10 New Insights on Fighting COVID-19: Increasing Immunity, Natural Action and Common Sense

March 20, 2020 by  
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  1. COVID-19 can live for some 24-hours on cardboard.  Leave home-delivery shipments in garage for this time and then bring only inside contents into home after disinfecting them.
  2. Shave facial hair and consider removing fake fingernails or cutting long nails.
  3. Eucalyptus oil shows anti-viral activity as a vapor.
  4. Be careful with DIY hand-sanitizers – only those that have 60-70% alcohol content will be effective.
  5. Soap and water remove germs from skin, but hand sanitizer just reduces germs – per CDC.
  6. COVID-19 can also transmit through our eyes and tiny viral particles or aerosols, can penetrate masks and reusing masks can be a breeding ground for virus.
  7. MERV 13 filters capture airborne viruses and bacteria from coughs and sneezes. Clean air helps keep your immune system strong even though it might not remove COVID-19.
  8. Sucking on zinc lozenges at first signs of sickness can create barrier for COVID-19 to enter body.
  9. Steam for 5 minutes and dishwashers reaching a final rinse temperature of 150 degrees can disinfect pet bowls, scrub pads, some kids’ toys and more and drying laundry on hot cycle for 45 minutes is effective against certain viruses and germs.
  10. Worry only decreases your immunity to fight off viruses; prayer is proven to increase it.