Mission Bulgaria Week 12

November 12, 2001 by  
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Week 12 – November 4-10, 2001 – Sofia, BULGARIA

This coming Sunday, November 11, Bulgaria is having its Presidential Elections. Please pray, that the newly elect president is good for the existing and further development of the Evangelical Movement in Bulgaria.

In a few days the Bulgarian Church of God Headquarters will be publishing the monthly ministerial bulletin, which goes to all ministers, pastors, evangelists, and social workers – about 500 addresses. The bulletin will contain all of the Sunday School lessons published until now. This would increase the amount of lesson distributed with several thousand copies. The Sunday School Pilot Program will be further presented to all ministers at the National Elders Council on December 1, 2001. Along with the program I will be presenting an educational course for Sunday School teachers, purposing to establish the foundations of the Sunday School Program as a national event in every local Church of God congregation.

On another note, mother was invited to speak at the monthly lady’s meeting, which is organized by the Central Church of God-Sofia the first Monday of each month. She also traveled to Yambol for the recording in her radio program. Please pray for her, since she has been staying with us here in Sofia to help us, as at the same time she has been traveling to Yambol back and forth for her radio program and along with her mission team taking care of the 11 churches there.