Revelation Revival Continues

Several days ago we concluded with our services in Bourgas, but only to attend another ministry opportunity along the Black Sea coast. Before the revival in Bourgas was over, we received three invitations to continue services in the close by towns of Chernomoretz, Ahtopol and Sinemoretz. Chernomoretz is located near Bourgas, while Ahtopol and Sinemoretz are only several miles from the Turkish border. We began with a series on the Book of Revelation in Sinemoretz and continued until Sunday. Then on Sunday we held three services at Ahtopol (10:00 am), Sinemoretz (2:00pm) and Chernomoretz (5:00 pm). Our team has been blessed to minister in these locations and to bring a fresh message of salvation and eternal hope. We have promised the churches along the Black Sea coast to return soon for yet another crusade involving local congregations in the area on a larger scale.