Announcing BibleTech 2013

btb2013_300x250Announcing BibleTech: 2013! Seattle, Washington
Preparations are underway for BibleTech 2013. Set aside March 15-16, 2013 for a fresh look into the exciting ways that technology is affecting the way we study, visualize, and communicate the Scriptures.

Why Attend?
This is an exciting time for Bible technology! Web 2.0 and Internet-connected mobile devices offer new ways to interact with Scripture. Bible software developers are building new visualizations and data sets. Publishers are excited about delivering content electronically. And open source projects and APIs are sparking creativity and getting more people involved in developing technology for Bible study.

Yet with all the projects underway, there’s been little opportunity for focused networking and peer-to-peer learning.

BibleTech 2013 will inspire and inform you by:

  • offering fresh ideas
  • forging new relationships
  • exposing you to the work others are doing at the intersection of Bible study and technology