Bulgarian Pentecostals Called to Fast

November 10, 2003 by  
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The national leadership of the Bulgarian Pentecostal churches announced national days for fasting and prayer. The announcement includes chain fasting and a night of prayer in the local churches, as well as a national prayer and fasting event for pastors which will take place in November, 2003. It purposes empowering of a new spiritual vision for ministry. The prayer requests include:
1. Spiritual renewal of believers and churches.
2. Infilling with the Spirit for ministry through the spiritual gifts.
3. Positive church influence among the Bulgarian community.
4. Spiritual and financial prosperity for the churches.
5. All elected in leadership in the church and the nation.
6. Successful mission work according to the Great Commission (Mt. 28:19-20).
7. Anointing in the evangelism and preaching, confirmed by spiritual fruits, new converts and supernatural signs and wonders.