20 Ways to Kill Your Church (for Senior Pastors)

February 5, 2004 by  
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1. Abstain from providing a clear vision and strategy fulfilling the mission of the church.
2. Stop encouraging, modeling and promoting prayer, fasting and giving among your congregation.
3. Do not allow different church ministries to participate in the budget formation and benefit from it.
4. Ignore or get rid of your problems and conflict situations instead of solving them by taking a conscious stand on the issue.
5. Keep communication and relationships to the minimum.
6. Provide minimum attention to your family.
7. Quench the Spirit.
8. Assume that people are not intelligent enough to mind manipulation.
9. Do not invest time, efforts and resources in the future growth of the church.
10. Get your church into the maximum possible debt.
11. Pay no attention to the cultural diversity and socio-economical developments in your community.
12. Do not designate any authority to others.
13. Use people without liberating them for spiritual growth.
14. Quit being yourself.
15. Take advice from no one.
16. Be political through manipulation and deceit.
17. Burn out people without any plans for restoration.
18. Never get personal or show your humanity with your people.
19. Allow no room for supernatural intervention.
20. Assume zero responsibility for your actions and decisions.