we were able to glimpse a blueprint of God’s ultimate plan, likely greater confusion than enlightenment would ensue. Our innate human nature would cause us to desire a sense of security regarding our actions before we even initiate them. Logical reasoning would demand that we create a strategic plan. Yet, there are times when we need to forgo plans, models, and traditions and simply allow the Holy Spirit to lead us. When God commands us to move forward we need to do so and be vulnerable to His will without being certain. We need to disregard our human agendas and do what God tells us, go where he leads us and say what he directs us to say; even if this means being unconfident in ourselves. Of course this means that we may not know how to do what he wants, not know how to get where he has directed us and not know how to say what He wants us to say. As His word promises, He will provide a way where there is no way and will give us the right words to say at the moment he wants us to say them.

Is it not best to be lead by His spirit, not being certain of what will take place and have His will be done than to go by our human agendas, being certain in ourselves and miss the mark. Be assured that God does not need our help and just as His ways are not ours, our ways are not His ways and attempting to force our schemas will only bring chaos to his perfect plan.