At the New Church in Drajhevo

bezmer1During our travels for the ministry we visit all sorts of churches. Sometimes, we minister at the finest buildings, accompanied by skillful worship teams in the comfort of nice air-conditioned and well-lighted environment. Other times, we go and minister to small village congregations gathering in old garages where we have to go dressed with layers in order not to freeze during preaching. But the Spirit is always the same.

The church where we ministered this past Sunday is located in the village of Drajhevo, just a few kilometers east from the main road connecting the towns of Yambol and Sliven in Bulgaria. There have been evangelical Christians there since the great crusades of the 1990s. But the small congregation began gathering just a few years ago. They have reconstructed an old garage, where bread is being sold during the week, into a sanctuary. Similar to the Azusa Street Mission, they have no pulpit and use an empty bread crate for one on Sunday. But the Spirit is always the same.

bezmer4We entered the small place where some 30 people of God gather for services every week and we did not know what to expect. But when the power and glory filled the room, it was clear that God is at work in the midst of the new congregation in Drajhevo. Worship was accompanied only with a hand drum, but it was still as powerful as it could be.  We delivered the message that all shall be well with those who remain in God’s righteousness. During the time of prayer and testimony when looking into the eyes of those present, you could see much hurt and sorrow. Yet, when service concluded we witnessed the transformation of heartaches to joy with the reassurance that all is going to be well with those whom remain righteous. In these difficult economic times, this is the only constant. God is the only absolute. For the Spirit is always the same. And the Spirit always remains faithful to those whom remain faithful.