2021 Prayer Meetings and Testimonies

July 5, 2021 by  
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A second round of 2021 elections in Bulgaria is scheduled for July 11, 2021. With this unstable political situation, our churches and adherents in the country are rightfully feeling the time for fervent prayer is at hand. As many other ministries, we have been too holding virtual prayer meetings online. But with everything happening in Bulgaria right now, it was much needed to dispatch team members in various directions as a response to several urgent prayer requests.

Several Mondays in a row now this summer, following the regularly scheduled Sunday services, our people have been gathering to pray and anoint one for another, serve Communion in key locations around the region. With pandemic regulations threatening to tighten once again after the elections, this small window of open air ministry has proven quite beneficial. Several healings were reported from small villages on the rout after prayer for the sick and anointing was conducted. In another place, a meeting place became available with the assistance of local regional government. The committee members that made this happened then requested prayer for their families, businesses and the whole village.

It will be an overstatement to say, that both prayer and answers have been much needed after the last year of pandemic shutdown. We are excited with anticipation for the upcoming Anointed Prayer Communion meetings scheduled for July 4th with a break for the July 11th elections, and then again with special gathering on the 19th. We continue to pray and wait on the Lord for provision of a more central location well our several ministries can gather and operate again independent from the ongoing government regulations.

FGBMFI Meetings in Ruse

August 25, 2011 by  
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fgbmfi-trans-logoWhile ministering in Ruse, Bulgaria we received a special invitation to meet with the local chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International. They consist of a group of nearly 50 some Christian businessmen along with their families who have fellowship together sharing common struggles and offering practical advice for applying Biblical principles in the secular market. Many shared their concerns of the economic crises in Bulgaria and the devastating effects that credit lending has taken on the country as a whole.

We were very encouraged of their reception of our ministry, especially through our websites including www.bibliata.tv and evangelsko.info. It is a strange feeling to meet with people for the first time who have been following your ministry around the world online. We remain humbled and give God the glory for how He has allowed us to have such a great presence and influence in Bulgaria.

We were also able to give nearly a dozen copies of our new translation of the Gospels of John and Matthew, which were personally requested. This opened discussion for challenging ones thinking toward a new paradigm of applying the Bible translation in a more open church context.

During their main gathering, we were able to talk to them on the historical presence of Biblical business principle as brought by the puritans within the Bulgarian culture some two centuries ago. We also spoke of the role of the members of the local church in the process of forming Christian identity, providing applicable presence of spiritual fatherhood and reforming the society around us to the standards of God. While there, we were able to go to visit with several at their place of work and pray a special blessing over their businesses.