The Four Gospels of the New Bulgarian Translation Published


We are both happy and humbled to announce the publication of the Tetraevangelion of of the New Bulgarian Translation including:

  • Matthew (2011)
  • Mark (2010)
  • Luke: Gospel and Acts (2013)
  • John: Gospel, Epistles and Apocalypse (2007)

This final volume has been almost ten years in the making as it combines all four previously published volumes. It is new literal translation in the Bulgarian vernacular directly from the Nestle Aland Novum Testamentum (27/28 editions).

We thank friends and foes for the internal motivation without which this work would have never been completed.

We are currently working on another similar project, namely the publication of a Study New Testament in Bulgarian, which will be ready for print by the end of this summer.

MAT Mark luka john