Pentecost in Bulgaria (Chronological Reference)

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1827 The British Bible Society begins working on a Bulgarian translation of the Bible
1840 The first Bulgarian Protestant New Testament is published in Smyrna
1844-1850 American missionary Elias Rigs publishes the first Bible Dictionary and New Testament Commentary in the Bulgarian language
1871 The first Bulgarian Protestant Church is founded in the town of Bansko
1872 The American Missionary School is established in Samokov
1876 April Uprising against the Turkish Empire
1878 Bulgaria is liberated by Russia from 500 years of Turkish yoke
1910 Protestant churches, including Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran and Congregationalist start local churches throughout Bulgaria
1920 Russian immigrants Voronaev and Zaplishny travels to Russia, and preaches Pentecost in the Congregational church in the Bulgarian port of Bourgas
1928 The Bulgarian Pentecostal Union was established
1929 A more conservative Pentecostal group with congregations located mainly in Northern Bulgaria emerges and forms the union called The Northern Brothers (or Tinchevists after the name of their leader Stoyan Tintchev). The group later calls themselves The Church of God
1944 Communists Regime begins
1949 The Pastor’s Litigation sentences all active Protestant pastors to imprisonment, labor camps or even death
1950 The Bulgarian Church of God becomes an underground organization refusing to register with the Communist government and is severally persecuted
1980s The Bulgarian Church of God establishes connection with the Church of God (Cleveland, TN)
1989 The Fall of the Berlin Wall was followed by liberation from the Communist Regime and a continuous revival was led by the Pentecostal churches in Bulgaria