At the Antioch Project Church in Sliven

March 15, 2010 by  
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We were blessed to visit the Antioch Project Church in Sliven again, where long-term friends of ours have focused their prayers and efforts on a vision to reach one of the poorest communities in Bulgaria with the Gospel of Salvation. And their prayers have been answered in full.

Their church is growing, as they minister to both adults and children. The Sunday night service, in which we ministered, was full packed. Famous Bulgarian folk singer, Kondio, who was saved in prison two years ago, is a member of this church and is now planning to record a Christian album for Christmas. The congregation has established itself as a beacon in the community and is getting involved in a building program that will give them the opportunity to worship in a place of their own. It was a challenge to get a building permit in a city where several mosques are active. Nevertheless, the church’s ministry is extending to may areas of life and we were delighted to participate in what turned to be a prophetic service for both the people of the Antioch Project Church and our ministry team as well.

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