8 Simple Rules for Doing Missions in the Spirit

1. Never put a price on the human soul, which you are not willing to put on your own.

2. Unsubscribing from missions’ newsletters may result in unsubscribing from the missional letter of God.

3. By no means raise an offering because a missionary needs it, do so because it’s needed for the survival of the church.

4. Not giving to missions is far better, than committing to give without any intention to do so.

5. Before using a missions’ offering to pay a church bill, think of whose offering a missionary should use to pay their bill.

6. Don’t wait on a missionary to ask you for what God has already commanded you to give.

7. Pray for missionaries without ceasing. For it could be your prayer that saves a soul.

8. Never delay sending a missions offering for tomorrow. After all, it was you who preached that tomorrow may be when the Lord comes back.