Deadly floods hit Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria

September 10, 2023 by  
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A catastrophic flooding event is unfolding in Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria amid an extreme weather pattern in Europe that is bringing exceptional heat over a swath of the continent after just spurring a deadly deluge in Spain.

  • 7 deaths were reported in Turkey; five people died in a flash flood at campsite in northwestern Turkey and two died in Istanbul amid raging floodwaters.
  • 3 deaths were reported in Greece in the port city of Volos and in Karditsa, to the west, and three people were reported missing.
  • 4 deaths were report in Bulgaria.

Heat dome parked over western Europe
At the center of what is known as a “blocking pattern” is a heat dome over western Europe that is spreading record warmth across much of the continent. Heat domes are sprawling areas of high pressure that can trap heat beneath them for days, weeks or — in the case of the southern tier of the United States this summer — even months.