X Youth Event at the Black Sea

After six months of planning, five weeks of negotiations and four consecutive days with hardly any sleep, it finally happened. The X Youth Event at the Black Sea in Bourgas, Bulgaria is an undeniable fact. It took us over a month to obtain a permit for the event due to its religious orientation, but with the help of our partners at the Bulgarian Christian Coalition the permit was finally signed by the mayor the day before the concert.

X Day: July 28, 2007
A little after midnight parts of our team began arriving to Bourgas from various locations in Bulgaria. The Christian band, “Extremum” traveled across Bulgaria to be able to participate. The Faith TV team arrived from Sofia along with the Media and PR team members. Around 4 a.m. at the crack of dawn, the media team began hanging the posters for the event and the final check of the location for the concert was performed at sunrise. The pastoral team continued with the finalizing of the schedule through the morning. Everyone gathered at the X location directly at the Black Sea coast in the early afternoon.

X The Event ‘07
Unpacking, putting everything in order, sound check, setting the lightning and broadcasting test took place along with countless last minute changes in the program. Due to the open location people began arriving at 4 p.m. At exactly 7:00 pm X opened strong and the music did not stop for the next two hours despite the solid watch of the present police. Extremum sang an unbroken set of Christian hard rock bringing many to the podium. The leader of the Bulgarian Christian Coalition addressed the crowd challenging young people to search for a Christian alternative for the status quo. Our team concluded X with a brief message on “Freedom from Sin” followed with a prayer for deliverance from alcoholism, drugs and addiction. Many responded to the message and prayed with us at the end of the event, proving again the power of the Gospel when confronted with the people of the world.

X Afterglow
After hours of packing, around midnight our team left Bourgas with satisfied hearts. We thank you for your prayers and support. With thousands in attendance and many more watching live on television, the X Youth Event has completed its purpose. Because the Gospel must be preached to the people who need it.