Bulgarian Church of God Congregations in the Capital Sofia

perrault_sofia_01During our ministry in Bulgaria we often travel to the capital Sofia as the obligations of our ministry position necessitates that we minister there several times a month. Sofia has grown tremendously since we began ministering there in the early 90s. As a modern European capital it has drawn both investors and work force from many foreign countries and most of Bulgaria’s towns as well. The result is some 3 million people population, which account for about half of the Bulgarian nation, living and working in the capital Sofia.

Currently, the Bulgarian Church of God has three Bulgarian congregations active in the territory of Sofia, not counting the Roma Gipsy churches and the multiple home groups at various suburbs and locations. These congregations are: (1) Grace Church of God, (2) Crossroads Church of God and (3) Fire Church of God.

1. The Grace Church of God is the oldest active Bulgarian Church of God congregation in Sofia. It owns its own building built in the north suburbs of the city with substantial help of Church of God World Missions. This is the church that mostly resembles the old practices of the Bulgarian Church of God, often forgotten by the congregations of the new generation. Thus, the role of this church is important as a protector of the identity and praxis of the historical Church of God, which has been ministering in Bulgaria since 1928.

2. The Crossroads Church of God is a relatively new congregation envisioned and formed around the dawn of the century. The church was initially formed around the growing youth group of Sofia’s Central Church of God to give one centralized location in the capital, where both students and professionals can worship together. It averages about 100 people who rent an auditorium west of downtown Sofia once a week on Sunday night for their church service.

3. The Fire Church of God began just a few years ago in the downtown location where the Crossroads Church previously met. The congregation is small, but growing attracting with its ministry young and knowledgeable people from all walks of life. The people of the Fire Church recently renewed their monthly revival services with special focus on healing and miracles.