New Bulgarian Translation of the Bible Released

Cup & Cross Ministries has released a new translation of the complete Johannine works (the Gospel, Epistles and Revelation) for the Bulgarian Easter on April 27, 2008.The final result of this project is a 90-page book including Bulgarian literal translation from the Greek originals NA 27/28, critical apparatus, textual commentary and translators notes. The book is successful in its purposes to provide a literal translation in the Bulgarian vernacular, exact preservation of the word order from the original text, translation of the Greek grammatical forms, as well as the Hebrew and Aramaic linguistic uniqueness of the text and a preservation of the original parts of speech and verb tenses.

For us, this is a fulfillment of a long-time dream and the fulfillment of a vision which God put in our hearts many years ago. After over a decade of studies and preparation, the first fruits of this work is finally an undeniable reality – a text of a new translation which can be put into the hands of the Bulgarian people who are hungry for the Word of God. We thank everyone who helped us, prayed for and supported this project and believed with us that this is only the beginning of something new which God is doing in Bulgaria in 2008.