The Apostolic Faith (June to September, 1907)

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The Revival in Portland.

One of the mightiest revivals that Portland ever knew has taken place in that city. The devil raged, shots were fired, some were arrested and brought up before the judges, but the Lord worked on and healed all manner of diseases that were brought baptized and saved many precious souls.

In June a camp meeting was opened up there, where 100 souls were baptized with the Holy Ghost. Ministers were brought into the work. The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Portland came into the work in a body. God is working there in mighty power today.

One poor soul that had spent five years strapped to her bed in an insane asylum was healed. Her brother hearing of the wonderful work wrought through this people went and got her and brought her to the Mission, and God wonderfully healed and saved and sanctified her. Her brother testified that he did not believe in God and was an infidel. Now he is saved and has gone back to live with his wife he had left This Gospel surely is building up homes.

A lady was instantly healed of lesion of the muscles which the doctors have been working on for eleven years. The saints are leaving off their glasses and their eyes are being instantly healed. An old lady well on to seventy years old had her eyes completely restored while listening to a brother preaching.

When the plague in Portland was taking the children off at a fearful rate, the Lord healed all the Pentecostal flock as soon as it put in its appearance. Not one of them lost one of their family. The people were told to read the 91st Psalm, stand on the Word, and keep under the Blood, and fear nothing.

The Portland campmeeting opened at Twelfth and Division streets with 1000 people in attendance, sometimes hundreds could not get in. They had all things common at the camp, and such love and unity exists. The poor saint could have a tent as well as the rich one and all were free to eat at the tables. No collection taken, and yet the needs were abundantly supplied.

The work is spreading. Some came from Dallas and received their baptism and went back and set that town on fire and started a campmeeting there.

Sixty-seven were baptized in water one day. People brought their dear ones from the asylum and God healed them. Three from the asylum testified daily of the healing power of God.

A sanctified Nazarene preacher came to the meeting and got her baptism. Three preachers got through one day. The altars are packed.

A sister writing from there said, “O I wish you could hear these Holy Ghost people testify. No straps on anyone. The Holy Ghost works here. Saints filled so they can hardly talk jump up quickly, say a few words and sit down. Such a humble people, such love and unity I never saw.

-Address, Pentecostal Meeting, Twelfth and Division streets, Portland, Ore.

The “Latter Rain” in Zion City, Ill.

God is doing a mighty work in Zion City among those heart-broken and crushed people. First they started meetings in the Edina Hospice, now a faith home called “The Haven” then they had the large auditorium in the college and now have the large tabernacle.

One morning in the upper room of “The Haven,” the Holy Ghost fell, as they were praying for Him to come and manifest Himself. First one began to drop and then another until the floor was covered. The first to speak in unknown tongues was a young man who spoke in Chinese, Italian, and Zulu, which were identified. Then it was not long till the flood of joy began and all over the room they were praising and glorifying God in different tongues. Some were justified and sanctified. About twenty came through speaking in tongues.

God is using the children, young men and young women, in a marvelous manner. It is the most wonderful demonstration of the power of God upon human hearts. Denounce it as they will, when they see these little children under the power of the Holy Spirit, preaching, singing and speaking in different languages (which are many times identified by foreigners) they will in our meetings confess that their fighting has come to an end, and say that they have never seen anything after this manner.

Brother Seymour when he was in Zion City wrote, “People here receive the baptism in their pews while the service is going on and sometimes scores of them receive it. It is the sweetest thing you want to see. It reminds me of old Azusa ten months ago. The people that receive the baptism seem so happy, they remind me of our people at home. There are little children from six years and on up who have the baptism with the Holy Ghost, just as we have it in Los Angeles. Praise out God. This is another Azusa. It would do you good to hear these people speak under the power of the Holy Ghost. Some of them converse in tongues. Brother Tom has never lost the spirit of the Azusa. He is still fired up the same as ever. Everywhere I have traveled among our baptized souls they seem to have such joy and freedom in the Holy Ghost.”-Address “The Haven,” Zion City, Ill.

In Minneapolis, Minn.

One Sunday the power of God came upon us in the morning meeting and in the evening the Pentecost began to fall, and by 11:30 the next morning six had received Pentecost, “For they heard them speak with tongues and magnify God.” It was like some scenes in Azusa, all around lay the slain, Methodists, Baptists, and Lutherans. Young people arose with shining faces speaking in the power of the Holy Ghost in unknown tongues. Two elderly sisters also spoke in tongues, magnifying God. We have the happiest band of baptized people you ever saw. Young ladies that were so timid, now clap their hands and shout Glory, all the time.

Another night when the meeting lasted till five o’clock in the morning, one young man, a Methodist, came through about one a.m. and spoke in tongues for two hours, giving some of the most blessed messages and interpreting: the burden was, “Jesus is coming soon, get ready to meet Him.”

One little girl received her baptism and spoke beautifully in tongues, and then spoke to some unconverted young men in tongues and interpreted, which was a plea for them to give their hearts to Jesus now as He was soon coming and they would be lost. The men were visibly affected by the message.

Three baptismal services were held (up to June 19th) at a suburban lake, and 24 were buried in the likeness of His death.

Most of those who received the baptism in the Spirit are prostrated on the floor. Some received it while sitting in a chair or standing on their feet. Some have received it at home. Those who are prostrated, many of them tell of having a vision of heaven or of Jesus the Lord or otherwise of having come into a full and far deeper sense of God than ever thought of before. A brother coming out from under the power where he had received revelations said, “The hand of God is certainly on this work, and those who scuff and oppose it are likely to have the Lord’s hand put on them in a terrible way.”

The papers published many false reports, and they were threatened with arrest and to have the meetings stopped on the charge of disturbing the peace; but Bro. Pendleton announced that the meetings would continue for they must obey God. If they went to jail, they would have meetings there.

Some get to God in every meeting. They obtained a large hall that will set four or five hundred, where a permanent mission will be established.

Pentecost in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

For more than a year here some of the saints tarried before God for an outpouring of His Spirit upon all flesh, and especially for a revival of the Bible standard in Winnipeg. God has heard prayers and is repeating Pentecost. Praise His name.

The Holy Ghost first fell in a cottage meeting and three received their Pentecost with Bible evidence. An aged saint came in from Poplar Point, a small town about 40 miles distant, and the second afternoon he got his Pentecost and says he feels a lot younger. He and others went back and had tarrying meetings, and since then about twenty have received Pentecost at that place.

At the Pentecost Mission, while a brother was speaking from Acts 10:40-46, “While Peter yet spoke these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the Word,” as he was speaking, the Holy Ghost fell on two sisters. One started speaking right off in tongues, and another who had come about 100 miles to attend the meeting, fell under the power for a time and began to sing in tongues. It was heavenly. Souls are being saved, believers sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost while sitting in their seats.

Baptismal services took place on the banks of the River Assimboine at this place 23 persons receiving baptism by immersion. It was a sacred occasion. The Holy Ghost witnessed through the speaking in tongues of those who were baptized.

Some wonderful cases of healing have occurred the past few weeks. A lady of some 60 years of age who had been a cripple from inflammatory rheumatism for ten years or more, was brought in an invalid chair accompanied by her two daughters. She was prayed for, and during the service was noticed to stretch forth her ailing limbs, which up to this time had been of little use to her. She then rose from her chair under the power of the Holy Ghost. O that man would praise the Lord for His goodness and His wonderful works to the children of men.

Home & Foreign Mission, 159 Alexander St., Winnipeg, Man., Can.


How wonderful it is that today in different parts of India, Russia, Norway, Sweden, England, Canada, Africa and America, God’s saints are enjoying the latter rain and are being satisfied. Persecution is arising everywhere, but this is only a mark of the Lord’s work, and makes us more sure we shall reign with Him whose sufferings we are privileged to share. Bless His name! The Lord is coming-our precious King is coming soon. “Even so come Lord Jesus.” Hallelujah.

Salvation in Sweden.

In Stockholm, Sweden, many souls are filled with the Holy Ghost and have the Bible evidence. The tidal wave is sweeping on, on to victory. Hundreds of souls are at the feet of Jesus.

“The work of the Lord is spreading. In Gottenberg, the second city of Sweden, the Lord has set many of His people free, filling them with the Spirit of Christ. Some are speaking with new tongues. I have Bro. Eric Hollingsworth and his wife here with me now in this city, and hope we shall have a house like Azusa Mission.

“The church in Skofde is growing. I think there are about 40 now who are baptized with the Holy Ghost and speaking and singing in new tongues there. Hallelujah! In a meeting at Skofde there were seven young folks who were singing in tongues together. It was a heavenly song, as Bro. Eric told me.

“In many other cities and towns God is working mightily. One place is on an island between Sweden and Russia, and all the praise.”-Andrew G. Johnson, Bramaregarden, Hisingstad, Gottenberg, Sweden.

[Since the last report, two Spirit-filled sisters, Sister Anderson and Sister Jacobson, have gone to help in the work in Sweden.]

Reports from England.

“Three have received the baptism with Bible evidence here. When we hear the Holy Ghost speaking and singing through these dear ones, it is so solemn and yet so heavenly and deepens one’s hunger.”-J.H. * Akerman Road, Brixton, London, S.W.

From another part of London where there has been a tarrying meeting, word comes that two have received the Pentecost, and other hungry souls seeking.

A sister in England who has received the ** testifies:

‘When all had retired that night, past twelve o’clock and I was left alone, praise and adoration filled my soul (for the words kept ringing in my ear that had been spoken from, “Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it.”) The joy was flowing-after months of inexpressible yearnings, and waiting upon God. That night I seemed to lie in His almighty arms like a weary little child. The last cord that bound me to earth was broken and that was a little anxiety concerning my home and dear ones. I gave them up to Him, and just rested absolutely in Him.

“While praising Him I had a vision of Jesus upon the cross. It was dark, He extended His arms to me and said, “Come to Me.” Oh! the unutterable love and compassion in His voice. I obeyed, and groaned in the spirit, seeming to suffer with Him. Then the darkness fled, and I was raised with Him in glory. I involuntarily threw up my arms to praise Him and suddenly they seemed to be charged with electricity, and a power came upon me and I praised Him in another tongue. He immediately gave the interpretation which was “Glory to Jesus-the bleeding Lamb.” The next morning the Holy Ghost came in mighty power, causing me to laugh as I had never done in my life (being very matter of fact and unemotional), and speaking in four or five languages sometimes giving the interpretation. For one and a half hours this continued. I was quite powerless. The glory of God filled my soul, and sometimes the deepest anguish of heart at the cross. What I felt and realized of the sorrow and love of Jesus was beyond all expression, finding vent only in another “tongue.” Glory to His Name!

“The same evening I went to another meeting in connection, with the foregoing special services, and the Spirit came upon me again causing me to speak in three or four languages with the interpretation.”-From a tract published in England by Bro. A.A. Body, All Saints’ Vicarage, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, England.

The Work in India.

There are at least five or six hundred witnesses in India today, “earnestly contending for the faith once delivered unto the saints.”

Some of the choicest spirits of India have been baptized with the Holy Ghost. It is wonderful to hear one of these tell how for nine years she had hunted meetings where she could receive the Holy Ghost, and how she has found Him whom her soul so long has craved. She and her friend are missionaries from Columbo, Cevlon. One of them has been clearly healed of a disease of several years standing.

Four witnesses have gone to Darjeeling India.

A prominent missionary who has been baptized with the Holy Ghost and has received wonderful power has thrown open the doors of her beautiful mission home and today is preaching the word with power.

The missionaries are searching the Word. They find this movement is prophesied as the forerunner of Jesus, and the precious souls are so glad to receive the power; but in India Bible teachers who know the Word are not jumping at every new doctrine but are weighing everything by the Word and are being convinced of the truth.

The Lord gave one missionary a vision of the Holy Ghost as a chest of jewels, and she saw the Savior open the chest, and with a look of great love and satisfaction, unroll gift after gift from the chest. It has not occurred to many the joy that must fill the heart of the dear Lord, when He sees that His gifts are being appreciated.

The Lord also gave Sister Garr a vision of Himself one night, while in Calcutta and His hands were filled with golden crowns ready to place on heads. And the same evening, He gave her the message “Let no man take thy crown.” A missionary arose and said that on that day God had spoken those words to her, and she did not know what it meant.

Reaching the missionaries is laying the axe at the root of the tree, for they know all the customs of India and also the languages. The only way the nations can be reached is by getting the missionaries baptized with the Holy Ghost. Missionaries are receiving and praising God for letting them hear this Gospel and receive this great outpouring of the Spirit.

In a school of 1,500 native girls and 200 boys, besides European and native teachers the head of the school has been tarrying and the Comforter has come to her and also to her daughter, a number of her teachers, and 300 native girls. Hallelujah! At Dhond, a school of boys, numbers have been saved, some are speaking in tongues.

In Calcutta, one Missionary who was baptized in the meeting, went back to her high school and in a short time forty-five precious native girls were baptized in the Spirit. Then the matron of a Rescue Home received her Pentecost and shortly the dear girls who had been redeemed from such lives of sin, were learning how to glorify Jesus and the Holy Ghost was given. Missionaries who have gone down to their stations, write of the abiding Comforter and rivers of living water are flowing.

False reports have been circulated of the work in India. Do not believe them.-Address Bro. and Sister A.G. Garr, Bethany, Slave Island, Colombo, Ceylon, India.


When Jesus comes, He is going to reveal to us, all the hidden love that He had for us all through the ages.


If your testimony is backed up by the Blood of Christ in your heart, there is power in it.


God stands today to save every sinner, to sanctify every believer, and to baptize every sanctified believer with the Holy Ghost.


We are measuring everything by the Word, every experience must measure up with the Bible. Some say that is going too far, but if we have lived too close to the Word, we will settle that with the Lord when we meet Him in the air.


Some people build their houses on the sand, not on the experience of the Blood in their hearts. They say they have not got the witness, but are just going by faith. Well, everyone that is born of God has the witness in himself. I John 5:10.


When we preach a sinless life, some people say we are too strict. They say we will not get many to heaven that way. But beloved, God cannot save contrary to His Word. All salvation contrary to the Word is not saving salvation.


The baptism with the Holy Ghost is the seal of the living God in your forehead. God wants you to wear this seal, and not the badges of men and devils. He does not want you to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers, but come out from among the creeds and doctrines of men and devils. Our ignorance in the past God winked at, but that time is past. He is seeking for a clean people, a people that have not defiled their garments. The priests that bore the Holy vessels had to be clean, so now those that bear the messages of the Lord must be clean and holy.


John the Baptist lost his head because he preached against divorces. There are a few people today that are willing to lose their heads for preaching against divorces. This Apostolic Faith stands for one wife and one husband. Our God is going to have a clean people, a people that will stand for the whole counsel of God. Praise God for a people that are willing to stand for the Gospel and die for it if need be.


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The Lord wants us to keep that fresh anointing, that sweet anointing that we had when the Holy Ghost first fell upon us.

* * *

It is one thing to receive the baptism and another thing to keep the anointing. When workers go out with the real anointing, there are not places large enough to hold the people. God wants a people to go out and preach this Gospel, that will stand for it. “These signs shall follow them that believe,” and if they do not follow, we do not represent this Gospel. It is a blessed thing to be able to stand as a witness to this Gospel.

* * *

The Lord wants everything that is done in a meeting to be done in the anointing of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost comes into your body for service. He anoints His ministers afresh for every service. Every song and every testimony should be given under the anointing of the Holy Ghost. Some have learned how to preach but it is a good thing for you if you cannot speak without the anointing of the Holy Ghost. You can get down on your knees and ask the Lord to use you or set you aside, which ever He wills, and to put the anointing on you for service if He wants you to give a message. Pretty soon you will feel the power going all over you. All you need to do is to yield to the will of God.

* * *

Tongues are one of the signs that go with every baptized person, but it is not the real evidence of the baptism in the every day life. Your life must measure with the fruits of the Spirit. If you get angry, or speak evil, or backbite, I care not how many tongues you may have, you have not the baptism with the Holy Spirit. You have lost your salvation. You need the Blood in your soul.

* * *

Don’t ever think because you have been sanctified and the old man crucified that there is no danger of him getting up. He will get up if you do not live in the Word and let the Blood flow. But if you remain in the Word, you will remain on the cross. O beloved, let us remain on the cross.

* * *

It means something to consecrate, but it means more to keep consecrated, morning, noon, and night, to say, “Here am I. Lord, send me.” Sometimes when His voice comes, Do this or that, we think it is imagination: but if we will just ask God, “Is that You?” He will witness by the Blood that He is speaking. It is by obedience that we have power with God and increase in power.

* * *

Many may start in this salvation, and yet if they do not watch and keep under the Blood, they will lose the Spirit of Jesus, which is divine love, and have only gifts which will be as sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal, and sooner or later these will be taken away. If you want to live in the Spirit, live in the fruits of the Spirit every day.

* * *

“He anointeth my head with oil, my cup runneth over.” The oil of the Holy Ghost is poured upon our heads, and when we get filled, it will run over, that we may help others. If our cup is but full, it will simply be a benediction to ourselves; but when the oil of the Holy Ghost overflows, it will saturate and thrill and fill with the power of God other souls.

* * *

The time has come when we must separate ourselves from this old world. Everything must be second to Jesus. Your treasure is in heaven. You are walking down here and trying to win souls, to pass the time away till Jesus comes.

* * *

Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.” You who are baptized with the Holy Ghost, this commission is written over your heads, and will not be taken down till the angel stands with one foot on the land and one on the sea and declares that time shall no longer be.

* * *

O beloved, our reigning time has not come yet. We are to be with the Babe from the manger to the throne. Our reigning time will come when Jesus comes in great power from the throne. Until then we are to be beaten, to be spit upon, and mocked. We are to be like His son.

* * *

It means so much to keep the anointing upon our souls so that we do not wither away, after we get this baptism. There is a tendency for the enemy to come in and tell you that you are giving away to this and that demonstration too much. God wants us to let the Holy Ghost have right of way with us. I love the liberty of the Holy Ghost, I love to see Him have right of way. When we received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, the power came down in such a mighty way, and after a time people began to consider and got us to taking thought. But what are we that will put straps and bands on the Holy Ghost, when the Lord comes and finds and thrills us with the Holy Ghost? Just because it is not our power shall we quench it and hold it down? Let us be free in the Holy Ghost and let Him have right of way.



In the 23rd chapter of Leviticus and 16th of Deuteronomy, and all through the Old Testament we read of the feasts that God appointed to be kept in the worship to Him. There were four feasts, the Passover Feast, Feast of First Fruits, Feast of Pentecost (or Feast of Weeks), and Feast of Tabernacles. They all typify what we get through the cross now, justification, sanctification, the baptism with the Holy Ghost and then a continual feast. Together they typify a complete redemption.

The Passover Feast

The Passover Feast is the very type of justification through the Blood of Jesus our Paschal Lamb. The night when they ate the Passover in Egypt was the type of a sinner coming out of darkness, through the Blood of Jesus. Hallelujah! The body of the Paschal Lamb is the type of the body of Christ, which is meat for us and bread for us, and the sprinkled blood represents salvation, as He said on that last Passover night when He was betrayed, “Take eat, this is my body which is given for you; this do in remembrance of Me.” He also gave them the cup saying, “This is the new testament in My Blood, which is shed for you.” Luke 22, 20. If we accept the Word of God and accept Christ’s body for healing, we shall be healed, Bless His holy name!

So the Passover represents justification and sanctification. There is a feast in every believer that has accepted the Blood of Jesus Christ. It is the first feast in his soul. When a man gets justified, the Lord puts a new song in his mouth, even praises to our God that he is saved and has peace with God through the Blood of Jesus.

Feast of First Fruits

This is the very type of consecrating our lives, after we are justified, to be sanctified “When ye come into the land which I give unto you, and shall reap the harvest thereof , then ye shall bring a sheaf of the first fruits of the harvests unto the priests. And he shall wave the sheaf before the Lord.” Lev. 23, 10, 11. Praise our God! Jesus Christ is our high priest. He sanctifies and cleanses us from all sin through His Blood. Bless His holy name!

“And the meat offering thereof shall be two tenth deals of fine flour mingled with oil, an offering made by fire unto the Lord for a sweet savor; and the drink offering thereof shall be of wine, the fourth part of an hin. And ye shall eat neither bread, nor parched corn, nor green ears, until the selfsame day that ye have brought an offering unto your God; it shall be a statute for ever throughout your generations in all your dwellings.” Lev. 23. 12, 14. This is the very type of a fully sanctified life. We should not live off the experience and blessings of justification, but we should hasten to God as soon as we are justified and consecrate our whole soul to God as a sacrifice, and receive the sanctifying grace.

The 15th verse foreshadows the 50 days from the Cross to Pentecost. “And ye shall count unto you, from the morrow after the Sabbath, from the day that ye brought the sheaf of the wave offering; seven sabbaths shall ye complete; even unto the morrow after the seventh Sabbath shall ye number fifty days; and ye shall offer a new meat offering unto the Lord.” This makes seven weeks or 49 days that you have enjoyed the sweet sanctified life through the Blood; and on the 50th day which represents the new Sabbath, our Lord’s Day, comes the Pentecost, which we now receive under the new testament, the baptism with the Holy Ghost.

The Feast of Pentecost

The Feast of Pentecost is the very type of the baptism with the Holy Ghost. The word Pentecost signifies 50 days. The first Pentecost the Jews had was at Mount Sinai 50 days after the Feast of Passover. The baptism with the Holy Ghost also fell on Pentecost just fifty days after Jesus was offered on the cross, to the very hour. The regular time of offering the lamb of sacrifice was nine o’clock, and that was the hour that Jesus was crucified, the “third hour of the day.” And the baptism of the Spirit fell on the same hour, 50 days later, for in the second chapter of Acts, we read that Peter said to the multitude, “These are not drunken as ye suppose, seeing it is but the third hour of the day.” The Pentecost fell on the Lord’s day, the first day of the week or Sunday. It has been kept by God’s people ever since. So Pentecost really means a feast, praise God, we have Pentecost in our souls today.

The feast of Pentecost came at the time of the wheat harvest and ripening of the summer fruits. They were commanded to leave some of the wheat and fruits in the fields, not to glean it. So when we get the baptism with the Holy Ghost, we have overflowing love, we have rivers of salvation. Praise our God.

The Feast of Trumpets

This is the feast of the full harvest. “When ye have gathered in the fruit of the land, ye shall keep a feast unto the Lord seven days; on the first day shall be a Sabbath and on the eighth day shall be a Sabbath. And ye shall take you on the first day the boughs of goodly trees, branches of palm trees, and the boughs of thick trees, and willows of the brook; and ye shall rejoice before the Lord your God seven days.” Lev. 23. 39, 40. In this you see a type of baptized Holy Ghost people filled with divine love, and under the mighty power of the Holy Spirit, praising God and giving Him the glory. Hallelujah! This feast of Tabernacles is a type of a continual feast with Jesus. It typifies the coming and reigning of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, when He shall spread the tabernacle and feed us.

These types and shadows represent what we are now receiving in reality. Bless His name. May we all seek all that God has for us.



One Sunday evening, the Lord impressed me not to go to meeting but to stay at home. We all went into the parlor and knelt down to pray, wife and I, and our three little children and one of the neighbor’s girls about 10 years old.

After wife and I prayed, the children commenced praying. The little boy of 13 was last to pray. While he was praying, the two little girls commenced crying out and such agony before God. It was about seven o’clock in the evening, and kept on till about nine. They were lying on their backs, sometimes praying and sometimes crying out.

Then Agnes said, “O papa, I saw such a beautiful light come down from heaven. It shines so much brighter than the gas light.” Glory! Hallelujah! Then she commenced speaking in tongues. It sounded like the French language. Then the other little girl commenced crying out. Agnes went and put her arms around her neck and said, “O Huldah, I see there is light for you too.” Then Huldah commenced speaking in tongues. Then they came and threw themselves in my lap and talked in tongues for an hour. Then they sang a song in tongues, both sang the same words and the same tune in perfect harmony.

Then the little boy began to get hungry, and we went down and prayed for him and about 12 o’clock he got his Pentecost.

The children were saved before that, and the two girls had been praying together that day. Agnes used to have a very sharp temper but is different now. Shortly after that all three were baptized with water. Little Clara, the baby, six years old, is praying for her Pentecost.

Ever since that night, when we get down to pray, nearly always the little ones begin to speak in tongues. The following Sunday evening, we left the children alone, and when we returned and came to the barn we heard such a noise in the house, and my wife wondered if the children were crying. We found all three of the children were talking in tongues.

M.B. Froseth,

938 E. 33rd St. Los Angeles.



A little girl eight years old who was reclaimed and sanctified at the children’s tabernacle in the campmeeting was left at home one morning to take care of the little children, while her mother went to the meeting. She was a good girl with the children, and the Lord gave them a wonderful meeting at home. Rebecca who was seeking the baptism with the Holy Ghost, her cousin who had been saved that morning in family worship and the little sister, all had a little meeting. They sang, prayed and testified and then had an altar call. Little Mary was saved, and while praying with her Vivian was sanctified. After they closed the meeting, Rebecca sat on the lounge sewing and got up to start a fire, when the power of God came on her. She says, I fell on my knees so suddenly that it surprised me. I said, “O Father, baptize me with the Holy Ghost and fire, and give me the witness that I am baptized.” In a few minutes she began to sing in an unknown language. Then the Lord impressed her to go and lay hands on her cousin, and she fell under the power and lay for some time and came out from under the power singing in an unknown language. When the mother came home, Rebecca ran and told her the good news, and she said she had been praying for the Lord to take care of the children, and indeed He had.


Some people doubt the miracle of speaking in tongues. They read it in the Bible but do not believe in miracles now-a-days. There was a woman on the campground that doubted the miracle of speaking in tongues. She understood Russian and Polish, and the Lord gave her a message in her native tongue, which no one else understood.

A boy arose to testify and when his turn came, and he opened his mouth, he could not speak English, but the Spirit began to speak in an unknown language. The woman heard both Russian and Polish and was thoroughly convinced. He spoke about ten minutes giving the account of Jesus walking among the golden candlesticks with the seven stars in His right hand and also the first eight verses of the 3rd of Revelation where Jesus was exhorting the church that had a name to live and was dead, to repent. The boy seemed to be preaching and exhorting in great power. Part of the message was, “Jesus is coming very soon.”

The young man’s name is Ralph Groenick of Hermon, Cal., and the woman’s address is Sister Rosenthal, corner 24th and Hoover streets, Los Angeles.



When we receive Christ as our sanctifier, He comes in and we have the abiding anointing in our souls continually. When a man is sanctified, there is no doubt as to his sanctification, for he has the witness within. Christ abides, He sits enthroned. You are in the Word of God and you get a real witness from the throne of God that Christ is within. When you call your Beloved, He answers and says, Here I am.

I remember after I was converted, I said, How is this? My Beloved comes to me and visits me, but He does not abide. I knew I was a Christian but I did not have the real abiding anointing. When I would get with Christians and sing one or two hymns, my Beloved would come and visit me; but when I left, it seemed He would go. I said to Him, “I would like for you to come and stay, not just some and fill me and afterwards take Your flight.” But when I got my Beloved sanctified in me, then when I would call upon Him, He would come and make my soul laugh. You do not have to ask someone about it. If you have not received the abiding anointing, you have a counterfeit sanctification. As long as you live in the Word of God He will always be present. We must continue to obey Him, for there is no way for Christ to abide in us, if we do not obey Him.



The Blood of Jesus is the only cure for doubt and fears. It takes sanctification to deliver from doubts and fears. We always find that people who are not sanctified are more or less troubled with doubts. But when they get sanctified they are filled with such love to God, that they are like little babes, they believe every word of Jesus.

Now Jesus had been with the disciples three and a half years, and had told them all about the kingdom, and yet the doubts and fears came upon them. But in Luke 24:31, we read, “And their eyes were opened and they knew Him.” This was after the resurrection. Their spiritual eyes were opened to see our inheritance. No one can get the baptism till Christ anoints his eyes and opens up his understanding that he might understand the Scriptures. In the 45th verse we read, “Then opened He their understanding that they might understand the Scriptures.” Then they received the living Word into their hearts and their hearts burned within them, as He unfolded the Scriptures to them.

Sanctification is a cure for unbelief, doubts and fears. Jesus got all His disciples cured before He went back to glory. What do you call that but sanctification? His Blood had been split for their sanctification. He had suffered without the gate to sanctify them. We can see Jesus taught the doctrine of sanctification before He was crucified, for He had prayed that they might be sanctified in the 17th of John. He stayed with them on earth forty days, opened their understanding, opened their eyes and cleansed them of doubts.

The last one to be cured of doubts was Thomas. They were trying to preach the resurrection to Thomas, but he said, “No. I will not believe it until I put my hand into His side and my finger into the prints of the nails.” Satan was trying to rob and fool Thomas out of the glorious truth of the resurrection. Jesus knew all about it. He called Thomas and said to him, (Don’t you see how Jesus hates infidelity and unbelief) “Reach hither thy finger and behold My hands and, reach hither thy hand and behold My side, and be not faithless but believing.” Jesus wants us to walk by faith and believe every word that proceedeth out of His mouth.

We believe that the disciples were sanctified and ready for the baptism with the Holy Ghost. They had obedience and faith in their hearts, and were continually praising and blessing God in the temple, until the Pentecost tell, Acts 2. If we will all get a clearly sanctified experience as they had, we will have no trouble in receiving the baptism.


It is the office work of the Holy Spirit to preside over the entire work of God on earth.-John 10:3 Jesus was our Bishop while on earth, but now He has sent the Holy Ghost, Amen, to take His place, not men.-John 14:16; 15:26; 16:7-14. Praise His holy name!

The Holy Ghost is to infuse with divine power, and to invest with heavenly authority. No religious assembly is legal without His presence and His transaction. We should recognize Him as the Teacher of teachers.

The reason why there are son many of God’s people without divine power today without experimental salvation, wrought out in their hearts by the Blood, by the power of the blessed Holy Spirit, is because they have not accepted Him as their Teacher, as their Leader, as their Comforter. Jesus said in His precious Word that if He went away He would send us another Comforter. The need of men and women today in their lives, is a Comforter Praise our God! We have received this blessed Comforter, and it is heaven in our souls. We can sing with all our hearts: “What matter where on earth we dwell On Mountain top, or in the dell,

In cottage or a mansion fair,

Where Jesus is, ’tis heaven there.”

Bless His holy name!F May God help every one of His Blood bought children to receive this blessed Comforter. Glory to His name! Hallelujah! Hosannah to His omnipotent name! Oh, He is reigning in my soul! Hallelujah! I just feel like the song which says:

“Oh, spread the tidings round

Wherever man is found,

Wherever human hearts

And human woes abound,

Let every Christian tongue

Proclaim the joyful sound,

The Comforter has come!”

Many people today think we need new churches, (that is to say church buildings,) stone structures, brick structures, modern improvements, new choirs, trained singers right from the conservatories, paying from seven to fifteen hundred dollars a year for singing, fine pews, fine chandeliers, everything that could attract the human heart to win souls to the meeting house is used in this twentieth century. We find that they have reached the climax, but all of that had failed to bring divine power and salvation to precious souls. Sinners have gone to the meeting house, heard a nice, fine, eloquent oration on Jesus, or on some particular church, or on some noted man. The people have been made glad to go because they have seen great wealth, they have seen people in the very latest styles, in different costumes, and loaded down with jewelry, decorated from head to foot with diamonds, gold and silver. The music in the church has been sweet, and it is found that a good many of the church people seem to be full of love, but there has always been a lack of power. We wonder why sinners are not being converted, and why it is that the church is always making improvements, and failing to do the work that Christ called her to do. It is because men have taken the place of Christ and the Holy Spirit.

The church had the right idea that we need bishops and elders, but they must be given authority by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and their qualifications for these offices must be the enduement of the power of the Holy Ghost. Jesus, after choosing His disciples, said, in John 15:16 “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father, in my name, He may give ordained His disciples with His own blessed hands, before going back to glory, but He put the credentials in their hearts on the day of Pentecost, when they were baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire. Hallelujah! This was the authority that made them His witnesses unto the uttermost parts of the earth, for without the blessed Holy Spirit, in all of His fullness, we are not able to witness unto the uttermost parts of the earth. We must be coworkers with Him, partakers of the Holy Ghost. Then, when He is in us, in all of His fullness, He will manifest Himself. Signs and miracles will follow. This is the office work of the Holy Spirit in the churches. Amen.

I pray God that all Christ’s people and ministers everywhere will please stop by the headquarters, the Jerusalem before God, for their credentials. Then they are entitled to receive credentials from the visible church. But the main credential is to be baptized with the Holy Ghost. Instead of new preachers from the theological schools and academies, the same old preachers, baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire, the same old deacons, the same old plain church buildings will do. When the Holy Ghost comes in He will cleanse out dead forms and ceremonies, and will give life and power to His ministers and preachers, in the same old church buildings. But without the Holy Ghost they are simply tombstones.

We must always recognize that a meeting house is simply a place, where Christ’s people gather to worship, and not the church. The church is planted in our hearts, through the Blood of Jesus Christ, for Christ said in Matthew 16:16. “Upon this rock will I build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” We see, if these meeting houses and such buildings were really churches of Christ, the storms, cyclones, and fire, could not harm them; but we see them blown down by storms and burned down. But, through the precious Blood of Christ, this church that He plants in our souls will stand throughout eternity.

The first thing in every assembly is to see that He, the Holy Ghost, is installed as so many dried up missions and churches today, is because they have not the Holy Ghost as the chairman. They have some man in His place. Man is all right in his place, that is when he is filled with the power of the Holy Ghost, for it is not man that does the work, but the Holy Ghost from the glory land, sent by Jesus to work through this tabernacle of clay. Wherever you find the Holy Ghost as the chairman in any assembly, you will find a fruitful assembly, you will find children being born unto God.

Just as it takes a father and a mother to bring forth children of this natural life, so it takes the Word and the Spirit to bring forth children of the spiritual birth. There must be a father and there must be a mother. God chooses human instruments to preach the Word unto the people, and the Holy Ghost gives birth to everyone who receives the Word of Christ, which means the new birth. Praise our God. Where a Holy Ghost man preaches the Word of God, the Lord will bring forth sons and daughters unto his administration.

Jesus Christ is the archbishop of these assemblies, and He must be recognized. Also we must recognize the Holy Spirit in all of His office work. He takes the members into the church, which is the body of Christ. Through repentance to God, and faith in Jesus, they become the members of the church of Christ. And they remain members as long as they live free from sin. When they commence sinning, the Holy Ghost, the chairman and bishop, the presiding elder, turns them out, and they know when they are turned out of this church. They don’t have to go and ask their pastor or their preacher, for they feel within their own soul that the glory has left them-the joy, the peace, the rest and comfort. Then when they feel the lack in their souls, if they will confess their sins, God, the Holy Ghost, will accept them back into the church.

Oh, thank God for this holy way. I am so glad that sham battles are over. Men and women must live straight, holy, pure lives, free from sin, or else they have no part with Christ Jesus. When men and women are filled with the Holy Ghost, everywhere they go, living waters will flow. The Lord promised that out of our innermost being living rivers of water should flow. This is the Holy Ghost. Amen! The mighty Pison, the Gihon, the Hiddekel, the Euphrates of our soul will flow, representing the rivers of salvation. Amen!




“I feel led by the Holy Spirit to testify to the glory of God what He has done for me and my wife. The Lord has wonderfully healed me from catarrh of nine years standing. Glory! glory! glory! glory be to my dear Redeemer’s name! Soon as I received the handkerchief, or as soon as I opened the letter, such power went through my whole being as I have never felt before, and I praise Him, I feel the healing balm just now go through soul and body. Glory to King Jesus, the great Physician of soul and body. A few weeks before this, my wife was very sick, as near death as I have ever seen a human being. Her ears were getting cold and strength gone so that she could only whisper, but glory to God for His mercy and love, we got some of the saints to pray for her, and He wonderfully came and healed her. About a year ago, God for Christ’s sake saved and sanctified her, and revealed to her not to trust in the arm of flesh. So she pitched her medicine out once for all and took Jesus for her only Doctor. He is surely the only one that can help us under all circumstances.”-E.W. Johnson, Stockholm, Sask, Canada.

“The Lord graciously gave me the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire on April 29th, and there have 35 received their Pentecost at Readan, Wash., where I was. One dear sister was healed of curvature of the spine in answer to our prayers in half an hour after receiving her baptism, and her back straightened like a piece of rubber Praise to our God. She has been called to go to India.”-Mary Law, Rte 8, Spokane, Wash.

“A few of us here believe in this “faith once delivered unto the saints” and some are speaking in tongues. One sister sang beautiful songs with such marvelous power, beauty and sweetness, and oh how blest we were. Fifteen dear young men were saved, also several others. I wish to tell of a miracle which God did on my dear mother, healing her of a growth or pressing of the bones on the brain, caused by a bad fall on a sharp rock. She had suffered two years, and last summer was fast becoming insane from the pressure on her brain. I told her one night we would pray for her at the church where we met. We were only two, a brother and myself, and we claimed the promise, “Where two of you are agreed.” Praise God, my mother was healed sitting at home in a chair asleep. She said that she sprang up in alarm, wondering why her head felt so light and good. Then she remembered we were praying for her, and realized that she was healed, and thank God she is well and happy today.”-Eben, Lind, Moline, Ill.

“I can testify to this world that there is power in the Blood of Jesus Christ to cleanse from all sin and all dread diseases. Two days before I received your letter, I was made well and my shoulder went up into its place. All I can say is, Praise the Lord for ever and ever.”-John Waterson, Knowlesville.



Dear Beloved in Christ Jesus:-

The Lord Jesus has said in His precious Word, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.” Matt. 5, 6. God’s promises are true and sure. We can rest upon His promises. He says, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Matt. 5, 8. “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matt. 5, 3.

The Lord Jesus is always ready to fill the hungry, thirsty soul, for He said in His precious Word, “He that believeth on Me as the scripture hath said, out of his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water. (But this spoke He of the Spirit which they that believe on Him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified.)” John 7, 38, 39. But, praise God, He is given to us today.

All we have to do it to obey the first chapter of Acts, and wait for the promise of the Father upon our souls. The Lord Jesus said in His precious Word. “Behold I send the promise of My Father upon you; but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem until ye be endued with power from on high. (Luke 24, 49.) For John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence.

*** Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you; and ye shall be witnesses unto Me both in Jerusalem and in all Judea, and in Samaria and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” Acts I. 5, 8. They tarried until they received the mighty power of the baptism with the Holy Spirit upon their souls. Then God put the credentials in their hearts, and put the ring of authority on their finger, and sealed them in the forehead with the Father’s name, and wrote on their heart the name of the New Jerusalem, and put in their hand the stone with the name written that no man knoweth save he that receiveth it. Praise the Lord, for His mercy endureth forever. Let us stand upon His promises. They are sure, they will not break.

The Lord Jesus says, “Behold, I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10, 19. Dear loved one, the Lord Jesus when He rose from the dead, said “All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. (Matt. 28. 19) He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; in My name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” Mark 16: 16-18. And they went forth and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the Word with signs following. Praise His dear name, for He is just the same today.

The first thing in order to receive this precious and wonderful baptism with the Holy Spirit, we want to have a clear knowledge of justification by faith according to the Bible. Rom. 5:1, “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,” faith that all our actual sins may be washed away. Actual sin means committed sin.

And then the second step is to have a real knowledge of sanctification, which frees us from original sin-the sin that we were born with, which we inherited from our father Adam. We were not responsible for that sin until we received light, for we could not repent of a sin that we did not commit. When we came to the Lord as a sinner, we repented to God of our actual sins, and God for Christ’s sake pardoned us and washed our sin and pollution away, and planted eternal life in our souls. Afterwards we saw in the Word of God, “This is the will of God, even your sanctification.” I Thess. 4:3, also John 17:15-19. We consecrated ourselves to God, and the Lord Jesus sanctified our souls, and made us every whit clean.

Then after we were clearly sanctified, we prayed to God for the baptism with the Holy Spirit. So He sent the Holy Spirit to our hearts and filled us with His blessed Spirit, and He gave us the Bible evidence, according to the 2nd chapter of Acts verses 1 to 4, speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance.

Praise our God, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Receive Him just now and He will fill you. Amen. Don’t get discouraged but pray until you are filled, for the Lord says, “Men ought always to pray and not to faint.” Don’t stop because you do not receive the baptism with the Holy Ghost at the first, but continue until you are filled. The Lord Jesus told His disciples to tarry until they were endued with power from on high. Many people today are willing to tarry just so long, and then they give up and fail to receive their personal Pentecost that would measure with the Bible. The Lord Jesus says, “Ye shall be filled.” He says that to the person that hungers and thirsts after righteousness and He says they are blessed. So if there is a hunger and thirst in our souls for righteousness, we are blest of Him. Praise His dear name!

Yours in Christ,




In our previous articles upon the above subject, we defined the definite conclusions at which we had arrived; and now after six months further study, we have little to change as to our opinion of the movement. Last January we said we were satisfied that God had visited His people and that many were greatly blessed while others seemed puffed up and injured by their experience. We also stated that the Gospel Tabernacle as a church had set aside one evening of each week to pray especially that we might receive all that God was willing to bestow; and also that we might be delivered from all the deceptions of Satan, and the workings of the flesh.

The result so far has been most satisfactory. God has met us and answered our prayers. On the 12th of June at the close of our regular mid-week prayer meeting, nine of us tarried for a special season of waiting upon God. We had not proceeded far when one of our number (our class leader, a man of undoubted reliability and Christian experience), was praying with unusual earnestness amounting to intense supplication, when suddenly the Spirit seemed to fall upon us “as at the beginning;” for several were strongly convulsed, while the brother referred to began to speak in “unknown tongues” and “magnify God” with a loud voice. This altogether new experience made a deep impression on all present, as it could not possibly be attribated to hysteria or any hypnotic influence. So great was the downpour of the Spirit that this strong man paced the floor glorifying God for fully an hour. By this time the sense of God’s presence was so great that another of our church officers said that he believed it was God’s will to bestow upon him a like enduement. This brought us once more to our knees, where we had not long remained when the Spirit again fell upon us, and this brother likewise burst into intense supplication, and a little later began to speak “in tongues” and glorify God, as the first brother had done. This so impressed us that we began to think that it was the will of God to visit the entire company. None of the others, however, were visited at this time and at three o’clock in the morning we left the church. Again the following Friday evening as a company kneeled at the altar the Spirit fell upon one of our sisters; and again the following Sunday evening, upon one of the elders of the church. In each instance the recipient had the same experience as the first two. These things have made such an impression upon our people that the church has been greatly quickened. Those who speak in tongues seem to live in another world. The experience they have entered into corresponds exactly with that which is described in the 10th chapter of the Acts. The tongues they speak in do not seem to be intended as a means of communication between themselves and others, as on the Day of Pentecost, but corresponds more closely with that described in the 14th of I. Corinthians, 2nd verse, and seems to be a means of communication between the soul and God. They do not speak in tongues in the assembly, but when in prayer; they become intense in their supplication; they are apt to break out in the unknown tongue, which is invariably followed by ascriptions of praise and adoration which are well nigh unutterable. The writer has about concluded that it is the “new tongues” spoken of in Mark xvi. 17 as one of the signs which are to follow them that believe, rather than the “gift of tongues” which all evidently did not possess. We feel our spirits hushed into silence before God, at this wonderful manifestation of His presence in our midst. We have announced no extra meetings in the church, but every night prostrate forms may be seen waiting in silence before Him who baptizes with the Holy Ghost. There is no shadow of doubt left in our minds as the the Scripturalness of the experience, and we feel sure that no honest heart could find anything to criticize.

There are other cases at other points in our Chicago work equally satisfactory, and it is this more than any other thing that has influenced us in the selection of the Free Methodist Camp Grounds, as the place for our next annual meeting.-The Christian Missionary Alliance.


Of the 500 disciples that heard Jesus say, “Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem,” how many tarried? Just 126. O it is not all that are going to obey the voice of Jesus. We know that Mary Magdalene was there and Mary the mother of Jesus, and they received the power along with the men. Glory to Jesus. God says, “In the latter days, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh”-not only upon the servants but on the handmaidens also. So we women have a part in this Gospel. Hallelujah to my God! He is the fairest of ten thousand to my soul.


“O, I feel the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ drawing nigh. Hallelujah! Glory to His name! I am so glad that the Lord is holding the winds until the angel has sealed all of the saints of the living God in their foreheads, the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The midnight cry will soon be made, when the morning and the night shall come. It will be morning in our souls, to those that are waiting for His coming; but the awful black night of tribulation as the black night of Egypt will come upon all the world. May god help all of His precious waiting bride to be watching, waiting until our Lord shall come.

“Oh, I am so thankful that I can work for my Christ and my God. The time is short when our blessed Jesus shall return to this earth, and snatch away His waiting bride. After six thousand years of toil and labor, we are going to have one thousand years of rest with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Glory to His holy name!” Bro. Seymour, 312 Azusa St., Los Angeles.

“I can’t forget how, kneeling at the dear old board in Azusa street, I promised God I would go where He wanted me to go and stay where He wanted me to stay, and be what He wanted me to be. I meant every word of it and God has taken me at my Word. How His glory is flooding my soul. O how I worship His precious name! I have to stop and wonder how God can bless the Word through me. To think He has saved me when all my family were infidels and everything that would drive me from God. No one can ever know how I feel for the way God has dealt with me. O how I love Jesus. It thrills my very being to think of the Blood. It has done so much for me. I am filled with wonder love, and praise that God would permit me to see the workings of His mighty power in these last days. O to think we have lived to see the return of the apostolic power and to see the gifts restored back to the church. I find we cannot compromise with anything or anybody. O we must stand for all the light we have received, and having down all to stand.-Florence Crawford.

“This is, without doubt, God’s last call to His people just previous to the coming of our blessed Redeemer and Master. O, how our hearts long to see Him! How we rejoice at the hope, each day bringing to us a deeper experience and a brighter assurance that we, ourselves, shall never see the grave! His approach is so nigh at hand, one almost thinks they can hear the songs of the angels who are to accompany Him in His coming. Without a shadow of a doubt, we are living in the latter days and that “Latter Rain” is being poured upon us; yet we are but beneath its droppings; the full shower has not yet arrived.” -Bro. Tom Hezmalhaich, “The Haven” Zion City, Ill.

When the Comforter first came my heart was so overflowing with the joy, I had not time to prove thereality, the blessed reality of the experience received in dear reality of the experience received in dear old Azusa Street Mission, but as persecution arose in India I have proved day by day, hour by hour that He abides and reveals Jesus to my soul in wonderful ways.

How conscious have I been of His presence giving “songs of deliverance” and speaking through me to my own comfort and delight. Praise Him. There are several hundred natives baptized with the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues today in India. I want to add, that the blessed Comforter does indeed reveal the perfect life of the Savior, not alone in the oil of joy, (“Thou hast loved righteousness and hated iniquity; therefore God even Thy God, hath anointed Thee with the oil of gladness above Thy fellows”), but the other side of this precious life, (“The man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.”) And we can say we have not longed for the joy side alone, but to “suffer with Him that we might reign with Him.” He longs for a bride who shares both His suffering and joy. I want to enter into His own heart and feel as He felt, letting His joy be my joy, His sorrow my sorrow. He has put groanings into my heart which cannot be uttered over a lost world and those who do not understand His workings in the earth at this time. How I praise Him for a love for my enemies that is not natural but divine. Hallelujah.

We long to see all power restored that the heathen can no more say to the missionaries: “Where is their God.” Joel 2:17. “The Lord will be jealous for His land and pity His people.”

Our hearts are knit with the dear Saints at Azusa street and we think with love of all. How often I think of the times the Spirit sang through Sister Crawford and me:

“Jesus, Savior, pilot me

Over life’s tempestuous sea.”

That testified to my own heart that much would arise for which the Spirit was preparing me. He abides, the blessed Comforter.-Mrs. Lillian Garr, Bethany, Slave Island, Colombo, Ceylon.

“I am not going to Africa for name or fame, but for the saving of precious souls that Jesus gave His life for, that they should enjoy this blessed salvation as we Glory to His name. How I worship my Savior. Can say from the very depths of my heart that this world with all its attractions has no charms for me. It is Jesus and Him only.”-Rosa Harmon, 351 W. 40th St., New York City, en-route to Africa.

“We had a wonderful campmeeting in Fairmont Minn, I put myself on record as a seeker from the beginning. As I kept humbling myself before Him day after day His power and love began going all through me. At one meeting a number were singing the heavenly chorus and I found my heart in tune with it. Hallelujah, so that I was able to take part. I had not then spoken any in unknown tongues but was still pressing up for the baptism in the Holy Ghost.

A night or two days after that, I sang again with a number of others, and soon after the tent was filled with God and my heart was filled with holy laughter. then suddenly several peculiar moves took place around my jaw bones, and from away within, without my having any part in it, I spoke words that I was not accountable for. With this there was great, inexpressible joy in my soul, so much that I was unable to keep still.

One girl of about 18 years from Sioux City sang several verses in a South African dialect, words which were so near like the Zulu dialect that some were familiar to me. Sister Ladd from Des Moines spoke several sentences in the Arabic which I could understand, though the Arabic in Morocco is different from the pure Arabic spoken in Palestine.”-Fred Weiss, Thurman, Ia., returned Africa Missionary.



Miss Eula Wilson, a girl of fifteen in Wichita, Kans, had been given up to die by the doctors. She seemed to die and was laid out for burial. Hours afterward she suddenly raised up and said, “O Mamma I have been in heaven and Jesus has healed me and told me to eat, drink, and walk” She was completely healed and has not been sick at all since.

She says she was taken to heaven in cloud accompanied by two angels and her brother who had died two years before. Heaven, she said, was sparkling with indescribable beauty and glory. She met Jesus, who bade her enter through the gate of pearl, saying, “Peace, peace.” He led her and her brother to a most beautiful stream of water sparkling like myriads of diamonds. She was not able to see across the stream nor to the heights of the city. She saw an innumerable company, a large proportion of whom were infants and little children, and recognized many relatives but was disappointed at not seeing some who had died as it was supposed in the triumphs of the Christian faith.

She says, “Everybody looked so beautiful and natural, except a glorious and heavenly light in their eyes and on their faces. They were all dressed alike wearing white robes, without any yoke and with loose flowing sleeves and were all barefooted, with a halo of glory encircling their heads. There was no earth, but all was pure gold, yet much more beautiful than our gold, and seeming transparent.” The light of heaven was glorious and came from the throne of God. Near the stream of water were leafless trees, yet filled with luscious fruit having neither pit nor peeling, but beautiful like the surroundings. When plucked off, it immediately grew again. The people drank of the stream and ate of the fruit, but Jesus told Eula not to eat or drink but to return to earth again, warn the people of their sins, and tell them of this beautiful place and that He was coming soon, for them to be ready.

She did not want to come back, fearing that she would have to endue the same suffering, but Jesus said to her, “I will heal you so that you will not have to suffer any more, and I will give you strength.” In fulfillment of this promise, she has been able to speak to large audiences and is gaining in strength every day. The physicians cannot account for it. She had been sick for seven months and had had a long death struggle. The doctors agree that she was totally blind in one eye which was sunken and turned backward in the socket, but she is now perfectly restored, including her eyesight. This account is given by the “Nazarene Messenger,” having been carefully compiled from witnesses and press reports which all establish the evidence. This is simply another witness to us that the Lord is showing signs and wonders in these last days, as a loud call to His people to prepare for His coming.



In Assam and India, trembling under the power of conviction, loud crying in prayer, the pouring forth to God in loud confession the sins of a lifetime, sudden falling on the ground, writhing, being twisted and violently thrown down when an unclean spirit had been cast out as the person has cried for deliverance, have been frequent scenes. Joy unspeakable filling faces with glory, has been manifested by singing, clapping the hands, shouting praises, dancing, and losing strength as under an “exceeding weight of glory.” Intercessory prayer, which has been a marked feature of this revival, is so intense that often the person becomes unconscious of all others, is swayed back and forth, or trembles violently, so that one taking hold of him is also shaken. Some become unconscious and fall, and the visage of many under intense soul travail become uncomely, and like that of Daniel is turned into corruption. Deep waters run smooth except where they run over a river-bed like the Niagara. Then the roar of the might waters is heard from afar. Many of the babbling brooks at the time of their convictions and conversion have in the last few months become swift running streams of power for holy living, and service in soul saving.

We do not need to worry over these manifestations, nor seek to suppress them. IT IS FRUIT IN THE LIFE AND SERVICE THAT WE WANT TO SEE. These manifestations of not hinder fruit-bearing but we have seen over and over again during the past fifteen months, that where Christian workers have suppressed these manifestations, the Holy Spirit has been grieved, the work has stopped, and no fruit of holy lives has resulted. Who are we to dictate to an all-wise God as to how He shall work in anyone? When the Spirit is poured out upon anyone in strong conviction, why should we tell them that it is wrong to cry? Because among idolaters the devil imitates the trembling caused by the Holy Spirit when He comes in so as to over power the physical, why should we say that the person has worked it up or is possessed by an evil spirit? The writer testifies that she has in the silence of the midnight hour, alone in her room without a sound in the house, been shaken from her innermost being, until her whole body was convulsed, and filled with joy and consciousness that the Holy Spirit had taken possession of every part of her being. No one had greater prejudice against religious excitement than she, but every time she put her hands upon the work at Mukti to suppress joy or strong conviction, or reproved persons being strongly wrought upon in prayer, the work of revival stopped, and she had to confess her fault before it went on again. We have learned that God’s ways are past finding out, as far above ours as the heavens are above the earth.-From published report of the Mission at Mukti, Kedgaon, India.



When the flood came, the ark rose on the bosom of the water. In this is a beautiful type of the coming of Jesus. Just as when the flood arose, the people of God were lifted by the ark toward the sky, so when Jesus Christ, who is our Ark, shall appear, we shall also appear with Him in glory. Then as the ark came back and rested on Mt. Arrarat, so when the Lord Jesus comes back, we shall stand with Him on Mt. Olivet. Christ comes and gets His saints before the great tribulation, which corresponds with the flood. And the Word says that as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man. (Matt. 24, 37.) We see the same conditions now that prevailed then, so we know the time draws near.

O it is so easy to follow the Spirit if God if you have been born of the Spirit it is so easy to manifest the Spirit if the Spirit of God is within you. It is impossible for both good and impure water to both come from the same spring, and just as surely as the Blood of Jesus Christ has been applied to the soul, you will not only know it but your neighbors will know it and the men that are working in the shop with you will know it. It means so much to have the Blood of Jesus Christ applied to your soul. Dead forms and ceremonies are done away and every sin must be washed away by the Blood of Jesus. It is not tomorrow in sin and today out of sin, but if the Blood of Jesus Christ has atoned for you it has atoned for you once for all.

Jesus wants a clean people, a sanctified people, a holy people, washed through His own precious Blood. Hallelujah! We read in Eph. 5 that beautiful sermon that Paul preached on sanctification and purity of the bride of Christ, “Christ so lived the church that he gave Himself for it, that He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the Word, that He might present it to Himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.” Glory, glory, glory to out God! Hallelujah! O it is so sweet to live this sanctified experience living in the presence of Christ and His Blood flowing, washing and putting away our sins every moment of our lives. Jesus is our model. We should be ideal men and women of this blessed and precious truth. Glory to God! The sweetest thing in this world is to have Jesus in our hearts and the Blood flowing in every part of our souls.

The blessed Holy Ghost is receiving the same treatment as given the Son. How much is written of Him. How many talk of His indwelling. It reminds us of the “Incarnation.” No doubt all Jewish women longed to be the mother of the Messiah; but how few, when the actual fact was faced, would have paid the price. So with Him, the Third Person in the Trinity, the cost is so great, and yet, praise my King, hungry, waiting hearts are receiving Him and proving that all that was said of Him is true.

Satan is making his last dreadful fight; for he knows his time is short. He would deceive the very elect if it were possible but thank God, it is not possible.

God requires the prayers of all His precious Holy Ghost people for the spread of the Gospel in this land and all over the world. Those of us who cannot go must write letters and send papers and traces that the precious souls may get this Gospel.

Leadership Development Seminar 2011

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Broadcast Your Church Services for Free

 Learn how to broadcast your church service or team training event on the internet
 Examine several available options to broadcast with a special accent on the free version of uStream.TV.
 Chose and set up proper camera and audio source for the broadcast
 Broadcast from your computer, notebook or even your cell phone
 Publish your church services as a LIVE stream on the internet and organize them in an internet based video archive
 Embed LIVE broadcast or video recording on your church website or pastor’s blog
 Publicize your streaming event or video recording using the social networks
 Monetize your broadcast and contribute to your church media ministry fund

Religion, State and Society 2011

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Religion, State and Society 2011


Changing Chaplaincy: a Contribution to Debate over the Roles of US and British Military Chaplains in Afghanistan

Catholic Chaplains to the British Forces in the First World War

Canadian Military Chaplains: Bridging the Gap Between Alienation and Operational Effectiveness in a Pluralistic and Multicultural Context

The Changing Role of Protestant Military Chaplaincy in Germany: from Raising Military Morale to Praying for Peace

Military Chaplains and the Religion of War in Ottonian Germany, 919- 1024

‘Command and Control’ in the Royal Army Chaplains’ Department: how Changes in the Method of Selecting the Chaplain General of the British Army have Altered the Relationship of the Churches and the Army

World Religions and Norms of War

The Apostolic Faith (May, 1907)

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We expect to have a grand camp meeting in Los Angeles, beginning June 1, and continuing about four months.

– – –

The spot selected for it is adjoining the city limits, several miles from the center of town in a grove of sycamore and live oak trees near Hermon. The fare is only five cents on the electric cars which run every seven minutes. It is only three blocks from where the cars stop to the Campmeeting.

– – –

We expect to have a tabernacle with seating capacity of about 1000 people. There will be room in the grove for many tents. Free camping grounds. The air is fresh with the sea breeze which comes in from the distant ocean, and there is plenty of good water. You can pray there as loud as you like. There are wooded hills all about which we expect will ring with the songs and prayers of the saints and shouts of new born souls.

– – –

There will be a separate tabernacle for meetings for the children with services daily, so it will be a children’s campmeeting as well as a grown up people’s meeting. There will be competent workers to teach and help them spiritually. We expect it to be a time of salvation among the children. Mother’s meetings are also planned for.

– – –

Workers from all missions in and about Los Angeles who are one with us, by virtue of having been baptized by one Spirit into one body, are uniting in this campmeeting. Services will be continued in Azusa Mission every night just the same as ever, a band going from the campmeeting to carry on the work. Other missions will also carry on their work.

– – –

A large band of Holy Ghost workers, men and women whom God has equipped for His service will be present to carry on the meeting, under the guidance of our blessed Redeemer whom we honor as the great Leader and Manager. Much prayer is going up to God that He will make this a time of visiting His people with salvation and an outpouring of Pentecost such as we have never witnessed before. The business part of the work is being arranged in orderly and systematic shape. Proper officers will have charge of the grounds, putting up tents, etc.

– – –

The workers from the different missions first met to counsel together about the campmeeting. We got down to ask the Lord for the money, and the witness came that prayer was heard; the Spirit was poured out upon us. We arose and decided to lease the ground for four months. Before the meeting was over, the power of God so filled the room that one fell under the power and the meeting turned into a Pentecostal service.

– – –

A number are willingly giving their services in clearing and preparing the grounds. No collections have been taken, but several hundred dollars have already been offered for the campmeeting. God hears prayer and is putting His seal on it.

– – –

Viewing the Campground.

Last summer during the hot days when the crowds would fill Azusa Mission all day, people would often get up and say they praised god for what he was doing for them “this morning;” not realizing that the sun was going down in the evening. They had not eaten all day and yet they were so taken up with sitting at the feet of Jesus that they lost track of the time and would sit there in the heat, wiping the perspiration from their faces. I thought how God was pleased with it, and how He would be pleased to give them a nice shady place in which to worship.

A few weeks ago, as our sister was reading the letters on Sunday morning in Azusa Mission from the foreign lands and the home land, as she was reading about a campmeeting in the east, she said she believed the Lord would give us a campmeeting here. The Lord began to talk to me about the campmeeting. He talked to me during the night and the next morning the burden of the campmeeting was so on my heart, that I laid aside my work and went over to the Mission and asked our sister if the Lord had laid it on her heart where He was going to have the campmeeting. It seemed to me that morning I could see in a vision the grove and the little white tents all through it. And God was showing us both the same spot. While we were talking, a brother came in with the burden of the campmeeting on his heart. He had not been able to sleep for thinking of it and where to have it. We said we would all go and view the grounds, so a company of us started.

As we landed there, every step we took seemed to praise God. The very trees seemed to clap their hands and say “Praise God.” As we walked down the Arroyo, heaven came down our souls to greet, and we said, “Surely God is in it.” We began to get thirsty and went to a sister’s house to get a drink from the well in her yard. She came out rejoicing, seeking her Pentecost. As we began to drink, we thought of how God will water thirsty souls there, and we sang, “By Samaria’s wayside well, once a blessed message fell, On a woman’s thirsty soul long ago.” And the power of God came upon us all. We went back and viewed the ground again. Surely it looks like the hand of Beaulah around there. We went on and visited a dear old brother in Hermon and he rejoiced at the prospect of the camp-meeting. All welcomed us and praised God.-One of the Committee.

– – –

Arrangements are being made for reduced rates on all lines of railroad for those coming to the camp-meeting.

– – –

On arriving in Los Angeles, take the South Pasadena or Church of Angels car, and get off at Sixtieth Ave.

– – –

Tents can be purchased or rented at reasonable prices on the camp ground. Bring with you necessary provision for living in tents.

– – –

For full information in regard to the camp-meeting, address APOSTOLIC FAITH CAMP-MEETING, 312 AZUSA ST., LOS ANGELES, CAL.



In Little Rock, Ark.

May 7.-I thank God that I am able to report victory through Jesus Christ our Lord. We are now in the midst of a great waiting. The fire is falling and the people are getting the baptism right along. The Holy Ghost is working in our midst as never before. The Lord has made known to us that the speaking in tongues is the Bible evidence of the baptism with the Holy Ghost. Bro. Jeter and I are holding the meeting here with some others of the brethren. The Holy Ghost has charge. Pray much that we may get out of the way of the Holy Ghost, so that He can run things to suit Himself.-D.J. Young, 212 N. Hickory St., Pine Bluff, Ark.

In Topeka, Kansas.

Mission, 926 N. Kans. Ave., May 9.-It is surely wonderful how the Lord is working all over the world, and I am glad I have a part in this great work. Praise His name. The work here is moving ahead and several are tarrying and seeking Pentecost. A half dozen or more have received the baptism and have spoken in tongues. Sister Culp has returned to us from Los Angeles, where she received her Pentecost. God is using her here to His glory in speaking in tongues and telling of His wonderful works. We had a blessed day Sunday. The afternoon service ran on into the night. The power of God came on one sister. She got up from the altar and shouted all over the house and praised God. Her husband went down on his back under the power. He said he was nearer the Lord than he had ever been. Others are earnestly seeking. The devil is fighting hard, but we are determined to stay on the field and let God have His way with us.-C.E. Foster.

In Chicago, Ill.

943 W. North Ave., April 11.-Our meetings are wonderful, indeed, since I received my Pentecost. From the first day I arrived home, the mission will not hold the people, and I have moved out of the rooms in the rear of the Mission and we use them for overflow and prayer rooms, and still we cannot accommodate the crowds on Sunday. Best of all, the Spirit works in mighty power, and people fall under it, and many have come through and spoken in tongues. My dear wife received her Pentecost soon after I reached home, and yesterday one of our elders, who has been seeking for months, came through. Hallelujah! People are coming from all directions, and the interest and power is increasing daily, until I never saw more of the power of God anywhere than we see here from time to time. Best of all it is all of God,-no one can claim any credit,-God just comes with power and takes possession.

We never forget to pray for Azusa St. Mission, and hope you remember us. Beloved, let us walk in meekness before the Lord, and give Him all the glory for what He is doing, and He will be with us. I feel like staying at His feet all the time.

April 13.-It is wonderful how He is working in our mist. One after another are coming through and speaking in tongues. Last night the meeting lasted all night.

In Memphis, Tenn.

May 2.-The Lord our God is with us at this place, and the saints are receiving their Pentecost. I have never met with such power of the devil as here. One man came to the service and dragged his wife from the altar by force and threatened to kill me and others. But, glory to God, he was overpowered by our God. His wife got the baptism and spoke in tongues, and last night He was back to the service and says he must have his Pentecost. Praise God. I heard from Bro. Mason’s church. The power is falling and many souls being filled and speaking in tongues. I met Bro. Mason last week and found him filled with the blessed Holy Ghost. He is a precious brother. Here is a battle but our God is fighting it for us. We are only here to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. The saints are gathering here from Mississippi, Missouri and points of Tennessee. This work at Memphis is not on footing to continue all summer. I long to see you all in life, but if not I will meet you at the marriage supper of the Lamb.-G.B. Cashwell.

In Alliance, O.

We are in the midst of a gracious outpouring of God’s Spirit in our ten days consecration; people are coming up as they did to Jerusalem, anxious to know the way of God more perfectly. Thirteen were laid out under the power at once, some who had * their Pentecost receiving prophecy, many sweet heavenly messages. A young Irish boy, 20 years an orphan, was saved on the vessel two years ago as Rev. Lupton was on his way to Africa. He came to the Home here two weeks ago and received Pentecost in a few days. God has been so marvelously using him and making him such a blessing to all. He prophesied under the power more than six hours. He was telling of the countries of Africa, and spoke of many of the places Rev. Lupton had visited. The boy himself was never in Africa, but was on his way to England when converted.

A doctor from Oberlin College arose in the meeting while Rev. McKenney was giving the message and said: “I believe it, I have been skeptical, but I do know it is true.” The altar filled at once with men. * some women knelt at the front seats.

Oh, how we love to honor the precious Blood. It is so blessed to stand and see the salvation of God. We count the Holy Ghost faithful.

A very large company of us are enjoying Pentecost now in Ohio. It is spreading rapidly. We are getting many urgent calls. Pray much for the laborers. The devil is hard after us.”-I.C.

In Minneapolis.

320 S. Cedar St., April 15.-Yesterday our first Sunday, was a day of great victory for the Lord. At the afternoon and evening services, the altar was crowded with earnest, anxious seekers-between fifty and sixty last night. I feel that God is going to sweep Minneapolis as she was never swept before. Glory! We are giving the strong meat of the Word, preaching repentance and restitution as the only foundation upon which the Holy Ghost will build; and it is taking. The Dowieites are closing up their missions and coming with us. We have a large hall, and it was filled all day yesterday. Hallelujah.

May 3, This is a blessed day after our great victory of last night. One sister received her Pentecost and talked for some time in tongues. Some understood her when she spoke the Polish and others recognized several sentences spoken in the Bohemian. I recognized the Chinese when she spoke that and another recognized the Italian. She sang beautifully in the Norwegian tongue. Of course the devil was stirred and there were threats of throwing me in jail because some one suggested hypnotism. We are having wonderful meetings. Bro. Pendleton felt the presence of the Holy Ghost fire as I did at the beginning of the meeting last night. He had no sermon we went to the altar after singing a couple of songs. The Swedish sisters are with us. Their ship sails May 17. They are blessed women of God.-J. R. Conlee.

In Denver, Colo.

1312 Welton St., March 18.-Sinners are being saved, believers are being sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire and speaking in tongues. The altar is full of seekers every afternoon and evening, and people are being healed of scrofula, salt rheum, curvature of spine, locomotive ataxia, diseases of the eyes, ears, etc.

One lady had a legion of demons cast out of her, was saved, sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost inside an hour, and spoke in tongues at the night meeting. One Swedish young man here had a demon cast out and received the baptism with the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues, inside of two and a half hours.

People of all ages with all manner of diseases are coming for healing, and the deaf, lame, and blind. The Acts of the Apostles are being repeated here now. Handkerchiefs are being blessed and sent to sick people in other places, and children of God are getting handkerchiefs blessed for unbelieving husbands and children and for sick folks here in and around Denver. This gives an outline of the work going on here the past two or three weeks. I want to tell you also that God sends in an interpreter from time to time. One night here a young cowboy from the Creek Indians dropped in and heard one of the sisters speak the Creek Indian language, and another night a doctor dropped in who understood three languages she spoke.-Mrs. Nora Wilcox.



The brother who went from England to investigate the work in Norway, Bro. A.A. Boddy, All Saints’ Vicarage, Monkwearmough, Sunderland, England, sent out the following in tract form.

Speaking in Tongues. Is this of God?

In the spring and summer of 1906, God began to answer the very prolonged cry of some of His hungry children, a cry for a Pentecost with scripture evidences.

One after another became at last conscious, as the mighty power of God came upon them, that they were speaking in divine ecstasy with a voice that was not their own, and in a language whether of men and angels they knew not, for until some received the gift of interpretation it was not known what they said. They were speaking mysteries to God for their own strengthening. (1 Cor., xiv., 2-4.)

The work which the writer believes was of God then came nearer to us. He, himself, has heard (this year, 1907) numbers of Spirit-filled men and women and even children magnifying God in tongues. They were all trusting in the Work of the Cross, adoring the Crucified; and sinners were being converted. He was in eight meetings, and he praises God with full heart for that fellowship. He can witness that all are strengthened by the knowledge that the Holy Ghost has come into fuller possession, they are filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory. But God is now graciously working in our midst with the signs and gifts.

The writer can testify as a rejoicing witness. He could write of very strange things. Earnest prayer which has ascended for months has been gloriously answered and greater things are yet to happen. Glory to the Lamb with Seven Horns and Seven Eyes! May we every keep true to Him and hidden in him. (Rev. v. 6; Col. iii.3).

God is girding the whole world with this sign of His outpouring of the Spirit.

A letter from another part of our own land says:-

“Our sister and two or three others have been seeking for months. She got so hungry that it came to a point of real travail of soul, after which came a rest of faith, joy and peace. Not long after this (about three weeks) while about her domestic work, the Holy Ghost came upon her, and she spoke a few utterances in tongues, and as time went on it became more fluent. Our brother who has recently received was praising the Lamb of God (under the power of the Spirit) when he began a song without words for a time (worshiping in the Spirit) then a few utterances in tongues, and so on till he spoke most fluently. I can say from experience that we have a terrible battle with the powers of Hell, but we are learning to claim the victory through the Blood, and the Lord is teaching us to let all go into His Hands.”


The wonderful sign in 1906 is the restoration of tongues, which foretells the preaching of the pure gospel to all nations, which must be done before the Gentile Times end. (Matt. 24:14.)-The Prophetic Age.


You do not have to strain your mind in order to receive the Holy Ghost, but just believe the Word of Jesus and the Lord pours the Holy Ghost into your heart just as freely as the air you breathe.


What the people need today is an experimental salvation wrought out in their hearts, we have something that will stand against all the forces and powers of hell. God is our life. He is our all in all, it is Christ the Son of the living God.


The “Vanguard” people in St. Louis are waiting on God for the outpouring of the Spirit, and one brother has received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and is speaking in tongues. Their paper is now called “The Banner of Truth.”


A Norwegian brother in Brooklyn, New York was reading about the Pentecost in Christiana when he was baptized with the Holy Ghost and began to speak in different languages. It was about midnight on January 26. His name is Oscar Halvorsen of 293 13th street. Three others in Brooklyn are speaking in tongues.


The Apostolic Faith

312 Azusa Street

Published by


Headquarters, Los Angeles

Subscription Free

Please write addresses very plainly for the paper.


Papers are free but none to waste. Pass your paper on to another to read. Send for more if you need them.


Any who want the four last numbers of the paper, can have them as long as they last.


The money has all been freely donated for this paper without collections or charging for it. All expenses are met in advance. This is the most blessed way of running a paper we ever saw. It is the Pentecostal way. Every few weeks we hear of another paper starting on this line among the Pentecostal people.


The cost of publishing the last paper was about half a cent each or about $200 for 40,000 papers. The cost of sending is one cent each of half a cent when in rolls. Many of the papers are sent out by friends. They are being scattered all over the world.


We send papers only to those who we believe are careful in passing them out to reach hungry souls. The Spirit would be grieved by any carelessness or extravagance in regard to the Lord’s work, and we believe His Spirit will rest upon it as long as we honor Him in every detail of the publishing work.


There is a spirit of harmony and unity in the office work. We feel the power of God as we write off these blessed reports. The offices are places of prayer and praise and the power of God comes down on the workers as they fold the paper. We feel repaid when we hear of souls getting baptized with the Holy Ghost in reading it.


The following Pentecostal Camp-meetings are announced for this summer:

Lamont, Okla., May 15-30.

Los Angeles, Cal., June 1, continuing about four months.

Alliance, Ohio, June 13-23 or longer.

Denver, Colo., July 12-Sept. 8.


There is now a free Pentecostal paper in Calcutta, India. It is called “Pentecostal Power.” It is a blessed paper filled with the testimonies of fire baptized testimonies and sound doctrine. We also received another new Pentecostal paper published free in Homestead, Pa. It is called the “Latter Rain,” and contains wonderful reports. Just as this paper goes to press, we receive “A Call to Faith,” another precious Pentecostal paper published free at Martinsburg, W. Va. This makes at least seven new papers heralding free this Pentecostal outpouring.


“Pentecost has swept across the country, and through the instrumentally of Brother Cashwell a great number of the officials and members of the Fire Baptized Holiness Church have given up their man-made theories about Pentecost, and gone down and received the genuine Pentecostal baptism, with the Bible evidence following.

“As far as we can learn, the general overseers, ruling elders, and evangelists are swept in, with a few exceptions, and we are looking to God to continue the work until we are a unit on true Bible lines. It was hard for us to die, but God marvelously worked, as you will see by The Apostolic Evangel, and we feel that great things are ahead.

“Like yourselves we have decided not to go in debt to get out the paper, and it is marvelous and glorious how God is supplying our needs.

“Our editor, Brother J.H. King, will probably be in Oklahoma in May, with Brother Cook, and he may go to visit you.”-A.E. Robinson, Royston, Ga.


Pentecostal power is sweeping its way into churches, missions, asylums, jails, hospitals, and soldiers’ barracks. People are being cleansed by the Blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Ghost. The saints of the Lord from Los Angeles to Africa and India are speaking in tongues and glorifying God. They have their lamps trimmed and filled with oil, sealed in their foreheads unto the day of redemption. They have counted the cost, given up all paid the price, are not afraid to die, and ready to be translated and caught away. They are determined to know nothing save Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The Holy Ghost is a loving and tender guest. He has won the hearts of the people in His praying, singing and preaching. His preaching is not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but He exalts the Blood and preaches Jesus Christ who conquered hell, death and the grave and whose Blood cleanses from all sin, and brings health, joy, salvation, and eternal life. He speaks with authority and demonstration of the Spirit, declaring that Jesus is coming soon, not to be crucified but to be crowned King of kings and Lord of lords.


“Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection; On him the second death hath no power.”-Rev. 20:6.

Behold the sight most wonderful;

From every grace beneath the skies,

From ocean depth and mountain peek,

The righteous dead arise.

With bodies glorified they come,

With faces radiant and sublime;

With shouts of victory ascend,

All in a moment’s time.

Changed in the twinkling of an eye,

Immortal bodies they put on;

Swifter than any lightning’s ray,

And brighter than the sun.

Oh, what a vast and joyous host,

When dead and living are called out,

From silent grave, and worldly crowd,

At the archangel’s shout.

No wicked one amongst that host,

Shall rise to life on that great day;

The flowers above their graves still bloom,

Over their lifeless clay.

In that great resurrection morn,

Oh, grant us all a standing place;

That we with all the Bloodwashed saints

May see Thy blessed face.

-Bro. A. Beck.



In one family in Los Angeles, there are seven who have the Pentecostal baptism and speak in tongues. Father and mother and children are all filled with the Spirit clear down to the little sister about three years of age. It is a heavenly place in that home and at cottage prayer meetings in that house, other souls have been filled with the Spirit. They are a missionary family and all are called to Africa. While they were praying in regard to going to Africa, the oldest daughter, Bessie, went and sat down to the piano, and soon called to her mother to bring a pencil and paper, that the Lord was giving her a song from the 16th chapter of Mark. The mother was given one verse. The words and music were both from heaven, and it is inspiring to hear it sung. As they are expecting soon to go to their field of labor, a service was held at the Mission of late where all the family took their places on the altar and had hands laid on them to consecrate them for the work. It was a time never to be forgotten as each gave their testimony and as they sang the song God had given them. Their names are Bro. and Sister Wm. Cummings, Bessie, Frank, Ida, Mae, Mattie Belle, and John. The following is the song:

Jesus is Coming.

(Mark 16. 15.)

Go into all the world My saints,

Tell them that Jesus is coming;

Preaching, and teaching, and healing the sick,

Tell them that Jesus is coming.

Jesus is coming, is coming;

Jesus is coming so soon.

Go into all the world, My Saints;

Tell them that Jesus is coming.

He that believeth and is baptized,

Tell them that Jesus is coming;

He that believeth not shall be damned,

Tell them that Jesus is coming.

This is the song of all the saints,

That Jesus is very soon coming;

This is the sign of Pentecost,

Telling that Jesus is coming.



Minneapolis, Minn., April 29.-Hallelujah to God, our Father, and Christ Jesus, through the Holy Ghost abiding with us. We met with many hungry souls on the way, and here in Minneapolis we cannot get away, they want us here and there to tell about Azusa Mission and our experience. Bros. Pendleton and Conlee have all that they can do. Glory to God. The people want us to tell more about Jesus and His wondrous love, they are so hungry among the Swedish and other nations. We feel your prayers following us as angels’ wings around us. Hallelujah. I see you all before the throne of God. We are getting ready to leave some of these days for Norway. Pray for us. Greet the saints.-Yours in the Lord, for ever through the Blood. Helza, Amanda and Marion Iverson, 3301 Ninth Avenue South.


Pentecost has fallen in Santa Barbara, California.


Baptized workers have gone to Boston and Washington, D.C. and have opened meetings, and souls are seeking their Pentecost.


Bro. and Sister H. McLain, Sister Agnes Jacobson, and Bro. Harmon Clifford have been called to Chicago from San Jose. They wrote May 1st: “We had a wreck on the road but God saved us all. Praise God! We have not got to work yet only four souls have come to the place where we are stopping to be prayed for. One got the baptism last night and talked in tongues. One was sanctified and one anointed, and we cast out demons from two. Praise God.”-997 N. Spaulding Ave., Chicago.


Three days of fasting and prayer were set apart at the Mission for more power in the meetings. The Lord answered and souls were slain all about the altar the second night. We have felt an increase of power every night. At this writing in the office, the power in the meeting is felt. The heavenly anthem is heard and the shouts and praises of the saints. All the afternoon there has been an altar service and souls coming through. A brother came this morning saying God had showed him that self was creeping in. Another said God had been showing him the same all night. The workers all got down before God and the power fell. This is the way of victory to go down before God. The great need is prayer.

– – –

In Azusa Mission, there is a prayer room upstairs for the sick. People get healed there every day. There is a large room used for the morning service of prayer and Bible study. It is also used for those seeking Pentecost. When the altar call is made on Sunday, the seekers for Pentecost pass upstairs and seekers for justification and sanctification remain below. Souls receive Pentecost right along at the altars. Some get saved and sanctified.

– – –

A brother recently received the gift of the French language. He waited on God to know his call, and while laid out under the power, was given a vision of Paris and called there. He saw Paris upheaved as it were by a great destruction. The Lord told him to go and preach the Gospel to them.

– – –

One morning in the cottage on the Mission grounds, two were healed before breakfast. Another morning at the family worship two were slain under the power and one received the baptism with the Holy Ghost. The dining room is a blessed place. The power comes down so upon the workers that we can scarcely eat. We sing, speak in tongues and praise God at the table. The food from heaven is the best part of the meal.

– – –

On Sunday, May 12, just before the altar call in the afternoon at Azusa Mission, a little boy stood back of the pulpit with hand uplifted and gave a short message in unknown tongue. A brother interpreted the message, “He that hath an ear let him hear.” There were so many witnessing that the little boy was lost sight of till someone brought him forward and asked if he had a message. It was similar to the occasion where someone said: “There is a lad here that hath five loaves and two fishes.” He began to speak in tongues, being under the power of God and it was given out through an interpreter to the whole audience. Finally he stood on the altar and continued, the Spirit speaking through him entreating and pleading with the people to come to the Lord, not to depend upon a religion in their heads but to get right in their hearts with God. In the evening the Spirit spoke on the same line through others in unknown tongues which were interpreted. The Lord chooses His own messengers, even children and the unlearned.



Just as we are finishing up this paper, a sister came into the editorial office in the power of the Spirit, saying that the Lord would not permit her to go home till she had given a message. She sat down and began to speak in tongues, which a brother whom the Lord has sent from Zion City was able to interpret. He wrote it down in shorthand, paragraph by paragraph. When she finished, he read it, and although she knew nothing of the words she spoke, she said it was just the experience she was then going through personally.

“Oh, how we praise the Lord that He is working in the midst of His people to will and to do of His own good pleasure, that He may be glorified in the earth.

“Oh, how we give Him the glory that he is doing this for His own name’s sake and that the world may be blessed.

“Oh, how I give Him praise for what He has done for me in saving, sanctifying, and baptizing me with the Holy Ghost and fire, to the glory of His name.

“I turned to Jesus in my weariness and found in Him rest and peace for my soul. Glory to His name.

“He found me thirsting for Him, but drinking of that which the world and the churches try to give to the people to satisfy them; but now I am drinking of the living waters and find refreshing for my spirit; glory to His name!

“Jesus is so precious to me that nothing which is being offered me at this time will induce me to compromise with the world, the flesh and the devil, but I am going forward with Him. Glory to His holy name!

“For He has been dealing with me and showing me that I must go that which He has guided me and trained me in, to the glory of His holy name.”


There is nothing that makes pure but the Blood of Jesus. God honors nothing but the Blood. This world is a mass of corruption, and there is nothing that keeps satanic power out of people but the Blood of the Lamb.


A woman in San Marcial, N.M. was brought under conviction in a Pentecostal meeting and confessed the crime of killing her husband twenty years ago. One sister there received her Pentecost and speaks in Chinese. The night she came through, she had a vision of Jesus and sang and preached in Chinese. One other sister received the Navajo Indian language.


God has just awakened and said: “Get up and write. My people must be called together. I have called this mighty camp meeting that I might get a chance to speak to My people. I am coming soon and I have great things to show them.” Glory to His Name.

Dear ones, I expected to be back in Winnipeg, Canada, ere this, and would have been had not God spoken so plainly to me on the night of April 6, just after coming through three days of fasting and praying that God would show me what I was to do. About midnight I heard a rap at my door. I awoke and listened, and while listening Jesus appeared in a door about six feet wide and eight feet high, standing, it seemed, between me and heaven, with His arms stretched out and a most beautiful mantle covering Him to the tips of His fingers, and said to me: “It is not my will that you should take you family back to Winnipeg just now.” And He disappeared I then fell asleep, but again the same knock as before came on my door and awoke me. This time I was more certain than ever that someone was at my door, and as I listened for the knock to be repeated again Jesus appeared in the same position as He had just disappeared, only this time more beautiful than these eyes can behold, and as I saw past the edge of His mantle, oh, behold, oh, how pure and white,-methinks I yet can see,-and with outstretched arms He said to me: “Go. tell My people, behold I come quickly;” and again disappeared as before. Oh, glory to His Name. Behold, He comes so soon. Oh, get ready, dear ones. Oh, how God has blessed me and my dear family since the last issue of this paper.

On the night of April 23 I could not sleep. God talked to me all night about a big camp meeting that would bring His people together from far and wide that He might talk to them. I found on reaching the Mission, He had also been talking to two sisters, saints of God, who were waiting when I got there to tell me; so we at once started to the proposed grounds, and as I stepped on the place we have now selected to erect the large Tabernacle, by heart seemed to stop and my bosom filled,-Oh, glory, glory, glory to God,-and I said to one of the party: “This is the place,” but one of them said: “No, there is a nicer place up the creek on the other side;” so up we went crossing the creek, but no other place seemed to have any charm. We went down the creek and crossed back, coming up the other side. I must confess they had me lost, but as we went up the bank of the stream and came to a most beautiful cluster of oaks my heart seemed to stop again, my bosom filled with joy, and I again remarked to my friend: “Oh, this is strange, why this seems to be the place;” and he looked at me and said: “This is the same place.” Then my heart seemed to say”: “Glory, glory, glory, O, glory to my Redeemer.” Oh, that is a holy spot. God is breathing down on that site. Every time I go out to it heaven seems to open. Glory to God in the highest.

Last week I went out to locate some improvements on the ground, and as we came to one beautiful spot where the dear brethren were working getting the ground ready, they gathered around us, and as we sang: “What a friend we have in Jesus.” God poured out His Spirit. We knelt down to have prayer, and as we prayed God opened heaven and spoke through us in unknown tongues as the Spirit gave us utterance. O glory to God. As we arose from our knees and I looked upon the faces of the dear ones they seemed to light up with joy, and they said: “Why, this is a happy place, we would rather be here than even at Azusa Street.” On this spot we have decided to place our Children’s Tabernacle.

Oh, dear ones, come to this camp meeting. If you cannot come you can help us with your prayers.

Yours in Jesus,

R.J. Scott.

Late from Winnipeg, Canada. Present address 312 Azusa St., Los Angeles Cal.


In our last paper we made a mistake in Brother J.P. Boddy’s address, who is pastor of the Pentecostal Church at Lincoln Place, Pa. We confused him with Brother A.S. Copley, the editor of the little paper called “The Full Gospel,” Cambridge, O.


A sister in Findlay, O., writes that in a Pentecostal meeting there, one Sunday morning, two sisters came to the altar before meeting began. Soon one was laid out under the power of God and began to speak in a new tongue. The other began to sing in tongues, and by the time the meeting began with song, the altar was full and so it continued till after midnight. A number there have received the Pentecostal baptism.


Heaven was searched to find one that could come and save suffering humanity. Angels could not do it. Man could not do it because he was guilty and doomed to hell. But One was found in the bosom of God. God’s Lamb that takes away the sin of the world. He came down, bled and died on Calvary’s cross, went down into the grave and arose and went to the right hand of God. We believe in this glorious Gospel that saves a man and woman through and through.


Bro. Adolph Rosa has left San Francisco for Portugal to preach the Gospel to his own people there.



(Songs of Solomon, 4.7.)

Come sing to Me, My own sweet bride.

Surely, I love thee well;

I purchased thee with My own Blood

To save thy soul from hell.

I love to hear thy voice in song,

And know thy heart is glad.

Thou hast no need to fear, My love;

No cause for feeling sad.

Surely, I’ll take good care of thee;

Supply thy every need;

Thou shalt not want for anything

For which thy soul doth plead.

Thy every breath of prayer, I hear;

Thy every want is known.

Love, My love, My fairest one,

I’ll lift thee to My throne.

Seated at My right hand in power,

in majesty and might,

Above the angel choirs to be

Most precious in My sight.

Thy toll on earth will soon be o’er-

I’m coming soon for thee.

Look up and sing, My spotless one;

My glory thou shalt see.

I have a home prepared for thee;

A many mansloned home;

It’s fitted up in beauteous style

For thee when thou dost come.

Thou shalt not have to say I’m sick-

I’ll cherish thee, my bride.

All hell shall stand amazed at thee

When seated by my side.

Dark Shulamite, men call thee now,

And proudly pass thee by,

But surely, In a little while

I’ll bear thee through the sky.

Through angel throngs I’ll bear thee up-

To dazzling heights, we’ll go,

Thy tolls forgot; thy body changed-

Goodbye to things below.

Be faithful, dear one, do not set

Thy mind on earthly dross;

Be dead to transient joys below,

And gladly bear thy cross.

I hung upon the cross for thee,

I bled and languished there;

I left My Father’s home for thee

Thy lot on earth to share.

Thou knowest how men scourged My back.

And railed and spat on Me;

And when I hung upon the cross,

They mocked My agony.

I passed through all the pains of hell-

My Father hid His face;

I gladly bore thy sin away,

And took the sinner’s place.

Thy toil for Me I’ll ne’er forget-

I love thy dusky face;

Though men may frown, I’ll shortly crown.

And give thee in Heaven a place.

To Paradise of God restored,

My bride shall ever be;

Seated ‘neath amaranthyne bowers,

Gazing on glassy sea.

Walking the streets of gold with Me,

Far from a world of sin,

Secure, content and satisfied,

With Christ, thy Lord, shut in.

No evil now, shall touch thee more;

No sense of loneliness.

My presence shall be yours for aye,

To gladden, cheer, and bless.

And when the Kingdom I resign

Into My Father’s care,

My glory, love and tenderness

Thou shalt forever share.-Bro. A. Beck.



We know that some look with disfavor upon falling under the power, and many regard with suspicion visions and revelations. But how can any, who really believe in the Bible, doubt the genuineness of that which fully bears the marks of being of God, and which is also in fulfillment of the prophecies and promises of His Word?

“And the Spirit of God came upon Him.” “He hath said, which heard the word of God, which saw the vision of the Almighty, falling into a trance, but having his eyes open.”

“Therefore I was left alone, and saw this great vision, and there remained no strength in me;” “and I became dumb;” “then I opened my mouth, and spoke.” (Dan. 10:8, 15, 16).

Christ, in speaking of the coming of the Comforter to any one that loves Him, said: “And I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.” (John 14:21.)

At Joppa the Spirit-baptized Peter fell into a divine trance, in which he saw the vision, and heard the voice, that swept away his Jewish exclusiveness, and sent him to Cesarea.” (Acts 10:9-20.)

In 2 Cor. 12:1, Paul says: “I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord.” We also learn that when the Spirit shall begin to be poured out upon all flesh in the last days, “they shall prophesy and see visions.”

If you reject the real in these days, what will you do with that of the same kind recorded in the Scriptures? Will you throw away the Bible, because of unbelief in these mighty and marvelous workings of the Spirit in the present? It looks very much, s if to be consistent, this is what you will have to do, or accept what this same God of the Bible is surely doing today.-The New Acts.

Other inspired records of divine trances are given in the Scriptures. Paul at his conversion fell under the power of God. He says: “Suddenly there shone from heaven a great light round about me. And I fell unto the ground and heard a voice saying unto me, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? And I answered, ‘Who are thou, Lord?’ And He said unto me: ‘I am Jesus of Nazareth whom thou persecuteth.'” Acts 22:6-8.

Paul also testified to being in a divine trance, in II. Cor. 12:2-4. “I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago (whether in the body I cannot tell, or whether out of the body I cannot tell, God knoweth) such an one caught up to the third heaven – – – and heard unspeakable words which it is not lawful for a man to utter.”

John also in Revelations says: “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day.” He heard Jesus speaking and says: “When I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead.” Just as so many in this mission have seen a vision of Jesus and have fallen at His feet as dead.



God has not given you, through the power of the Holy Ghost, that which is no language or has no meaning. You need not hunt around for somebody to interpret. That is as bad as Saul going to the Witch of Endor. People may tell you it is some kind of gibberish you are speaking, but you know that it means something because the Holy Ghost gave it to you. “Let him that speaketh in an unknown tongue pray that he may interpret.” The interpretation is unlocked by prayer. I am glad the Lord has some things the devil cannot find out. It not, anyone could unlock the mysteries of Christ.

In the Corinthian church, the tongues sounded so sweet they all wanted to speak in tongues, and the Lord showed them that love was the theme. In I Cor. 14, Paul was trying to teach government and wisdom to this church. They were very zealous and the whole company of baptized believers wanted to talk in tongues at once. They would perhaps get to singing and very happy, and then all go off in tongues, just as we have, and the one that had not got the baptism and wanted it, and the unsaved and unsanctified souls were left out. Paul wanted them to get in order where they could get souls saved, sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost. The spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophets. The Holy Ghost is always in order. If you have the real gift of tongues and you find the Lord has not given you the gift of prophecy to interpret, and you find that all your sermon is in tongues, you may sit down and give somebody else a chance. Do not go on for half an hour speaking in tongues. The Scripture says to be silent, just sit down.

The Bible shows us the great need of preaching or prophesying in the plain tongue. The Lord will give you the interpretation of prayer in tongues as well as of speaking. The one who speaks in the plain tongue is of more account to the assembly than the one speaking in the unknown tongue, except he interpret.

Paul said: “I would that ye all spoke with tongues, but rather that ye prophesied.” He wants us to go forward and get deeper things yet. He said he spoke in tongues more than they all, putting himself in with them, that they might see that he was not fighting the gift, for he really had more of the gift than they had.



188 Paw Paw Ave.,

Benton Harbor, Mich.

God has saved me from a life of sin and filled, not half filled by entirely filled me with His Holy Spirit. Hallelujah! There is not an hour in the day that I cannot feel Him manifesting in my flesh. I feel His power all through my being just now.

I was working in Boyne, a small town in the northern part of this state, driving a team for a business man. One night, after taking care of the team, a saved young man and myself decided to sleep in the barn. At that time, I had not been at a place of worship for months, nor had anyone spoken to me about my soul. But I knew what I must do to be saved. Shortly after retiring, something settled down upon me, and I realized it was conviction for sin. I groaned under the burden and called on God for mercy. Upon asking Lee (the young man with me) to pray for me, he was surprised and thought I was joking. But when he found I meant business, he joined in with me, and I put my case before the Lord and continued to pray for mercy. For half or three quarters of an hour, I went through something that only those who have had deep conviction for sin can realize. But, glory to His name, He fulfilled His Word in me. “In the day when ye seek Me with a whole heart I will be found of you.”

I started out for God, but more than once I had a struggle with that carnal nature, and while on the wagon, I would have to leave for the woods or the cornfield to seek forgiveness. O, how I do thank and praise Him for His mercy to me.

After being saved and sanctified by the Blood of Jesus, I still saw my need of the fire and power of God to come up to my privilege in the Gospel, and did not understand why I came short. But God was merciful to the saints here in Benton Harbor and sent Sister Robinson to us from Los Angeles. I did not accept her teaching at first, but of course God brought me round, and in a few days I was seeking my Pentecost and expecting tongues for an evidence. Some say that we ought not to expect tongues, but, glory to God, let us have it just as nearly like the disciples as possible. To me it was a witness that I had received the baptism, just as it was to Peter when at the house of Cornelius. He perceived that the Gentiles received the Holy Ghost, because they spoke with tongues and magnified God.

A few days after I began to seek the Lord, He led Sister Robinson to lay her hands on me, that I might receive the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire. And one week from the time she came, I received the baptism and spoke in a number of languages. The first I felt was my jaws beginning to ache, and soon starting to chatter. This continued for about half an hour and then I broke out in a number of different languages. A few night later in meeting, I prayed and preached for about an hour in clear distinct languages, as plainly and in as natural a tone of voice as anyone would speak. Afterwards kneeling down beside a bench to thank God for His using this unworthy tongue of mine, the Spirit again took control of it and prayed in the English language. I was surprised at the prayer that came from my mouth. I prayed for everyone personally that was in the room. And it seemed to be just what they needed.

When John prophesied to Jesus’ coming he said: “He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire.” It seems that I did not receive much of the fire at first. But of course everyone has more or less of a different experience. But glory to God! for about a week now, I have been so filled that at times it seemed I would be consumed.-George H. Taylor.



Two Pentecostal workers in Cleveland have been going about visiting the homes. When they come to a family whose language they do not understand, they kneel down and ask God for the language that they may preach Jesus to them. God answers, prayers and they rise and at once preach the Gospel to the family in their own language.

– – –

A sister in answer to prayer was enabled to speak to a dying Italian woman in a hospital in Allegheny, Pa., and to pray with her in her own language. She was converted and died in the Lord.

– – –

A young man felt impressed to speak to an Arabian woman peddler, he obeyed, and found he was speaking her native tongue, and spoke to her about Jesus, and Christianity. She replied in broken English concerning the religion of which he had been speaking.

– – –

Two young men in Pennsylvania who had received their Pentecost, were in a meeting, and the Spirit came upon them, and they began speaking in tongues together. They have both been called as missionaries to Africa, and found themselves with arms around each other, speaking the same dialect. They were taken in the Spirit to the heathen in Africa, and found themselves surrounded by those poor idolators, and they were given the interpretation, at this time of what they said. They appeared to read to them from John 14., and found themselves opening up the chapter to their benighted listeners, with the earnestness of all their souls.

– – –

A young man who had just received his Pentecost and tongues, was in a meeting and the mighty Spirit of prayer came upon him, and he began to pray in tongues. A woman who heard him, told him after the meeting, that he had prayed in the Swedish tongue, and that she understood every word. He came to our meeting a few nights later, and after lying for some hours under the power of God, spoke and sang for some time in tongues, apparently the same language.

– – –

During the recent Christian and Missionary Alliance Convention in Cleveland, O., one afternoon the Holy Spirit took possession of the meeting and set aside the program, giving freedom to all who had received their personal Pentecost to witness and speak or pray in tongues. Bro. Henry Wilson, who had been sent from New York to investigate the Pentecostal movement which had taken such a strong hold of the workers and members of the Alliance, said he would report to the brethren in New York that this work is of God, and no man should put his hand upon it.

– – –

A brother in Cleveland who was asked to pray for the healing of a sick sister, instead of praying in the old way, asked the Holy Ghost to pray through him. He waited in silence until the Holy Spirit gave the message, “The Lord for the body and the body for the Lord.” The sister was instantly healed and fell upon the floor under conviction for a deeper work of grace. This brother says that since he received his Pentecost, he can accomplish a hundred times as much in a day and much more easily than formerly. It is simply letting the Holy Ghost do the work.


In seeking the Pentecost, get down before God and pray through till you strike bottom rock, where with your heart you can claim the promise. Then you will praise Him with great joy as you wait on Him, and “He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost.” There is a great deal in praying and praising.

A young man having received his Pentecost was impressed to speak to an Italian, but refused to do so, and felt he had grieved the Spirit, and confessed and repented, and promised to obey in the future. He was soon permitted to have the test applied again, and he obeyed and found he was able to speak the Italian language, and opened up a conversation about Christianity to this foreigner.


In Sister Ladd’s Mission, Des Moines, Ia., numbers have received the Pentecost and Bible evidence. Souls are being saved and sanctified. About 12 young people have calls to foreign fields.


If you have any idol in your soul save Jesus only, there is no rest there; but if He is there, there is rest and power.


Azusa Mission is not the head of this movement; we are a body of missions with Christ as the Head. All glory to God.


Men may fight against this Gospel, but it will stand, for it is founded on Christ the Rock and His eternal Word.


God wants men and women that will preach this Gospel square from the shoulder.


We are not to compromise with sin. We are not to preach that people can be saved with just a little sin in their hearts; but teach that they must live pure and holy lives free from cheating, backbiting and all the catalog of sins, and God will always be with you.


“Glory to God for the blest handkerchief. I was healed before it got here. I felt the prayers of the saints as God healed me. As I took the handkerchief out of the letter, it seemed that the Lord poured out a blessing on me. We have two men here from Dunn, N.C., filled with Pentecost. O praise God for such men. There were six down seeking for Pentecost tonight. Glory to Jesus. Oh I do thank Him for the gift of the Holy Ghost. I’m at the fountain drinking.”-Mrs. M.J. Wilson, 1903 County St., Portsmouth, Va. May 3.


“In the meeting at Dunn, N.C., the first of the year, God wonderfully baptized me with the Holy Ghost and spoke with my tongue to the extent that myself and those who surrounded me knew that it was the Blessed Holy Ghost that was talking. Bro. R.B. Jackson, holiness preacher with whom I used to preach, also received the Holy Ghost. Bro. Jackson and myself went off into the white fields of harvest to reap for Jesus. O, how He has poured out His Spirit in saving souls, sanctifying believers, filling hungry hearts with the Holy Ghost. We are now engaged in one of the most wonderful meetings I ever saw. Praise His sweet name forever. We go from here to Portsmouth, Va., where we are looking for wonderful victory. I have the sweet consciousness that my heart is clean through Jesus’ Blood and the Comforter abides in it and speaks for Himself.”-D.M. Sellers, Dunn, N.C., April 24.



It has been often related how the Pentecost fell in Los Angeles over a year ago in a cottage prayer meeting. Sister Jennie Moore who was in that meeting and received her Pentecost gives her testimony as follows:

“For years before this wonderful experience came to us, we as a family, were seeking to know the fullness of God, and He was filling us with His presence until we could hardly contain the power. I had never seen a vision in my life, but one day as we prayed there passed before me three white cards, each with two names thereon, and but for fear I could have given them, as I saw every letter distinctly. On April 9, 1906, I was praising the Lord from the depths of my heart at home, and when the evening came and we attended the meeting the power of God fell and I was baptized in the Holy Ghost and fire, with the evidence of speaking in tongues. During the day I had told the Father that although I wanted to sing under the power I was willing to do what ever He willed, and at the meeting when the power came on me I was reminded of the three cards which had passed me in the vision months ago. As I thought thereon and looked to God, it seemed as if a vessel broke within me and water surged up through my being, which when it reached my mouth came out in a torrent of speech in the languages which God had given me. I remembered the names of the cards: French, Spanish, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Hindustani, and as the message came with power, so quick that but few words would have been recognized, interpretation of each message followed in English, the name of the language would come to me. I sang under the power of the Spirit in many languages, the interpretation both words and music which I had never before heard, and in the home where the meeting was being held, the Spirit led me to the piano, where I played and sang under inspiration, although I had not learned to play. In these ways God is continuing to use me to His glory ever since that wonderful day, and I praise Him for the privilege of being a witness for Him under the Holy Ghost’s power.”-J.M., 312 Azusa St., Los Angeles.


The interpretation of many of the messages in nearly every language spoken by the Holy Ghost in unknown tongues is that Jesus is coming.



“Praise God with us. The dear Lord in His love and mercy has answered prayers for me and Sister Nelson. He has come and baptized us with the Holy Ghost. He came to me the 8th of March and gave me the Bible evidence in speaking in tongues. Praise His precious name. We are contending for the faith once delivered to the saints, following on for all He has for us that we may come behind in no gift. We are both at present over in Calcutta, India, in the same house with Mr. and Mrs. Garr whom God sent from Los Angeles. God is working but the enemy is doing all he can to hinder. But victory is ours through the Blood of Jesus.”-Mary Johnson, address, “Court Lodge,” Dehiwala, Ceylon.

– – –

“I desire that you send me some of your papers on the Apostolic Faith. I feel very much interested in helping spread this Gospel over the land, and I can send them where I cannot go myself. Ever since I received Him, the Blessed Holy Ghost, I have had a great desire to go and tell it to others. Bless the Lord, O my soul! I was justified eight years and sanctified fourteen years, being guarded by the Holy Ghost, kept clean through the truth, for the Word is truth, and, bless the Lord, on March 13th, 1907, the electrical shock of the Holy Ghost from heaven fell upon me. I died seemingly and I became helpless as a babe. It seemed as if I was in another world, I could not realize myself. On the 15th of March He began to speak for Himself; then I knew I had Him, for He testified for Himself. It is true. Glory, glory, glory! It is glory now. Amen Amen! I am watching for the coming of the glad millennial day.”-From your sister, sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise, Cella Freeman, 610 Willard St., Durham, S.C.

– – –

“March the 28th I received my personal Pentecost,-praise God. Had been praying for power in God’s service for one year. Last November a copy of Apostolic Faith was handed me. Pondered some and laid it one side. Had yielded all to God five years since. The 28th of January, after an illness in which God answered prayer offered in faith, I said: ‘Yes, I believe in the Pentecostal baptism with the Holy Ghost.’ I prayed earnestly for 6 weeks, at the close of which W.E. Woody from Chicago, Ill., came to our city and began Pentecostal services. I went, continued to hold on by faith, and receiving my blessing just two months from the day I received the truth. I was awakened about 1:30 a.m. after sweet, refreshing sleep, and felt a strange but sweet thrill go through my entire body and being. I heard the ‘Still Small Voice’ say, ‘I am come.’ My soul said, Glory! The muscles in my limbs, arms, hands and neck all moved and jerked, but such a wonderful joy filled me as I have no words to express. The muscles in my throat twitched, my tongue began moving, and, praise God, I began talking in an unknown tongue. I have spoken in more than one tongue since and also sung in them. I know some say, ’tis the devil, some think ’tis hysteria, but, glory to God. I know ’tis all of Jesus.’ I do not quite understand why some of God’s people want power but seem to object to Bible manner of receiving. Thanks be to God for the unspeakable gift of His love and all it means.”-Josephine A. Newton, 437 Horton Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich.

– – –

“Over and over I have prayed God for power to work for Him and live for Him. When my husband first attended the Azusa Street meetings I believed they were of God, but later on for one week I let Satan bring thoughts in my heart against them, and I was in darkness. Thank God, He brought me out of that darkness, and ever since then I have realized God’s all-powerful hand was on the Mission. Although I had not been permitted to attend the Azusa St. Mission I have been privileged to witness for months the power of the Holy Ghost in my husband. The time came when I was able to attend two Sunday meetings, with a prayer in my heart which burst into praises as I saw His wonderful works. I got more thirsty than ever for the living waters (John 4:10-14) from Heaven. I decided that my work should stop, except what was necessary, until my thirsty soul was satisfied. At about eleven o’clock on Tuesday, I knelt in prayer and praise. I felt the power of the Holy Ghost permeate my being, gradually taking control. He so gently laid me backward upon the floor, taking complete control I continued preaching and singing in other tongues from two until 3 o’clock. How I praise Him. The Spirit sang through me, “The Comforter has come,” “Down where the Living Waters flow,” “Beautiful beckoning hands,” in another language. He let us talk together for awhile in another tongue. Oh, what a privilege. Oh! how we praise God for leading us into the light shining down from heaven.

Dear reader, if you are unsaved prepare to meet the loving Savior, who paid the mighty debt for our redemption. Be ready when He comes. James 5:7-8. Revelation 1:7, 22:20. Dear child of God, tarry until you receive the enduement, Acts, 1:8.”-Mrs. Alson Vincent, Covina, Cal.

– – –

“I want to thank God that I live in this age. The Lord has done a wonderful work for me and my family. I was justified when 12 years old and lived a true Christian girl for some years, and during that time I had a call to go to Africa. I was going to Clark’s University and was encouraged by the missionaries from the north that when I got old enough I could go, as I was a good M.E. Methodist. As years advanced I began to get careless and, losing my dear old mother, a good Christian woman, I had no one to encourage me. One day God, Himself, began to talk to me and told me to read my Bible, and I was convicted that I was not right with God. I sought earnestly and was reclaimed, and I sang over and over for many weeks:

Is it well with my soul today?

My oldest child began to question and watch my life, and, oh, how I tried to walk right before her, and, praise God, He kept me, and when I came to California from Atlanta, Ga., June 1903, I heard of sanctification, being led of God to a church where it was preached. I praise God for leading me. Later on I was convicted and began seeking until the Lord really sanctified me, and I can say it was a thorough work. I have been living under the precious Blood ever since, and I have been happy. Jesus kept me free from sin. Glory to His name. When I heard of the baptism of the Holy Ghost with Bible evidence I thought it impossible for the Lord to do anything more for me, yet I was seeking for more power. I would go up to be prayed for, and tell the people I did not have power with God to win souls. The second time I went to the meeting on Bonnie Brae, Los Angeles, I received a high anointing. My Heavenly Father talked to me that night. He asked me was I willing to follow Jesus wheresoever He leadeth? Was I willing to come out from among the church folks and follow Jesus? Oh, I said, Lord I am, let Thy will be done. Oh, dear readers of this paper, I cannot tell you how the power of God came upon me, and He told me if I would be true He would save by whole house and other precious souls. July 5, 1906, received the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the Bible evidence, and since that time my husband and five children have been saved, sanctified, and baptized with the Holy Ghost. We are now getting ready to go to Africa, a family of nine. We earnestly beg the prayers of the saints that God will keep us humble and that we may be in His hands as clay is in the hands of the potter. Oh, how I praise God for what He has done for my children. They are a blessing to me. My all is on the altar, there to stay for time and eternity. I could tell of wonderful things God has done in my family since the Comforter has come. Glory to our King. I will praise Him forever.”-Mrs. Emma Cummings, 312 Azusa Street, Los Angeles, Calif.

– – –

“I have felt the Spirit wishes me to write a few lines as to the glory of our God in the way He has led me-even as a little child, not knowing what I was going to receive, nor did I try to study out the great wonders of God’s own way. Oh, praise His holy name forever, for holy, holy, holy is our God, full of love and tender mercy and loving kindness. My heart melts to tears whenever I praise Him. When first I heard of God’s children receiving the gift of tongues I went into my room and told my Heavenly Father about it, and asked His guidance and His Spirit to lead me and keep me very close to Jesus, for I was warned against the work. I asked my dear Father to give me such gifts as He had for me and prepare me for such as He wished to bestow upon me: “For I am Thy child, dear Father, and You know I take Thee at Thy word and promises.” So I went about my work at home, never worrying or even thinking much about the gifts, only as usual with prayer and reading the Word each day. Then Jesus would commune with me and the Holy Spirit would bless me. I had the anointing some 18 months ago; and six months ago I received my Bible evidence, singing and speaking in tongues.

“The first time I was at the dear Azusa St. Mission I went to get a drink of water (after morning service, at lunch time) and when coming back to my baby, the good Lord met me on the way and I was prostrated on a bench near the back door, and I was as clay in the Potter’s hands. I did not understand I thought I would die, as my strength was gone. I suddenly rested in the hands of God for Him to do and overrule completely at His will. My throat and tongue took to working in a peculiar manner, and soon I was rejoicing in my new gift. Sister Hagg came to me and we conversed and sang together in an unknown tongue. Praise His Holy Name. I also got the deaf mute language on my fingers.

“My Jesus is more real to me than ever, the Holy Spirit is more jealous of my life and heart. I had suffered much in the purifying process, as gold in the fire or silver in the fire, Zech. 13:9 and Malachi 3:3, Psalm 66:10. We are tried and molded and purged and chastened and cleansed by the Holy Ghost, through the blood of Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our Faith. Glory! Hallelujah! We shall stand and come out more than conquerers, unto victory. I did not understand the sanctifying fire. I was as a child without understanding. As God continued to work in my soul I thought God had left me, had taken His Spirit from me. I prayed and cried unto the Lord. I looked back on my four years of reclaimed Christian walk and knew I loved Jesus. I was born again, the devil could not make me believe otherwise, nor could his temptations cause me to go back, but press onward for the mark.

“One morning I suddenly awoke by Jesus talking to me, as He did to the Church in Revelation 3:15-22. It was the voice of a man, but sweet and tender. Then I was weighed in the balance and found wanting. I trembled and was afraid, but then again the same voice said to me: “I will clothe thee in my own righteousness.’ Glory to Jesus. I clung to that promise for three weeks. I read my Bible, but none of the promises seemed for me, only judgment. Thus I suffered over 3 weeks, and one afternoon the filling up came and running over. I rejoiced in a double portion of God’s love and mercy. Oh such joy unspeakable. Then I needed a thousand tongues to speak my Savior’s praise. I still need more love, each day, new grace and patience and strength. I am under the Blood anew each day, every hour, just as the little tract says: ‘Hidden out of sight unknown, but not of God,’ for I have the white stone and the mark and a new name, clothed in the righteousness of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I was healed a few weeks ago of a sore hand. Praise His name forever. Now I am still a child, ready for whatever my Father wishes to do with me.

“Pray for me, dear ones, as I do need more patience and quietness and more strength with my children, and wisdom. Jesus is coming soon. Oh, may we all strip for the race, strip of all foolish and lust of the eyes, as the world. Let us women walk as holy women, not after the flesh, but modest and humble. God bless you all, in Jesus’ name.-Your humble Sister, Watts, Cal.



O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together. “For He that is mighty hath done to me great thing; and holy is His name.” When I was getting ready for my vacation last July, I said, “How I would love to go to a real live camp meeting this summer.” Well Praise the Lord, I found one and have been in it ever since.

When I went into the little church in Monrovia, the last Sunday in July I did not know what God had in store for me, but I am glad I went. Some of the Apostolic Faith people were holding meetings there. When I heard them speaking in tongues, I thought, now is the time for me to get the Chinese language. I had been in a Chinese Mission, and had been praying for the language for nearly four years.

I went to the altar and began to pray, O, Lord, give me the Chinese language. Some one said, “Hadn’t you better let God have His way?” As I prayed, I found I did not have the witness of my sanctification. I prayed until God gave me the witness that the work was done. The power of God came on me and I was prostrated. I was always afraid of such demonstration, and as soon as I could I got up. Some one said you have the Baptism, claim it, but I knew better. I was tired of claiming something I was not sure I had. I went home rejoicing that I knew I was sanctified.

The first of the week I went to a cottage meeting, I knelt to pray and again the power of God came upon me and I went over on the floor. The Lord talked with me, and told me what it would mean if I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I said, “I want it at any cost.” A strange feeling came over me, I thought I was dying, I said, “If I die I will go to heaven for I am seeking God.” I began to shake all over, I did not know what it meant, but after a little it came to me that God was shaking me free from my opinions and from my notions of things. I said, “Lord have your way.” My tongue was twisted and my throat felt queer, and I began to say syllables. Just then another seeker began to shout, Glory! glory! glory! I thought, that is what I want, I don’t want to make these queer sounds. At once I stopped. When I rose up, there was gladness in my heart, but I felt a lack, I was not satisfied. I had been praying for years for the baptism with the Holy Ghost. Several times I thought I had it but soon found I did not.

On Thursday I went to the church again. Soon after I sat down I began to shake, I said, “Lord, you shall have your way with me.” Soon I found myself on the floor and for about five hours the Lord had His way. I began to pray in Chinese that I had learned for the Chinese language in hopes that God would take my tongue and speak fluently. But He allowed the enemy to oppress me till I cried out, “O Lord’ give me the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and I don’t care if I never speak in tongues.” Soon I felt the power of god upon me in a mighty way and I began to speak in an unknown language and to sing with one of the workers who was praying with me. My hands began to move swiftly over my body, and I knew I was asking for healing, my hands went to my eyes and my glasses were taken off and laid on the floor and I have never had them on since. When I got up I knew I had the Baptism with the Holy Ghost, and I have it today. Hallelujah! Rom. 8:11 has been fulfilled to me, Praise His Holy name. “This is the way I long have sought and mourned because I found it not.” This life in the Holy Ghost is blessed. I never had the joy and freedom and power I have now. The shouts roll without any effort on my part. I have spoken in three languages that have been interpreted. I have seen in a vision the face of a native whose language I speak and I am saying, “Here am I, send me.”

“He brought me to the banqueting house, and His banner over me was love.” I am feasting on the hidden manna and His Glory fills my soul. Hallelujah! I am so glad I have more than one tongue to praise Him with.-Mae F. Mayo, 312 Azusa Street, Los Angeles.


235 2nd Ave. Portland, Ore, May 6.-Praise His name forever. We went from Santa Rosa to San Jose, Cal., and stayed one week. The Lord saved and sanctified some and baptized five more with the Holy Ghost, and gave them the Bible evidence, speaking new tongues. We baptized 17 by immersion the last day we were with them, and the Lord did surely bless us all. Great love and unity was seen among the dear saints. Three precious brothers filled with the Holy Ghost and faith, were set apart as deacons according to Titus I. 5., and five precious sisters to assist in looking after the young converts, who were filled with the Holy Ghost. The Lord poured His blessing upon us as we laid hands on them and prayed for them. Surely He approved of this precious work.

We left there the following day about 25 or 30 of the dear saints came down to the station to see us off and wept and sang precious songs of joy and consolation, till the train pulled out. We stopped in Oakland and San Francisco and bade the dear ones goodbye, and started on our journey to Portland, Ore.

We had a precious trip and arrived here Friday night. We went to the meeting where Bro. Glasco is. The Lord wonderfully blest in the service, and one precious sinner was saved, sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost. The Lord filled her mouth with holy laughter and she spoke in new tongues and has been under His power ever since, filled with joy and gladness. She had never been in our meeting before. Her little brother was also baptized with the Holy Ghost last night.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a glorious day. Eight received their Pentecost according to Acts 2. 4, “And they began to speak in other tongues.” One poor sinner boy come and knocked at the door after the first part of the congregation had been dismissed, and said he wanted to be saved. He got saved, sanctified, and baptized with the Holy Ghost, and spoke in tongues till half past one this morning. I heard him going down the street to his home all alone talking in tongues and singing:

“O how I love Jesus,

O how I love Jesus,

O how I love Jesus,

He’s done so much for me.”

Each one of these dear ones received clear distinct language, and were filling with power.

Dear Bro. Glasco received his baptism and spoke in a number of languages, and preached in tongues. All the dear saints rejoiced greatly to see him get through, as it means so much to them. He is a dear servant of the Lord and was much used in his sanctified life to the salvation of the people. Many more precious saints were heavily annointed for the baptism and were lying under the power all about the altar. The building was jammed and packed clear out to the street and many were turned away. Great conviction was upon the people, until scarcely any scoffing was heard. This place seems to be ripe for a sweeping outpouring of the Lord’s Spirit.

Much love from Sister Crawford and Sister Rees.-In the Lord, Henry Prentiss.

The Apostolic Faith (April, 1907)

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In Africa.

Monrovia, Liberia, Mar. 26.-we opened a ten day meeting in a school house, and on the tenth night, the Lord came in mighty power. Two were baptized with the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues. Ten here have received sanctification, and five are filled with the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues. A brother and his household have been baptized with the Holy Ghost. God has called him to the ministry and he will be baptized Sunday the 30th of March. Have been holding meetings going on three months. The Lord is sending a crowd of the African natives to the meeting and He is working wonderfully with them. The house is filled with the natives every service and they are being saved and sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost and healed of all manner of diseases. The Lord surely is working with the native Africans of this land. All the saints send love.

In London.

Allerman Road, Brixton, London, S.W., March 18.-Words fail to express our gratitude to God for pouring out so wonderfully His blessed Spirit. We can read nothing else now but our Bible and the accounts of His glorious doings in your midst and elsewhere. The reading of it has intensified the deep hunger of soul in the few waiting upon God and seeking our Personal Pentecost here. A dear sister here, a mother of three little ones yielded herself fully to God and sought the baptism with the Holy Ghost. One night she waited upon God and at midnight the Holy Ghost came down upon her and gave her the witness of tongues. The next day while at prayer, I being with her, she had a mighty anointing and has spoken in two or three tongues. This was on January 9. She could not give utterance to the raptures of her soul in praising the “Bleeding Lamb,” and talked to God sometimes in a loud voice praising and adoring Him in a new tongue. Glory to His holy name.-J. Hinmers.

In Calcutta, India.

55 Creek Row-God is spreading Pentecost here in Calcutta, and thirteen or fourteen missionaries and other workers have received it. The Spirit is giving the interpretation, song and writing in tongues, and other wonderful manifestations of His presence among us. O we do praise Him that the way ever opened for us to come to India. I cannot tell you how the Word is opening. Have never seen a meeting in my life where God has given more wonderful power on his blessed Word. We are among Bible teachers, and they have the Word so stored away; but now the Spirit is putting life and power into it, which is wonderful to behold. Praise our precious Christ.

God has put quite a burden on my heart for India’s hungry souls. The Spirit has groaned through my soul for hungry ones until the pain was like travail. Oh how grateful we are for His working with us in this needy field.

We enjoy the paper very much, in fact, much of it is read in the meetings, and all rejoice. The little paper was a forerunner for us. We came to find that its contents had made God’s children hungry for the light to come to India, and when we arrived we found some waiting for their Pentecost. We found India ripe for this light, in fact the revival had already broken out among the natives, and some were speaking in tongues.

Miss Easton, the head of the American Women’s Board of Missions, the oldest woman’s missionary board in India, has been baptized and is a power for God.

We learn that the power has broken out in Russia, also in London.-Sister A.G. Garr.

In Sweden.

Viby, April 2.-Peace be unto you! Glory to God and praise His Holy name for evermore. Glory to God for victory through the Blood of Christ! I am happy in Jesus Christ and glad for what He has been doing in Sweden. The Lord has wonderfully kept me every day. Praise the Lord! Glory! There are now about twelve preachers who have received the Holy Ghost with signs following, and a few hundred have been saved, many getting a clean heart. Some have been healed, and many of God’s children have received the Holy Ghost. I am called to many places and the cry for help comes from all over Sweden. I am very busy every day going from place to place. There is strong opposition and talking about me, and writing in the papers even. Glory to God, my King, for that. Glory! Glory!

Tell the saints to love one another and keep united in love, and under the Blood every day, and humble. I am with you every day in the Spirit and praying for you all. Glory to my King for victory! God’s people are going to be one soon. Glory!

Apr. 15th 48 Skofde, Sweden.-The Lord Jesus Christ has done wonderful things in the last days, saving hundreds, sanctifying many, and hundreds have received their Pentecost with signs following. Praise the Lord. Many have been healed. Here is much to do every day. Many seekers after God. Over a hundred at the altar some meetings. A few interpret what they speak in tongues, and even myself. One day I interpreted these words, “Be ye separate from the world, that ye may be one,” and “Abide in My love.” and “For thy greatness and might does the earth tremble,” and Matt. 28. 19,20. The Lord has supplied all my needs. Glory to God.

Many churches have been stirred up here. I expect greater things yet. A few who can read the paper are very glad to read it and are getting blest by it. My love to all the saints.-Andrew G. Johnson.


In Bellvernon, Pa.

April 19th.-The Lord is working here in Bellvernon. People are being healed, devils are being cast out in Jesus’ name. People are being baptized with the Holy Ghost and speaking with other tongues.-J.F. Mitchell.


In Bellingham, Washington.

In Bellingham, Wash, the Pentecost has fallen, quite a number have received the baptism and they have a mission of their own. Fourteen converts have been baptized in the bay.


In Mobile, Ala.

Davis and Anne street, April 28.-The Lord has been working wonderfully here the past two weeks. Souls have been justified, sanctified, and are receiving the baptism with the Holy Ghost. One who was a sinner was healed in our meeting and the next night got saved. Her mother got healed and received the Holy Ghost all at the same time. Praise the Lord for victory.-F. W. Williams.


In South Carolina.

Alvin, S.C., April 19.-My Wife and I have been in six wonderful meetings of late in which quite a number of saints have received the baptism with the Holy Ghost, and all spoke with other tongues. Backsliders are being reclaimed and some honest souls being converted, quite a lot of sick ones being healed, and also many demon possessed persons are being delivered in Jesus’s name from the power of Satan. Glory to God!-F. M. Britton.


In Lincoln, Pa.

April 10.- God is having His way with many of His children in this part of the country. A great many, in the midst of much opposition, are being baptized with the Holly Spirit and speaking in tongues, among them a number of young people and children. The work is spreading in and about Pittsburg and Allegheny, in Homestead, Braddock, McKeesport, and other places in this vicinity.-J.T. Boddy, pastor Pentecost church.


In San Antonio, Tex.

425 N.Pine street, April 13.-We are in the midst of a glorious meeting in this city. Ten have received Pentecost with the Bible evidence of speaking in tongues, and a number have been saved and sanctified. God has enabled us to create a widespread interest throughout the city, and the opposition is forming in a very formidable way, we know that our God is able to deliver. We are going forward in simple faith in Him.-Daniel C. O. Opperman.


In Allegheny, Pa.

216 E. Stockton Ave., April 16-Join with us in praising;g Him for the outpouring of Gods’ Spirit in Pentecostal power in the district of Pittsburg, Pa. We had heard of God’s outpouring all over the world, so we began to seek for God’s best for ourselves. I saw that power and get a glimpse of “Calvary;” and then, praise God, the power fell with the signs following. Pentecost first fell in the third week of January and is still going on. Hallelujah. Almost every meting there are some prostrated under the power and coming through. Almost every one that speaks in tongues gets the message that Jesus, is coming soon. He is just the same yesterday today and forever. -M. R. C.


In Honolulu, Hawaii.

March 18.- WE are just holding up Jesus before this people, and God is doing the rest. We had quite a scene at the altar last night, when a demon possessed man who was kneeling at the altar was picked up ;by demon power, thrown over the altar rail on his head, and when we commanded them to come out of him they barked at us and said that they would not come out of him, but they were cast out in the Name of Jesus and the man was set free. A Salvation Army captain has received his Pentecost. He is noble young man, and desires to labor with the Apostolic Faith Movement. We are believing for a great work in the Islands. Jesus is coming very soon. Hallelujah!-H. M. and A. E. Turney.


In Durham, N.C.

March 28.-“Some of the Lord’s people here have received their Pentecost and spoken in tongues. Glory! A red hot meeting is now going on. Bro. Fulford, who has the gift of tongues, is leading it under the direction of the Holy Ghost. The saints are being baptized with the Spirit. I too have received Him and have spoken in some kind of a language, I know not what. It is glory here now. What we are now praying for is to have the nine gifts of the Spirit here in full operation. This city has been mightily stirred on account of the tongues. Nearly the whole of North Carolina is being stirred among the Holiness people, white and colored.-W. L. Fisher, Box 208.


In Springboro, Pa.

April 26.-“God is meeting us here in some very marked ways. Many have gotten clear in their experience of sanctification, a backslider came back last evening, others are just on ;the eve of Pentecost, five have gotten through. The town is stirred. They say it is a work of the devil, and fight me, but, oh, what victory God gives in the midst. The preachers turn out well to these meetings. I don’t know them until someone points them out to me afterward, so they get hit very often. The Free Methodist preacher confessed yesterday he was not sanctified. I think he will soon get somewhere. He said he was afraid to say anything about this movement. He knows God is in it.-Ivey Campbell.

In Dayton, O.

April 6.-“oh, I praise God for the gift of the Spirit. There were some seeking it on the west side here, and when it came, some of them refused it and said it was of the devil, but I was simple enough to take God at His Word, and two of us received our Pentecost. I received it February 22. Bless the dear Lord. There was a little preacher that went to Akron, O., and received his Pentecost, returning to Dayton. There are about 25 have received Pentecost through God using him. God picked him up a drunken rambler and saved and sanctified him, and sent him out to preach, and when he got his Pentecost most of the church people rejected him. We are going through hard persecution and we are having a time to get a place to worship; but we are holding on to God. We need your prayers, we are only babies, but our God is able and we are trusting Him.”-Della Powell, 303 Spitler Ave.

In San Diego, Cal.

Praise God! The fire still burns, sinners coming home to God, believers being sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost, speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives them utterance. We joined with you all of like precious faith on April 9th, and commemorated the anniversary of the Pentecostal outpouring in California. We had a most blessed and victorious day. Hallelujah! The streams of living water and salvation flowed, and glorious deliverance came to some precious souls. The tide is rising higher and higher, the conviction going deeper and deeper, and the way growing brighter day by day, Oh, Glory! Hallelujah! This little army is marching on to sure and glorious victory through the precious blood of the Lamb.-F.E. Hill.

736 14th street, April 6.-The dear Lord is wonderfully blessing the work here in San Diego. Last night we had a powerful meeting; two were slain under the power of God, three received their Pentecost with the Bible evidence. Sinners were crying to God for mercy, and the saints were wonderfully blessed.-G.H. Reilly.

In Homestead, Pa.

The Pentecost has fallen in Homestead, Pa. The meeting began in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Hall, Jan. 11. The power of the Holy Ghost was felt from the first service and a deep digging up begun among the people who were willing to go with God at any cost. Restitution, apologies and repentance was the business of the meeting for the first six days and nights. In fact the state to which some were led seemed perilous at times, but with confidence in the leading of God and with hearts desirous of going all the way, there was scarcely a halt, till everything in the past life had been fully reviewed from a Pentecostal standpoint, and every crooked or questionable act adjusted. On the seventh day the walls began to fall, and people fell under the power of God. The baptism was first received by Sister Robinson, who laid under the power for some time, then came through speaking in tongues. The next night the husband received his Pentecost at his home, and spoke and sang in new tongues. From this on the work has been going forward with uninterrupted sway.

The hall soon became too small when we were compelled to secure a larger one in order to accommodate the increasing crowds.

Many have received the personal Pentecost and speak and sing in new tongues, and have power over demons to cast them out and to pray the prayer of faith for the healing of the sick.

For miles around people are coming in to investigate this work and to receive their Pentecost.-“The Latter Rain.”

In Fort Worth, Tex.

1,005 Edward St., April 22.-We have a small band here. Have been meeting in private houses asking the Lord to open a door for us that no man could shut. We are praising the Lord this morning that we have a tent paid for and lights and seats secured. O, how happy I am at the prospect. Just as soon as the weather clears away, we want to begin meetings. We are expecting our God to do great things, for when I read of the wonderful work at Azusa, my heart rejoices so that I fall to my knees to thank God. We want the heavenly showers to fall on us too. We have four now waiting for the promise of the Father. A young man, a preacher, came to see me last Tuesday. He said that came to see me last Tuesday. He said that a little more than four months ago he was down waiting on God for an infilling of the Holy Spirit, when after waiting on God he began to pray in language unknown to him. This came on him in a few days. He told his presiding elder, who said that was foolishness. He said that once after that he felt like letting the Lord have His way with him, but on account of discouragements he did not do so. When he came here he hunted us up, and the power all came back to him. He never had anyone to help or tell him about this great movement.-Mrs. C.A. Roll.

In Toronto, Canada.

The Lord is wonderfully blessing the work in 651 Queen street, E. Toronto. For five months it has gone on without a break. Nearly 80 have received the Baptism with the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues. Four workers have gone out from here to preach the full Gospel. Many are being healed. Last Sunday we had a glorious time all day, especially in the afternoon service, when the power of God prostrated two brothers and came upon many at the altar. The whole meeting place was used as an altar, everyone turning their seats and getting down before the Lord. One brother who began speaking in tongues staggered to his feet exclaiming: “This is glory, glory, glory!” and before he had got through a sister rose under the power of God and commenced saying: “This is glory, glory.” A spirit of great rejoicing seized everyone. It was a time of magnifying God. Truly He has done great things. A band of workers from this mission went to a place just outside the city limits and held services, and the power of God came down upon the people. We are believing for a mighty outpouring upon the people in that district.-Sister Hebden.

In Indianapolis, Ind.

2341 Fletcher Ave., April 20.-Praise God for ever and ever. It is wonderful how God is manifesting His power here in bringing dear souls through and healing the sick. This is stirring up the ministers and people, and the newspaper are lying and trying to put the people against us, but God is overruling, and people who never dreamt of coming under the influence of God’s power have been stricken down and are getting salvation, their baptism and speaking in tongues.

Yesterday afternoon God took a young colored brother and a young sister, and in a most marvelous manner the Holy Spirit spoke through them in tongues, giving the interpretation, and with such power and force that the whole audience was stricken with awe. Weeping was seen all over the place, and they acknowledge it was God and the power of the Holy Ghost. There must have been a dozen ministers of this city. He was advertised to preach against us next Sunday, April 21; but, thank God, he and his wife wept with the rest. When I asked: Is there a man or woman who dare stand up and say these children were hypocrites? this same minister said: “No, it is God.”

One man who did not know anything about the meetings, but saw the sign as he was passing, came in out of curiosity. He is a doctor and medical nurse, has spent some time in India, and can talk in many of the Indian languages. He said he was surprised soon after he had taken his seat, then God struck him and he was brought under deep conviction. It kept increasing. He got desperate. God kept telling him to go to the penitent form. He did not want to for fear he would be laid out upon the floor. He got more desperate, until he bought some poison, and if he did not get through last Thursday afternoon he intended taking the poison. He had not slept any since last Sunday night. Praise God, he came and went through and got the whole thing. When he received his baptism he threw up his hands, gave a shout of Glory, and over he went backwards upon the floor. While there, Jesus came to him and told him He wanted him to return to India and preach the Gospel. He promised he would and take others with him, if it is His will. Glory to our Christ for ever and ever. He identified one of the tongues spoken by a young sister and told us it was the Marathi language. He also identified other languages in others. He had to give up all his business before God would receive him, and go to the medical staff and tell them what for. Our only desire and heart’s cry is: Precious souls for Jesus and heaven.-T. Hezmalhalch.



312 Azusa Street

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A visitor Who Has the Gift of Interpretation Reports Services in Shorthand.

The power of God came down in a marked manner on Monday, April 29, at Azusa Mission, beginning especially in the ministerial meeting held during the day and culminating in the evening service, while testimonies were being given by baptized witnesses. To a returned missionary from China upon whom the Pentecostal power is now resting, the message was given in tongues by one brother and interpreted by another, “Open thy mouth wide and I will fill it, wait not for the words to be formed in your mind, but give out just what the Spirit puts within and let Him control.”

* * *

A sister who had been attending the meetings some time, testified to having received liberty only recently, and said that on visiting a sick woman during the day the Lord had convinced an unbelieving girl. Upon this the husband of this witness arose and spoke in tongues very forcibly, but the interpretation was not given until the brother in charge of the meeting had told how this sister had received liberty by going and for the first time seeking to help the unsaved in a meting, after which the message in tongues was translated with even more power as: “Oh how we praise the Lord for the way He works; when we go to do a work for Him He will work another by His Spirit through us. He wants to teach us that His ways are not our ways nor His thoughts our thoughts, but as the heaven is high above the earth so are His ways higher than our ways and His thoughts than our thoughts.”

* * *

A little later in the evening, as a young colored brother was testifying, he began to sing in another language: “O Jesus, Thou wonderful Savior.” After a few more words of praise to God in his own language he sang in another beautifully: “Oh, see how the King comes in triumph,” upon which the power was so great that many baptized believers arose one after another and joined in a mighty chorus in the Spirit, while the young brother went on with his testimony and then sang: “Oh pour out your hearts before Him and bend yourselves in obedience.” Whereat the leader of the meeting arose and, although he had not heard the interpretation of these messages, cried out: “Come to the altar! come to the altar!” And the young messenger continued in a tongue: “Oh seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near to you,” and another brother spoke forcefully in another language to the hearts of the people: “Oh turn to Him while it is called today and seek Him while He may be found.”

The interpretation of these messages was not given out at the time but recorded in shorthand. The effect of the manifestation of the Spirit’s power was, however, immediate and very marked, for the people came forward to the altar and fell all around under the power of the Holy Spirit, demons being cast out in the name of Jesus, saints being quickened, and four receiving the baptism with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

To those who ask why we should speak in tongues and what use it is unless understood by those to whom the message is given, this report is sufficient evidence that it is not by the understanding of mind or by great intellect that God would speak to the children of men, but in the mighty power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost.

The Pentecostal Assembly.

At the Pentecostal Assembly, 327 1/2 So. Spring St., in the Metropolitan Hall, an earnest band of Christians hold services every Tuesday and Friday afternoon and evening and all day Sunday of each week. These witness in the liberty of the Spirit, those who have received the baptism in the Holy Ghost often speaking in tongues, the interpretations edifying the church. On Tuesday evening, April 30, a drunken man was brought into the hall and before the meeting started the power of God had sobered him in readiness for the Gospel. More workers went out, and each brought in another poor victim of intoxication, one brother capturing three, two of whom tried to restrain their mate but followed in. The Word of God was read by the brother in charge, from the passage in Luke 19, centering in the words: “The Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost” (v. 10), the exposition being to the point and given by the Spirit. With songs of victory interspersed, the saints got to their knees and dealt with each case separately as they manifested an earnest desire to be saved; and thus encouraged, these poor men themselves lifted their voices to God, some of them really crying to Him from their hearts for pardon and power. Before they received deliverance in some cases the demon of drink had to be cast out, and all had to be encouraged like children to pray to their Father in heaven, but we believe a work was done which will be seen through all eternity. The names and addresses of most of these men were taken by a brother in the Assembly, who will call upon them in the day and encourage them to look to God.

Azusa Mission, Thursday Evening, May 1.

After some hearty singing and earnest prayer, a converted Jewish brother testified. Then a little boy mounted the altar and said plainly: “I think the Lord for saving me, and now I am seeking the baptism. I want you to pray for me that I may get it. Tonight I had the toothache and I prayed for the Lord to take it away, and He took it away.”

* * *

A sister said: “Rejoice in the Lord. Rejoice always; and again I say rejoice. I am rejoicing in the Lord; I am rejoicing in His salvation, I am rejoicing in His life, I am rejoicing in His presence with me, I am rejoicing in His faithfulness, I am rejoicing in His unchangeableness, I am resting on His promises, and looking and expecting Him moment by moment. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise our God for ever.”

* * *

A colored brother arose and sang the verses of a hymn, the people joining in the chorus: “The Blood, the Blood, is all my plea; Hallelujah, it cleanseth me.” He then said: “Hallelujah! I am so glad I can testify that the Blood cleanseth me. Oh, the sweetness! My heart is full of love for Jesus. I am so glad I can take up the cross and work with Him now and follow Him. Oh, I know I am leaning on the Almighty’s arms.”

* * *

An old gentleman who has recently received the baptism said: “Just take the blessings that God sends down to us. Oh I thank God that He has found an old man, a sinner like me. I was not worthy of anything, but He gave Himself to me. O glory, O glory! (Then he spoke in another language, the interpretation being): “Glory to Thee my great Redeemer for Thy great love towards me. O how I praise Thee. (He continued in English:) Oh glory to God for the gift He has given me. Now if there is any sinner here tonight, seek Him. Now we all may have it without money.”

* * *

Another testified as follows: “I praise God tonight that I am under the Blood; Jesus’ Blood covers me and cleanses me from all sin.”

* * *

Someone else said: “I know that the Blood of Jesus saves me and sanctifies me and keeps me from day to day. He is my Healer, I praise Him and thank Him for the way He is increasing my faith and instructing me today. The Lord gave me a verse since I have been standing here; ‘Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart.’ I am just standing on His promises. With His stripes I am healed. I praise Him and thank Him with all my heart. He saves me and sanctifies me and baptizes me with the Holy Ghost.”

* * *

A new song of much power was then sung through in the Spirit by all.

Jesus Christ is made to me

All I need, all I need;

He alone is all my plea,

He is all I need.


Wisdom, Righteousness and Power,

Holiness forever more,

My Redemption full and sure,

He is all I need.

* * *

A brother testified: “There is power in my soul tonight because God put it in there; it is the power of the Spirit that came down from the throne of God, from the Everlasting Father, before whom we must one day stand and give an account of the deeds done in the body. Oh how careful we as professing Christians ought to walk before this ungodly generation. The Lord showed me a few years ago that out of California would come a movement that would startle the world, and here is this prophecy fulfilled. Praise God for this personal Pentecost.” He then said in another tongue: “Jesus died that you might be saved. Oh be saved tonight and seek Him with all the heart, and let Him have His way.”

* * *

A young colored sister then said: “I want to praise God tonight. He is all in all to me. Glory to Jesus. Dear ones, you do not know how sweet it is to trust Jesus. Do not sit back laughing and scoffing-oh you are laughing at Jesus, not at us. (In tongues.) He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh, the Lord shall have them in derision. Oh why will ye not come unto Me that ye might have life? Oh why do you resist My pleadings with you at this time? Oh why do you not come to Me and turn to Me with thy heart? Dear ones, accept this blessed salvation. I do praise my blessed Redeemer for saving me from sin, for giving me a clean heart. When I was a sinner, I would go to church and look around laughing, but oh I did not know I was laughing at Jesus, but, praise God, He is all in all to me now. He has taken all the laugh out of me, all criticism. He has given me a perfectly clean heart and filled me with love. Dear ones, oh it is precious to have a clean heart. He saved my soul and He has baptized me with the Holy Ghost. (In tongues:) O why do you resist the strivings of the Spirit? Why do you not turn to Him in repentance? Dear ones, it is so sweet to walk with Jesus. I take Him as y Healer. He heals all my diseases. O glory to God. (In tongues:) “Why do you not look to Him and live at this time?”

Bro. W.J. Seymour then started the congregation singing:

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Thee,

How I’ve proved Thee o’er and o’er;

Jesus, Jesus, blessed Jesus,

Oh, for grace to trust Thee more,

He then said: “Glory! Beloved, I want to say ‘Goodnight’ to you all for a short while. It has now been over a year ago since I left Texas and came up in this portion of the country to labor and work for the Lord, and I am going back there through that old state where the Lord called me from a year ago. I am going to pass through there and see those precious children that prayed with me for Pentecost, and while I am gone I want you all to pray that God may use me to His own honor and glory.

“I want to read some of God’s own precious Word in the first chapter of the book of Isaiah. (He read to verse 9 and then said:) I am so glad the Lord God has raised up a people right in Los Angeles, and Francisco, they seem like Sodom and Gomorrah, but out of these cities the Lord God has raised up a people for His holy name. He has cleansed them from sin, He has sanctified them, and has baptized them with the Holy Ghost and sealed them unto the day of Redemption. Glory to His holy name! I can go and rejoice with the people in Texas, telling them of the wonderful things that God has done in Los Angeles. They said I should be back in a month’s time, and now this is the first chance I have had to get back.

(He then read to the end of verse 20). “But if ye refuses and rebel ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.’ Every man, every church, every home, that rejects the full Gospel of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, shall be devoured. We are living in a time when the Holy Ghost is working-bless God-convincing men and women of sin and righteousness and judgment, and every man and every women that hardens their heart against the Word of God shall fall. If the men and women of this city will repent and turn from their sin and accept our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, ‘ye shall eat the good of the land.” Glory to His holy name! God has fat things to feed all His hungry people. Oh, He will fill you tonight. Oh, the music will be singing in your soul and, oh, the love of Christ that passes all understanding will be dwelling in your heart. Just read what He says: ‘if ye be willing and obedient ye shall eat the good of the land.’ Jesus says: ‘Abide in me, as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abide in the vine, no more can ye except ye abide in Me.’ Oh, beloved, if we abide in the words of the Lord Jesus Christ and feed off Christ, I’ll tell you, we shall live off the good of the land,-bless His holy name. We will have the fat-bless God,-we will have everything to cheer our heart, we shall have healing and health and salvation in our souls. Oh, glory to His holy name. Oh, do not refuse the Word of God; oh, accept it, accept all the doctrine of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and oh, beloved, it will fill your hearts with good things.

“but just listen to what He says: “If ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.’ Beloved, if you reject Christ, if you reject His precious Blood, if you reject the Holy Ghost, ye shall be devoured with the sword; but if you accept Jesus Christ He will prepare a table before you, and the Lord God Himself will spread it and He will feed you Himself. When Jesus had gotten through feeding His disciples He told His disciples to feed His lambs and sheep. What are we going to feed them with? We are going to feed them with the precious Word of God; we are going to teach them to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and as their Sanctifier to destroy the root of sin, and then we are going to teach them to accept the Holy Ghost. He shall baptize them with the Holy Ghost and fire, and when He comes in He is going to speak through them, and He says ‘In the last days I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh.’ Glory to His holy name. I want to say ‘Goodnight’ to you.”

“God be with you till we meet again” was then sung as Brother Seymour shook hands with as many as possible and left for the train. Brother Anderson spoke a few words of encouragement to the saints on the necessity of our continuing faithful in the pastor’s absence.”

* * *

There is a Swedish Pentecostal Mission in Los Angeles at 8th and Wall streets. The power of God is falling there. The Swedish people have been among the foremost in accepting the doctrine of the baptism with the Holy Ghost and many are endued with power from on high.

* * *

Russians and Armenians in Los Angeles are seeking the baptism. The Armenians have a Pentecostal cottage meeting on Victor street, between 4th and 5th. Some have been baptized with the Holy Ghost.

* * *

At the Pentecostal Mission on Central avenue and 53rd street, in Los Angeles, meetings are going on in power. Conviction is on the sinners. Numbers are seeking Pentecost. Bro. Lyttle gave up half of his store for this mission and an unconverted man offered to do the work himself in putting up a partition. God is working there.


Dhond, Poona, India, March 21.

About six months ago we began to hear of Christian believers in different places and countries receiving the gift of speaking in a new tongue, which they had never known before. Our hearts were much stirred by these accounts, some of them having come from those whom we had known for years as most humble, earnest and devoted servants of the Lord.

One week ago today, I visited the Mukil Mission at Kedgaon, 13 miles from here, which is under the superintendence of Pan** Miss Abrams asked me if I would not like to go in the room where about 20 girls were praying. After entering I knelt on one side, with closed eyes. Presently I heard some one near me, praying very distinctly in English. Among the petitions were.-“O Lord, open the mouth; O Lord open the mouth; O Lord open the heart; O Lord, open the heart; O Lord, open the eyes; O Lord open the eyes; O the Blood of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus; O, give complete victory! O, such a blessing! O, such a glory!” I was struck with astonishment, as I knew there was no one in the room who could speak English, besides Miss Abrams. I opened my eyes, and within three feet of me, on her knees, with closed eyes and raised hand, was —– whom I had baptized in Kedgaon in 1899 nearly 8 years ago, and whom my wife and I had known intimately since, as a devoted Christian worker. Her mother-tongue was Marathi, and she could speak a little Hindustani. But she was utterly unable to speak or understand English such as she was using.

When I heard her speaking English idiomatically, distinctly and fluently, I was impressed very much as I would have been, had I seen one whom I knew to be dead, raised to life. A few others, illiterate Marathi women and girls were speaking in English and some were speaking in other languages, which none of us at Kedgaon understood. This was not gibberish, but it closely resembled the speaking of foreign languages, to which I have listened but did not understand. Again I was at Mukti last Saturday and Lord’s day, when some 24 different persons had received the gift of tongues. Quite a number had received the ability to speak in English, a language before unknown to them.

Just why God enabled these women and girls of India to speak in English, instead of Tamil, Telugu, Bengail or some other language of India, unknown to them, I cannot say. But I have an idea that it is in mercy to us poor missionaries from Europe and America, who as a class seem to be doubting Thomases in regard to the gifts and working of the Spirit, and are not receiving the power of the Holy Spirit, as we ought, and as we shall wish that we had done, when we are entered into the world to come.

On Saturday I was much impressed with the speaking of B——–, a Hindi women; who was rescued in the famine of 1897. She was illiterate, but able to read the Bible in Marathi stumblingly. During the year of 1899 while my wife and I were living at Mukti, we saw much of B——–, and knew her as one capable and very faithful in attending to the secular duties entrusted to her. On Saturday she was praying in English. Among other things she was saying, “O, the love! the love! the love! the love! O, the love of Jesus! O, my precious Lord! my precious Lord! My precious child!” One not knowing her history would not see the force of the last sentence. She has an only child, from whom she has been separated for 10 years, and with whom she is not allowed to have communication. I was struck with the English which she used as being idiomatic, and the words which she spoke being of a class which she would not have used had she been learning by study. And I have no doubt from what I knew of her that she by her own powers could no more have spoken in English as she did then than she could have taken wings and flown. There was abundant evidence that God was working in a wonderful way. Those speaking in tongues gave evidence that their souls were flooded with blessing from God.

Those who are attributing the power of the Lord’s servants, to speak in other tongues, to demons or evil spirits, seem to me to put themselves in the place of the Pharisees of old, who attributed Christ’s supernatural power to the same source. See Matt. XII. 24-32; Mark III. 23-30.

Here at Dhond some of us are waiting on God for the bestowment of all the Spirit’s gifts, which He has for us. And we have been already blessed by this spirit of waiting and prayer. We ask the prayers of our friends that we may know by blessed experience the uttermost of all God has for us, through His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.-Albert Norton.



The end draws near, the time is on,

The coming of the Son of Man,

And signs appear and all around,

On every hand we hear the sound.

Upon the skies the sign appears,

The Son of Man seems very near

And heavens change with lightning speed;

Oh, quickly turn, the warning heed.

The earth is trembling far and near

With quaking sound,-fills all with fear,

The rocks are rent with awful power,

Which causes strongest men to cower.

A sickening feeling fills the air,

And nations tremble yet unaware

That soon will come the awful woe,

When to their dreadful doom they’ll go.

All nations feel a crisis near,

Men’s hearts are falling them for fear;

Distress of nations now has come,

Soon Christ shall call His people home.

The earth is groaning with its sin,

Which louder grows with awful din,

Until the great triumphant blast,

Shall free from Satan’s rule at last.

The times are on us, look around

And catch a note, the solemn sound,

That fills with awe and deep dismay,

Which foretells soon the Judgment Day.

On earth and sea, on mountain high,

In caves, in atmosphere and sky,

Portends the change, ’tis very close,

The coming of the Lord of hosts.

but those that know His power to save,

And have the victory o’er the grave,

Will hail the day with great delight,

And shout the victory in that night.

“The Blood,” they cry, “is all our need.”

His are the merits that they plead;

The Son of God, and Him alone,

Will set them down beside His throne.

But, oh, what awful cries we hear,

The sinner and the selfish seer,

The moral man and they that kill,

Receive their measure to its fill.

-Bro. C.E. Kent.



A beautiful picture of Pentecost is seen in the precious Word of God in II. Chronicles.

“All the work that Solomon made for the house of the Lord was finished; and Solomon brought in all things that David his father had dedicated; and the silver and the gold, and all the instruments put he among the treasures of the house of God. Then Solomon assembled the elders of Israel, and all the heads of the tribes,, the chief of the fathers of the children of Israel, unto Jerusalem, to bring up the ark of the covenant of the Lord out of the city of David, which is Zion. Wherefore all the men of Israel assembled themselves unto the king in the feast which was in the seventh month.”

That feast was typical of Pentecost. And all the men of Israel came and they brought up the ark of the tabernacle of the congregation and all the holy vessels that were in the tabernacle. All of this was typical of our consecration and sanctification unto the Lord.

And it came to pass when the priests were come out of the holy place (for all the priests that were present were sanctified, and did not then wait by course; also the Levites which were the singers, all of them of Asaph, of Hemen, of Jeduthum, with their sons and their brethren, being arrayed in white linen, having cymbals and psalteries and harps, stood at the east end of the altar, and with them a hundred and twenty priests sounding with trumpets.) It came to pass, as the trumpeters and singers were as one to make one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the Lord; and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music, and praised the Lord saying, “For He is good; for His mercy endureth forever; that then the house was filled with a cloud, even the house of the Lord. So that the priests could not stand to minister by reason of the cloud; for the glory of the Lord had filled the house.”

We read here that all the priests that were present were sanctified. This is typical of Christ’s people being sanctified before they receive the baptism with the Holy Ghost. Dear beloved, we must get sanctified to receive it. Sanctification takes out the disobedience, rebellion and resistance out of our hearts and gives us a pure, clean heart that our Christ may come and dwell in. Amen. Sanctification is the second work of grace that deals with our original sin. Sanctification destroys the root and breed of sin and makes us holy. We know these priests were sanctified, for the Word of God says so. Also the Levites which were the singers, were arrayed in white linen. Linen is a type of the robes of righteousness that we read of in Rev. 7.13, “And one of the elders answered and said unto me, ‘What are these which are arrayed in linen. Whence came they? And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said unto me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb.” So the white linen is typical of the precious robes which Jesus gives to us through the sanctifying Blood of the Lamb.

We find that with these singers in white linen were 120 priests sounding with trumpets, typical of the 120 disciples that were sanctified and in the upper room waiting for Jesus to baptize them with the Holy Ghost and fire.

“And it came to pass as the trumpeters and singers were as one-” This is prophetical of the “one accord” which we find at Pentecost. O, beloved, I pray that you may wait in one accord for the promise of the Father upon the sanctified and cleansed life.

And when they praised the Lord in unison, the house was filled with the glory of the Lord. He will fill the room and you shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost and with fire, and God will give you a new tongue as a trumpet in singing or speaking as He did the 120 on the day of Pentecost.


It is the Blood of Jesus that brings fellowship among the Christian family. The Blood of Jesus Christ is the strongest in the world. It makes all races and nations into one common family in the Lord and makes them all satisfied to be one. The Holy Ghost is the leader and He makes all one as Jesus prayed, “that they all may be one.”



“Whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world, and this is the victory that overcometh the world even our faith.” I. Jno. 5, 4. Praise our God. Hallelujah! We read also in I. Jno. 3, 9. “Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for His seed remaineth in him, and he cannot sin because he is born of God. The Word of God is the seed that remains in us, Christ sanctified in our souls. He is the seed.

Some that do not believe we can live without sin, tell us that Paul’s thorn in the flesh was sin, tell us that Paul’s thorn in the flesh was sin, that the Lord kept in him to humble him. May God help us not to be deceived in such teaching, for we read, “Matt. I. 21, “Thou shalt call His name Jesus, for He shall save His people from their sins.” We read again in John 6, 31, “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” “Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.” So since the Lord has freed us fro sin, we are servants of sin, that is of the devil, for he that committeth sin is of the devil.

Praise God for the Blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses and sanctifies from all sin. Sin is our sin. There are no white sin, no little sins, but all are black before God, and it takes the blood of Jesus Christ to wash us and make us clean. God never saves anyone in sin, but He saves from sin. Bless His holy name! We can live a life free from sin, if we will only believe God and obey His precious Word. All provision is made for us to live a life free from sin.

Paul’s thorn was neither sin nor sickness. Read Ii. Cor. 12, 7. Compare also with Num. 33, 55 and Josh 23, 13. We find in II Cor. 12, 10, and 11, 21-30 also Acts. 22, 22, 23, what some of these infirmities were that Paul counted his thorn. So God did not put sin in Paul’s flesh to humble him, but he allowed him to be beaten and shipwrecked three times and many other afflictions to come on him, and he could praise God and boast in the cross of Christ, for the persecution that he received for this blessed Gospel.

First we come to the Lord Jesus as a sinner. We fall at His feet and confess our sins and accept His precious blood that washes away all guilt and pollution, and brings life to our souls which were dead in trespasses and sins.

Then God turns light upon His precious Word and shows us it is the will of God even our sanctification. We see how David prayed for cleansing, “Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean; wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.” The Lord prayed for our sanctification, and how sweet the words come to every Blood washed heart, “I pray not that thou shouldst take them out of the world, but that thou shouldst keep them from the evil. They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. Sanctify them through thy truth; thy word is truth,” John 17, 15, 17. Then in John 15-3, we read, “Now ye are clean, through the Word which I have spoken unto you.” So through the Gospel we are cleansed by obedience to Him. May the Lord bless us and help us to stand in His precious Word.


Before you can receive the baptism with the Holy Ghost, you must have a thorough, definite experience of justification and sanctification, which are through the Blood of Jesus, and they are two distinct acts of grace. First, what God has done for you, second, what God has wrought within you. Then and only then are you prepared to receive your baptism from the Father, by Jesus Christ His Son. And when you have received your baptism, He, the Holy Ghost, will speak through you in tongues, and not before.


The Lord knocked Paul down and he got up trembling and saying, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” The Lord knocked all the wordly wisdom out of Paul. That is the reason He knocks so many people down here, to take the worldly wisdom out of them. Paul was a man full of the wisdom and knowledge of this world, but when he got the baptism with the Holy Ghost, he was able to tell us about the true wisdom and true knowledge.


[By Rev. Levi R. Lupton, in “New Acts,” Alliance, Ohio.]

“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions; and also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my Spirit. And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.”-Joel 2, 28, 29.

“For with stammering lips and another tongue will He speak to this people. To whom He said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing; yet they would not hear.”-Isa. 28, 11.

“Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. And He shall send Jesus which before was preached unto you.” Acts. 3, 19.

Did all Speak in a New Tongue Who Received the Baptism?

In Mark 16, 17, we read, “They shall speak with new tongues.” And what other construction can any fair exegate put upon Acts 2, 4, than this, not only that every one of the 120 was filled with the Holy Ghost, but that everyone who was filled began to speak with a new, or another tongue than his own native one. “They were all filled and began to speak.” The “all” who were filled spoke with other tongues. Behold, are not all these which speak Gallileans. And how hear we every man in our own tongue wherein we were born.”

Doubtless everyone in the audience heard one or more of that large number speaking in his own native language; but who will be bold enough to declare and try to prove that there were not at least some of the 120 who spoke in languages which were not native to some one there, and could not therefore be understood by anyone present?

The multitude heard these Gallileans speaking in a new tongue “the wonderful works of God,” and yet a part of that amazed and wondering multitude that had come together, became mockers, and had the effrontery to say, “These men are full of new wine.” The only answer which needs to be made to the same kind of doubters and cavilers, and to all others today, is the same which Peter made to them:

“It shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh,” etc.

“This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we all are witnesses. Therefore being by the right hand of God exalted, and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost, He hath shed forth this which ye now see and hear.” And this is one great purpose in this outpouring, in the fulfillment of prophecy, to fit us to be fearless and effectual witnesses today, unto the uttermost parts of the earth.

Now turn to Acts 19, 6, “And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them, and they spoke with tongues and prophesied.” (Just what is occurring today as the result of the same baptism.) Can the “they” in the last sentence of this text mean any less number than the “them” in the preceding sentences? “And all the men were about twelve.”

The Pivotal Point.

Now let us turn to Acts 8, 17. “Then laid they their hands on them, and they received the Holy Ghost.” But it is not recorded that they, or any of them “spoke with tongues.” How shall we interpret this text? We know full well what inference is usually drawn from it, and which is the same as the writer, till lately, has always drawn from it; and which it was so necessary for him to do, as a preacher of holiness, in order to evade the conclusion that he and others had not received the baptism of Pentecost, for the Spirit had not spoken through us in a new tongue. But will the teaching of the Scripture permit such an interpretation, consistently with Mark 16, 17, and the other recorded instances of the outpouring of the Holy Ghost?

In reading the Apostolic Faith, we have read concerning the work in Los Angeles, or in reports or letters which they had received that such a person or persons had received their Pentecost; but not always was the statement made, “with the Bible evidence.” If we had read it in some other papers, we would not have known whether this was implied or not, but we knew the Apostolic Faith expected it would be so understood, whether it was stated or not, that it was with the Bible evidence.

In the days of early Methodism, it was understood that all reported conversions were genuine cases, attended with the witness of the Spirit to that fact, either immediately or soon after, even if it was not mentioned that they had received the witness. Rom. 8, 16; I. John 5, 10.

How then can we regard New Testament reports of the bestowment of the baptism, or the gift of the Holy Ghost, in any other light than this, that it was accompanied with certain well understood signs or evidences or manifestations of it, even if such are not recorded.

It is not said in connection with the bestowment of the baptism at Samaria that they did anything as a result of it, not even that they praised or magnified God, and yet are we to assume that there was nothing of the kind because it is not mentioned?

In Acts 11, 15 we read, “And as I began to speak, the Holy Ghost fell on them, as on us at the beginning.” And yet it is not here stated what it was that proved to Peter, and those with him, that the Holy Ghost had fallen on the Gentiles at Caesarea, as on them at the beginning.

If this were all the record we had, I suppose most all of us would have assumed and declared that this was another instance of the bestowment of the baptism without the Spirit speaking through them in another tongue. But fortunately we have another record of this in the preceding chapter and in the 46th verse, what it was that so convinced these astonished Jews, that “on the Gentiles also was poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost. For they heard them speak with tongues and magnify God.” (Just what a large number have already had the privilege of hearing in these last days.)

And are we not shut up to the conclusion that it was these same signs and manifestations in Samaria, that so impressed Simon Magus, and proved to Peter and John that those on whom they had laid their hands, had received the gift of the Holy Ghost. And it seems quite clear to us now that no one can consistently with these other conclusion than that, though doubtless many for the reason previously referred to, will feel compelled to cling to their former method of interpretation.



“For some two years there was a hungering in my soul for the Holy Ghost. I was fully given up to God, I know I was sanctified, but there was the lack of power and signs were not following. I was converted five years ago the 19th of this coming October. The following year I went to the Salvation Army training home. Whilst there God wonderfully blessed me. During the last few weeks at the training home the Lord gave me an outpouring of His Spirit, a number were saved and sanctified, and in the meetings people fell under the power of God. Afterwards the work was fought so hard that God withdrew His Spirit.

“While stationed as a captain in Salina, Calif, I received one of the Apostolic Faith papers. This was in September 1906. I here saw what was lacking, the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire, I felt right along I had the Spirit, but I had never received the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire. While stationed in the Army work here I became sick, was doctoring and taking medicines. I became so bad I was compelled to go home. While on furlough in Santa Cruz at my home I had plenty of time for waiting on God. My father and mother also were hungering for the Holy Ghost, we had half nights of prayer in which we received great anointings and blessing.

“After a stay of nearly two months in Santa Cruz the Lord led me give up the doctor and medicines, which I did and accepted Him as my Healer. It was on the 3rd of November, 2 p.m., when God healed me. From that hour I began to get better, and today I am well and have not taken a drop of medicine since that time. To God be all the Glory. Bless His name.

“After a few more weeks rest I left for San Francisco, where I helped at one of the corps. Here I had a hard struggle in my soul, at times I did not know which way to turn. The struggle in my soul was terrible, it was hard for me to get a hold on God. I felt God calling me out on faith lines and to trust Him for all and let the Holy Ghost lead.

At that time I received orders from headquarters to go to the Hawaiian Islands. I felt I ought to wait and receive the Holy Ghost, so I put God to the test and told Him if He wanted me in the Islands He would have to send the fare along, as I would not collect for my fare. The money came and I took passage on the “Alameds.” On this ship I met Brother Turney and his wife, and found them to be of the Apostolic Faith. Well, I felt better and saw God’s hand. I was going on the steamer that left a week before the “Alameda” from San Francisco, but I happened to be on a train that was late in getting to the city, so that I missed the first steamer. The Lord wanted me to meet Brother Turney. If I had left on the first steamer I would have been out of Honolulu and on another Island.

“I told Brother Turney my spiritual condition. Thereupon they began to pray for me. During my voyage to the Island, the Lord was speaking to me and getting me ready for the coming Comforter. Glory to Jesus. I said to Brother Turney; I am not going to leave Honolulu until I receive my Pentecost.’ Well, glory! after one day in the islands I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire and spoke in tongues. It cost me my position as an Army officer. The Lord told me I would have to leave the Army, as I could not glorify God and be under men-I would have to be led by the Spirit. The Lord has become so precious to me. I feel but a child. At present I am helping Brother Turney in the Mission. I am in God’s hand to go wherever he leads me. The Bible is a new book. To keep humble and filled with the Holy Ghost we must prevail in prayer and study the Word.”-Elmer B. Hammond, Honolulu, Hawaii.


There was a time when we were fed upon theological chips, shavings and wind, but now the long, long night is past. We are feeding upon the Word which is revealed by the Holy Ghost-the whole Word and nothing but the Word.



West Union, S.C., March 24.

To the Saints in Cal., and all the West:

Greetings in Jesus.

Pentecost has come to the South. The power is falling from the Atlantic to the Mississippi river. The cities and country are filled with the gory of God, healing, working of miracles, divers kinds of tongues, interpretation of tongues. O, how I praise God. The Falcon school near Dunn, N.C., has received Pentecost in full. Some of the students speak in tongues. Some interpret and write several languages and interpret it. The principal, Rev. J.F. Taylor, speaks in tongues, interprets, sings and plays in the power of the Spirit.

Our meeting at Taccoa, Ga., was a complete victory, at Royston, Ga., was the same, and there were miracles of healing I never saw before. Bro. King and myself anointed and prayed for a 72 year old sister that had not walked a step in eighteen months. She rose up and shouted in every room of the house, and went to the service on Sunday and exhorted and preached, and warned the people to make ready for Jesus was coming. She was of the Primitive faith, but now filled with the Holy Ghost. The power is falling at this place and people are receiving their Pentecost and speaking in tongues, for they all speak in tongues that receive the baptism as they did on the day of Pentecost.

I ask an interest in the prayers of all the saints that I may have physical strength to hold up in the work. Brethren, move on in the name of Jesus our King. He is coming soon, and the bride must be dressed and ready. She is to be without spot and wrinkle. Praise our God.

People are praying here in their homes and in the woods, and come to the service weeping and asking for help. O, Lord God, have mercy on this poor lost world.

Heaven seems nearer every day. I hear the music. I see the city. Glory be to God, praise Him.

A brother went up on a hill to pray near this place the other day and an angel came to him and told him these words: “It will not be long.” He said that the angel had long hair with streaks of gold in it and his face shone so brightly and was glorious. He could see the sparks of white light fly from the angel’s face. O, praise God. This man seemed to be overflowing with the power and glory of God when he told it in a testimony service at this place last Saturday. He is well known in this country and believed. We remember Cornelius and have no right to doubt it.

Your brother in Christ and servant of God,

-G.B. Cashwell.


In San Francisco, there have been some striking cases both of conversion and sanctification; and some remarkably clear cases of the divine baptism. Five were converted one night. On another night a Hawaiian brother was gloriously converted, and the next night a Filipino lady was beautifully saved. She said: “Me no speak English much, but me know God-Jesus he got my heart.” The Hawaiian could not speak for some minutes after he arose to his feet, the power of God was upon him to such an extent.

In another service a Catholic was clearly saved. he went to his seat, and turning to a companion, exhort him to come to God and get saved, testifying definitely that God had saved him from his sins.

One Baptist preacher came to the meeting, confessed his backslidings, and cried mightily to God for forgiveness. He gave up his tobacco, and seemed wonderfully happy in the Lord.

One poor crippled German lady was brought to the meetings by kind friends, and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire in a remarkable way.

Another sister about forty years of age, and who had never made a profession of religion, came to the meetings, and evidently was much interested. On Thursday afternoon, she came to the meeting and was clearly converted. The power of God shook her so mightily that an elderly lady friends, who had accompanied her to the meetings, was greatly agitated and excited about it; she declared the sister was having a fit, and said something ought to be done to relieve her. When told that it was the power of God, and that the sister would come out all right, she looked incredulous, and flew around in great excitement. Evidently she had not seen it on this wise before. The sister did not return to the meetings until Saturday night. In the meantime she had been sanctified wholly, without the help of preachers or any one of the saints. God had sanctified. She came Saturday night for the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The writer preached that night on the “Ten Virgins.” The sister was again shaken by the mighty power of God, he sat quietly in his seat, deeply moved by what was going on. She prayed with awful earnestness for the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire. We instructed her not to pray for the “tongues,” but for the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire. God baptized her with the Holy Ghost and fire, as the Spirit gave her utterance.” She spoke in three languages very distinctly I have not seen a clearer case. When she arose to her feet her husband came up to where she was, evidently deeply moved. She grasped his hand and began to speak (pray) in an unknown tongue. It was wonderful. Everyone present was convinced that it was the work of the living God. All opposition was confounded and put to silence. It was the old-time Pentecostal power.

Brother Seymour came in unexpectedly and preached one blessed sermon for us. All were greatly pleased with the simplicity and power of his discourse. It was all inspiration to me to see his beaming face and to hear him open up the scriptures to our hungry hearts.-B.H. Irwin.


Oakland, Cal., April 6th.

At last God has given me time to write home. I would love to see your dear faces again, but I feel your prayers and rejoice to know you remember me at the throne of grace. O, how I praise my Jesus this morning. Words fail me when I try to write what God is doing for this lost world and us unprofitable servants.

The work at San Francisco is just grand. Sinners saved, sanctified and three a day got Pentecost and most wonderful cases of Pentecost. The jails, hospitals and the soldiers’ camps were thrown open to us, and those places and hold regular meetings there. The chaplain of the soldiers got his Pentecost the other night and since he received it another soldier received the baptism.

O my beloved, in the Gospel, what God will do for us if we keep clean and under the Blood. Two German girls received the African tongue which was interpreted. The Hebrew brother from Seattle you all know of, got his Pentecost in our meeting the other night. An Italian heard a little girl speak in his own tongue, he was a professor and wondered at it. O, God is working here. The Lord laid me out one night and gave me prophecy, and while I was in the hands of God, three got Pentecost, one sanctified, and two saved.

We came to Oakland last Wednesday. We had some saints’ meetings, and on Saturday night, we appointed deacons according to the Word. O, such a sweet time we had. And yesterday God came in mighty power. The hall was packed, the aisles full standing, the floor was covered with souls laid out under the power. Three sinners saved and three got Pentecost. O, it was a grand meeting. We are just trying to praise Him for what He has done here and in San Francisco, and to keep humble at His precious feet so the work will go on.

We sent another brother to Santa Rosa. He came back saying that work had got beyond him. Four got Pentecost, many saved. O, I am so glad sinners are being saved in our meetings. I am going to San Jose and Woodland. They are calling me all over. Do pray the Lord of the harvest to raise up more teachers.

I started this letter yesterday, but was going to Precido to preach to the soldiers. Thought you would like to know of the meeting. We had a grand time. The Lord preached a sermon that stirred all the place, a woman told us afterward. The officers are getting under conviction, the chaplain told me. The boys are coming in crowds to the mission seeking salvation and Pentecost. O there’s the greatest outlook here for Pentecost. Pray much for us. Love to all the saints.-Florence Crawford.


19th and Welton Sts.-The writer visited the Christian Assembly here on his way to California and enjoyed blessed fellowship with the saints at this place, the liberty of the Spirit being especially manifest and the Pentecostal work going forward steadily. It has been a surprise to the overseer of the work, Bro. G.F. Fink, to have the fire of the Holy Ghost descend in his assemblies in this way, and for a time he watched the manifestations of the Spirit with caution, only to be completely convinced that this is of God. Even as the Divine healing work which has characterized the Christian Assembly started in Colorado Springs, where Brother Fink had been a pastor, so the Holy Ghost baptism first fell at that place, when Los Angles workers passed through. The fire spread to the Denver and other assemblies, and the headquarters is at Denver, where a large hall is used every day for the assembling of the people of God, some of whom have come long distances seeking God.

One sister recently came from New Mexico seeking healing, was converted to God and received sanctification, healing and the baptism with the Holy Ghost all in one day; whilst there are many other manifestations of the power of God constantly occurring here. The children, especially the school girls, have been speaking in tongues under the power of the Spirit, and the writer had the blessed experience of seeing one of these preach from the altar for some 15 minutes on three occasions, the whole appeal, including singing, being in a tongue. The interpretations of these messages and of many others given in different languages through several, was the work of the Holy Spirit through chosen instruments, and was uplifted towards God for all the saints assembled.

Many of the members of the Assembly at Denver have received their Pentecost, and although some, as in other places, have been hindered in their witness by those who failed to understand the workers of the Holy Spirit, some have continued to overcome through the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony, and all are now built up in God. A few of the best workers have gone out to witness in other parts of the United States, a process which is constantly going on in every assembly where Pentecost has come, but which in the end is a mighty blessing to the saints who lose them, for they thereafter launch out into the work themselves. Only eternity will reveal the extent of the work that is done by those who go out to witness “in Samaria and to the uttermost part of the earth,” according to the Lord’s command.

On Good Friday and Easter Sunday the power of God was especially manifest in Denver, reminding one of the word which says that “in the day the slain of the Lord shall be many” for those convicted fell under the power of the Holy Spirit as people used to do in Wesley’s days and were lying on the floor. In this position they seem to commune with the Father, unconscious of their immediate surroundings, some are all broken up and cry to God with intense earnestness, many receiving the blessing they need at His hands and rising full of the joy of His presence and the assurance of their acceptance.

We visited the ranch which is connected with the Assembly, and here, in a pool formed by the creek which runs alongside, some eighteen received the ordinance of baptism by immersion, all rejoicing in the Lord and praising Him from the depths of their hearts in the beautiful sunshine. We find here, as in all the assemblies of the saints who have Pentecost, a spirit which connects us and makes us to realize that we are all one in Christ Jesus and are bound together with that blessed tie which binds our hearts in Christian love, the fellowship of the general assembly of the first born.


Spokane is a beautiful city of about 90,000 population. Prayer had been going up to God for weeks and months there for a mighty revival. Certain dear saints had appointed hours, vigils, so that intercessory prayer was being made night and day every hour, the Lord helping each one to keep his or her appointed hour. The time came when a band of people from the Christian Alliance held a ten days’ fast and prayer. They decided to send for no workers, but prayed that God would send for no workers, but prayed that God would send the one He wanted. At about this time, Bro. Ryan in Portland, felt led to go there. He arrived there the day following the ten days of prayer. They regarded this as an answer to their prayer and rejoiced greatly.

God began to work in Pentecostal power. Souls were saved and sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost, and healed in body. Some of the most remarkable cases of speaking in tongues occurred.

In the first place the meeting was in a house in the suburbs. It soon spread to the city mission, of which Mrs. Florence Wood is proprietor. She was convinced this work was of God, and began to seek the experience. People flocked to the altar. Crowds came to the mission and were amazed at the signs and wonders done by God. The meetings still went on at North Center suburb.

Little children received their baptism and spoke in different languages. One Methodist minister and one Advent minister received the baptism, and before they spoke in tongues shook for some hours under the power of God. It seems that all earthiness is to be shaken out. About thirty members of the Christian Alliance have endorsed the movement and many of them have received their Pentecost. Also several prominent business men have endorsed the movement and one real estate man, J.B. Moody, has received the experience and has spoken in Holland-Dutch, Chinese and other languages.

Such confessions, restitution and going down in utter self abasement have never before been known here. Old scores are being settled, and the harmony among the workers is perfect. The newspapers have printed some good things about the work and some very misleading and bitter things, also.-“Apostolic Light.”

Over one hundred souls have been saved, cleansed, and baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire, and the work has passed beyond all bounds or keeping track of same. Some of the most wonderful manifestations of the power of God have occurred here in connection with this work. Into my own life God has poured great blessing, unspeakably precious. The work of publishing has been opened up here of the Lord, an office, large and commodious, having been provided; also a larger hall for Gospel services,-the first hall having proved too small for some of the meetings. Prominent, business and Christian men are drawn to our meetings. Ministers of the Gospel from outlying and country places come in seeking their baptism. Others who come incredulously, to look on or to investigate, fall under the power. God has given the Heavenly choir a number of times. The work is moving on to greater and greater proportions of victory in His name. Pray for all the saints here, that we may stand together in the unity of the faith. Amen.-M.L. Ryan, 9 Browne St.

“Last November in the Azusa Mission, one of the saints laid hands on me and prayed for my healing, and the Lord has healed me of that awful disease eczema. O, hallelujah! It pays to believe the whole Gospel. Then the signs shall follow. Luke 16, 17, 18.”-Mrs. A.L. Tritt, Dillon, Mont.


Up to the time of my first visit to the Azusa Street Mission, I had heard many conflicting stories of the place, and as I was at the time hungering for the deeper things of God, yet in my simplicity knew not how to attain to the standard of the early day Christians, for it seemed as though no one had risen higher of could tell me how to do so. I knew that my experience fell short of the Pentecostal life, somehow every one seemed so void of power. As far as myself was concerned, up to this time I had lived up to the limit and understanding which I had received. Three times I had been miraculously healed by the Lord, my testimony being sent by others into every state of the union as well as abroad. My family had received the same blessings and all were serving the Lord, so I had much to thank and praise God for.

There came a time in my experience after close study of the Word of God that I realized that there were deeper things for me, but how, and where I was to receive that work of grace I did not know.

After hearing of the work at the Mission I thought, “If it is true as I have been told, of the workings of the Spirit and how the Holy Ghost fell on those who believed and how the recipient was endued with power from on high, which caused them to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance,” then that is the place for me and I concluded that on the following Lord’s day, June 10, I would attend and see for myself.

From the first time I entered I was struck by the blessed spirit that prevailed in the meeting, such a feeling of unity and humility among the children of God. And before the meeting was over, I was fully satisfied and convinced that it was the mighty power of God that was working. From that time on I hungered more and more and felt that I could not be fully satisfied until the blessings of the Pentecostal life were mine.

While waiting upon God, it was revealed to me that I could not get it through my past experience and as it were, had to commence over again. I tell you if ever I was in earnest, I was so now. I gave all to God without any reserve whatever. Needless to say I received a witness to my sanctification soon after. Although the agony of soul had been so great at times that I could hardly bear up, yet God gave me grace to go through. From that time I knew I was ready for my Pentecost, and at every opportunity presented myself at the altar in public as well as in private, often receiving anointings after so doing.

Tuesday, March 5, was at the meeting and seeking for several hours but did not get through, and it seemed as far away as ever before. When I returned home I enjoyed a time of fellowship with some of my family, which refreshed me somewhat. After this, in the evening I decided to visit my neighbors for a few moments, brethren in Christ, who had received their Pentecost. I was told that Brother H. Smith was there also. After visiting for a short time, we agreed to have a season of prayer before we left. Before this was decided upon, Bro. Smith remarked that probably the Lord would send me my Pentecost. I was like a man grasping at straws and immediately a ray of hope entered my soul and I said within myself, “Yes, Lord, send Thy Spirit now.” Little by little I felt the power fall. To make a long story short, I was soon speaking in other tongues, and the blessed experience gained then I cannot tell in words, for they would fail to express the divine meaning which it has to my soul. I spoke in tongues for nearly three hours and glorified God in them. During this time, God revealed much to me which I will not at this time relate. I did not think it possible for a human being to be so filled with God’s glory as since then. I now begin to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth and length, and depth, and height, and to know the love of Christ which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.

-Louis Osterberg.


“Praise God for a full and a free salvation. In April, 1906, I came to the Azusa Street Mission, came to the meeting time after time, but did not go to the altar until my aunt was getting her Pentecost and it made me hungry; so I went to digging and the Lord sanctified me, and kept me sanctified. I went on for three months and then went for my Pentecost. I did not get it when I first knelt, but I went away and came back, and when I came back my little sister had her’s, and when I saw her, I got sick of self and got on my knees and did not get up till I received mine. Hallelujah-Our family is all saved and baptized with the Holy Ghost and ready for God to send us wherever He will.”-F. Cummings, 312 Azusa Street, Los Angeles.


God made your body out of the dust of the earth. It belongs to Him. When the devil stole it from Him, Jesus bought it back with His Blood. He ought to have your body. Give is back to Him. Praise Him, Praise Him! We deliver up everything to Thee. We turn over to Thee this tenement of clay.

* * *

There are 50,000 languages in the world. Some of them sound like jabber. The Eskimo can hardly be distinguished from a dog bark. The Lord lets smart people talk in these jabber-like languages. Then He has some child talk in the most beautiful Latin and Greek, just to confound professors and learned people.-Banner of Truth.


Whatever we see in the doctrines of God’s Word, we should receive, if we are God’s people.


Masters of Chaplaincy in Bulgaria Approved

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chaplaincy-in-bulgariaAfter a thorough examination and countless hours of hard work toward its finalization, the Bulgarian Masters’ Program in Chaplaincy Ministry was finally approved by the educational board of the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute. The program currently has 20+ students who are approaching the final year of their studies with expected graduation in the spring of 2012. We have been heavily involved in the preparation and teaching of the program and will be lead instructors in the psychology and counseling module this fall.

History of Events
05/12 Anticipated Date for Graduation of the First Cohort of Master’s Program of Chaplaincy Ministry in Bulgaria

09/11 – Master’s of Chaplaincy Ministry Program Module 3: Counceling Completed
07/11 – Master’s of Chaplaincy Ministry Program Module 2: Theology Completed
03/11 – Master’s of Chaplaincy Ministry Program approved by the Educational Committee of the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute
01/11 – Master’s of Chaplaincy Ministry Program Continues

10/10 – Master’s of Chaplaincy Ministry Program Module 1: Chaplaincy Completed
09/10 Master’s of Chaplaincy Ministry Program begins in Sofia, Bulgaria
06/10 Chaplaincy Conference and Master’s of Chaplaincy for Bulgaria
01/10 Proposal masters program finalized and submitted for approval to the Educational Committee of the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute

10/09 Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association holds an introductory chaplaincy course in Yambol, Bulgaria

12/08 Family Seminar for Military Men and Women held in Yambol
11/08 Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association Annual Meeting
09/08 – Bulgarian Chaplaincy Associations noted in Church of God publications
06/08 – The Case of a NATO Chaplaincy Model within the Bulgarian Army released
06/08 – Celebrating 10 Years of Military Ministry in Bulgaria

10/07 – Bulgarian Chaplaincy Associations Recognized by U.S. Department of State
07/07 – National Chaplaincy Conference in Yambol, Bulgaria
03/07 – Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association was officially registered
02/07 – Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association gains legal status
01/07 – Bulgarian Chaplaincy Assassination noted by international religious freedom watch dog Forum 18

12/06 – Registration Rejected Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association by Bulgarian court
11/06 – A master program in chaplaincy ministry has been proposed for the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute in Sofia
10/06 – Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association Founder’s Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria
10/06 – A contextualized course for chaplaincy ministry is offered at the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute in Sofia
08/06 – Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association’s Resolution No. 1 sets course toward chaplaincy in churches, education and government institutions
07/06 – National Chaplaincy Meeting in Yambol, Bulgaria
06/06 – Meeting with NATO Chaplains
05/06 – Cup & Cross Ministries submitted a research paper to NATO’s Manfred Wörner Foundation dealing with the case of underground chaplaincy within the Bulgarian Armed Forces
03/06 – A contextualized course for chaplaincy ministry was offered in Veliko Turnovo
02/06 – was released to serve as the official website of the chaplaincy movement in Bulgaria

10/05 – A national training seminar held in Veliko Turnovo
10/05 – The Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association was presented before the Bulgarian Evangelical Alliance
09/05 – Regional meeting in Nova Zagora which addressed the current issues
08/05 – A regional chaplaincy meeting in Sliven
07/05 – Publication of camouflage New Testaments and Bibles, some of which we distributed to Bulgarian army personal including the divisions currently serving in Iraq


Cleveland After the Storm: Day 7

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Cleveland After the Storm: Day 6

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Cleveland After the Storm: Day 5

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Bulgarian nationalists attacked Jehovah’s Witness temple in the port city of Burgas on Palm Sunday, after an “organized protest” turned into a mass brawl in which five members of the faith confession were seriously injured. The Bulgarian Evangelical Alliance immediately issued a declaration against violence based on religious differences and the evangelical churches in the city held a press conference condemning the violent attack as an unacceptable form of protest in a democratic society. While the organizers are being investigated, we ask that you continue to pray for the situation, as we regularly minister in the city and the surrounding areas after watching the video recording below.

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