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Marketplace Radio Ministry

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For the past four years, Cup & Cross Ministries’ weekly radio program has been broadcasted from a regional network that was used for Communist propaganda during the regime of 1944-1989. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to use this media resource for the ministry. Since the year 2000, the weekly broadcast has gained audience and influence and continues to play an important role in our work.

Several weeks ago one of our team members was at the Yambol marketplace and noticed a crowd that had gathered around a radio speaker. While the marketplace is generally accompanied with noises and loud voices, this crowd was quiet and focused on the radio program. They were listening to one of our regular weekly religious broadcasts. This particular issue was on the topic of fasting. Our team member reported the occurrence and followed up by visiting the marketplace again the following week only to find out that people had gathered around the radio speakers listening to the program again.

Our Bulgarian team reports that this is not a new occasion, as they have observed similar occurrences in stores, marketplaces and village squares since the beginning of our radio ministry. Keeping in mind that a great number Bulgarian and foreign radio stations, cable televisions and satellite programs offer a great variety of broadcasts in Bulgaria, this news brings excitement and encouraging among our churches. The Gospel of eternal life is preached in the markets and by all means this is the fulfillment of a Biblical mandate.