Before Scandal Breaks

March 1, 2012 by  
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beforescandalbreaksAnytime a scandal is about to be revealed, there is one logical thing that has to happen. The house needs to be cleaned.

Operation Clean House (OCH) is a thoroughly thought through plan that is designed to be launched at a very strategic time before scandal breaks. Such timing will be after parties have used their purpose, individuals have done what they have been told, and cards have been played.

Yet, before OCH takes full effect, there always has to be a scapegoat. Every scandal needs a scapegoat; a diversion of the truth, that which fulfills taking the fault off of the real guilt. If you prematurely get rid of all evidence, there remains no person or factor on which to place blame and the true instigator of the scandal is found out. And once the scapegoat has carried away the blame and negative connotations of a scandalous situation, all knowledgeable remaining individuals of the truth have to be tactfully disregarded, threatened, demoted or fired.

Operation Clean House is designed to lessen the effects of scandal. If guilt is quickly placed and dealt with via the proper channels and procedures, then questions of why, what, where, and who are not asked. Justice has already been found and investigation of truth is not needed. For OCH to be successful, and it’s success is a must for the survival of the master mind(s) behind a scandal to come out with clean hands, then fingers will be pointed. All entities which have know-how of the scandal, have participated in the cover-ups, have been “yes men” or even have kept silent will be at risk. And when fingers are pointed, it does not matter how close you think you are to being saved or what promises where made; if you have been close to the fire, you will get burnt. Because it is the ultimate nature of scandal, that when it breaks, anybody in its close proximity will be affected.

And although it is very unfortunate, scandal is only created knowing good and well that there will be only one true survivor. A scandal will never be allowed if there is any possibility of loose ends. To outwit, outlast and outplay is the goal. For when there is only one true survivor, history can be told or mis-told in whatever manner is more appealing or self-serving to the survivor. Heroes become victims, liars become truth tellers, warriors become enslaved and history is re-written after OCH is successfully implemented. If there is anybody left around to tell the truth, then scandal likely will not break. So before scandal is to break, the house needs to be cleaned. However, what is not taken into account in scandalous events is that every action is being recorded and one day all, will be revealed.

Now, you may be thinking that I am writing about political scandal and you will be partially right. I am talking about political scandal in the church. Matthew 7:16 is my prayer that I remain faithful and my house remains clean, with no dirt or dust, but only fruits of labor for the Kingdom. And that one day when I’m called to enter my heavenly home, that because I have kept my earthly abode clean, I will hear the words, “Welcome home my good and faithful servant…”