The Year of the Spirit

January 1, 2005 by  
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blessing-of-the-holy-spirit1We live in the 21st century. What was just a dream several years ago is a global reality today.

Unfortunately, as the world wanders in the crossroads of postmodernity, between alternative ideologies and lifestyles, churches are being closed every day. This fact alone signifies that in our search for personal spirituality and excellence for ministry in 2005, we cannot trust world governments, political powers or economical conglomerates. The only One who remains faithful to the Church today is the Spirit of God, and more than ever before in the beginning of the 21st century we must again pray with the cry, “Holy Ghost we need thee …”

This is exactly what we are planning to do as we dedicating 2005 as the Year of the Spirit. We are committed to take only the steps which God directs and we want to participate in the work of other ministries and churches which are willing to do the same. If you are planning a revival, mission campaign, youth rally or other special services we are available. Please feel free to contact us.