Three New Bulgarian Churches

3mapIn the last year, among other Bulgarian churches we have worked with, we have focused our attention to three newly started Bulgarian congregations located in London, Cypress and Las Vegas. They all have unique stories. The London church emerged from several home groups, which met regularly for years in various suburbs of the vat metropolis. The Vegas church was started not without the prayer and support of the Bulgarian church in Los Angeles. And the Cypress Church of God is a conglomerate of four congregations located on the Greek part of the island, which meets regularly in four of Cypress’ major cities each Sunday.

In attempt to improve their ministry and create a context of availability to the people in need, among several other ministerial endeavors, we have helped these churches with their websites. They are now launched and active, easy to be found on the internet in support of their ministry in these three significant global locations. They can be found at:

Cypress Bulgarian Church:
Las Vegas Bulgarian Church:
London Bulgarian Church: