Revival in Bourgas, Bulgaria

October 5, 2006 by  
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This revival in the oldest Bulgarian Pentecostal church located in the Black Sea port city of Bourgas, anticipated for sometime, brought together people from various churches and denominations to experience anew the power of the Living God. We began thinking about this event back in May, when the pastor of the First Assemblies of God invited us in Bourgas to preach a national youth rally. Consecutively, we held a mega youth rally in Bourgas in September. After a series of services in the Black sea towns of Varna, Ahtopol, Chernomoretz, Sinemoretz and Pomorie we finally were able to schedule some time to minister in Bourgas on October 1-5 during our revival campaign in town. The sanctuary of the First Assemblies of God was literally packed each night as hundreds came to hear the Word preached and prayers at the alters continued till the late night hours. In the middle of one of the alter call services an elderly lady testified with a shout and with her hands raise to the Lord in thanks for a physical healing. This lady testified that before the service she could not move her arm or her leg on one side of her body and that during the time at the alter she received an instant healing in which she was able to walk without hindrance and could move her arm and open her crippled hand. The following Sunday night another lady from Bourgas testified that during the revival she was healed from cancer.