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Cup & Cross Ministries is working on adding a new department to the Shalom Group, a conglomerate for ministry which we started in 1996. Mission Maranatha and the Bulgarian Christian Television, Shalom TV were among the first successful projects of Shalom Group. The new department is called Christian Enlightenment Center and it will provide Christian media resources, solutions and training on the territory of Bulgaria through the following strategy:

To fulfill the Great Commission of Christ to the Church, “Go teach all nations …” (Matthew 28:19) as did the disciples of Christ beginning in Jerusalem and then “to the uttermost parts of the world” (Acts 1:8), preaching the Gospel of which were witnesses (Luke 1:2)

1. Creating an atmosphere for spiritual upbringing based on the Biblical truths and Christian values of the individual.
2. Return to the Biblical principles which are valid and vital for the society, culture and person.
3. Implementation of the information technologies and communication methods in the presentation of the Bible and Christian resources for spiritual commitment which motivates the search for truth.

1. Applying the Biblical principles for Christian living, along with fasting and prayer as a credo for work and ministry.
2. Development and maintaining of a library containing various translations of the Bible, reference literature (dictionaries, concordances), Christian books, newspapers, magazines and brochures.
3. Development and maintaining of an audio library with audio tapes, and CDs with the audio Bible, sermons, teachings and Christian music.
4. Development and maintaining of a library with video tapes, DVDs, and VCDs with Christian sermons, teachings, films and programs.
5. Development and maintaining of an information database with Christian resources and software.
6. Organizing and holding of seminars, conferences and training events to educate of the Biblical principles and Christian values, as well as contemporary computer and information technologies.
7. Supporting and working with local churches, Protestant denominations, missions, foundations and other para-church organizations with similar goals, methodology and Christian morale.