Bulgaria: Harvest Training Seminar

October 25, 2003 by  
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On October 25, 2003 Cup & Cross Ministries held another training seminar for the Yambol region. More than 80 local church leaders joined otgether in a conference hall on the Bakadjik mount outside Yambol. The date of the seminar was quite significant since it was held on the day before the Bulgarian local government elections.

The training seminar was organized with the participation of several church elders, mayors and sponsors. There were several training sessions

Along with the training sessions, there were media and drama presentations, and a special prayer for the Bulgarian government. The Kamenetz church choir led the meeting in praise and worship. There was also a special presentation on the Walls of Jerusalem that our team has worked on for the past six months. A husband and wife who have been marred for over 50 years recited Psalm 127 together as a testimony of God’s faithfulness in their lives.

The conference hall was built during the Communist Regime along with hotel quarters for meetings, which Communist Party representatives used to have there before 1989. After the Fall of the Berlin Wall the place was purchased and remodeled by the present owners. For the past three weeks the husband in the family has been in the ICU of the Yambol hospital, and our dealings were mainly with his wife. When she told him that a Pentecostal seminar will be held in their conference hall, the owner requested that they bring him in the seminar for prayer. The family was touched and were in tears during the time our team ministered. After the seminar they requested to host all of our future training events we hold in the Yambol region. For us, it was a reward that we were able to minister to these people and that our ministry was recognized in such a special way.