Revelation Revival in Bourgas

We received an invitation from the pastor of the oldest Pentecostal church in Bulgaria located in the Black Sea port city of Bourgas to hold a seminar on the subject of eschatology. We have scheduled a series of services which will deal with eschatological subjects as the Seven Churches of Revelation, the Rapture of the Church, Resurrections and Judgments and the City of God. We are praying and expecting God to use us in this ministry endeavor and revive His people with a fresh message.

We do ask that you pray for the success of this revival beyond the scope of our ministry and for the endurance of our team. As we have a multitude of ministry engagements already scheduled, we are pressed for time to meet all invitations and without a reliable transportation this has proven to be a great difficulty. We are confident that as we obey the leadership of the Holy Spirit again, God will provide both the time and means necessary to complete the assigned task.